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Nothing introduce the heat and happiness of the holiday season like a production from the Gold shemale live webcams (<a href=http://www.servindustriaqma.com>http://www.servindustriaqma.com</a>) Dust Orphans. This year's fare-- A Little Orphan Tranny Christmas"-- is chock full of excellent joy, bad jokes, and an amazing screen of outfits bejeweled with sequins and shine. Ok ... I had problem discovering what you're explaining, however I think I have actually found it. However not on the passenger side. On my '94 there are 2 of what you have actually explained screwed onto the fender near the firewall. On the '93, the one with the troubles, there are 3 of them on a little rack bolted to the within the rad assistance just above the drivers side headlight. Because there's a huge cable covering them, couldn't see them. However they are each 1 inch square and about 2 inches long with wires coming out of them. A little background on the crazy tranny ... has actually been tossed out of Clarkes before due to the fact that she enters there with her young little boy-toys and will sit in the booths to corn-rown their hair, but will not purchase anything. She frequents the area a lot and always has on short-shorts with a thong hanging out, as well as generally likes to use huge vibrant rain boots. My traveler side inner fender has absolutely nothing on it. There are no relays or covers or anything of any sort on it. So I need to believe that one of the ones on the drivers side is the one I require. Does anyone have specifically a '93 E350 cube van that would know where this EEC relay is? Oddly enough I can not find a single website that discusses it. I was in a booth along the wall without any windows, and I truly could not inform what was going on - just great deals of damaged glass and yelling, eek! - so I was quite frightened and crawled under the booth to call 911. When I finally crawled out and saw the shovel-wielder being handcuffed with his/her trousers precariously close to falling off, I was relieved/amused.
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