For the first design, with the warrior, eagle, sword, and shield, the meaning of the tattoo can be an honorable protector, powerful, and fearless authority. Flames on or surrounding the blade often represent Christianity and purity. *Kash, thanks again for taking the time to view this article. This tattoo usually has either 3-points or 5-points, with the five-point crown being more common, thanks to their affiliation with the People Nation Gang, a loose confederation of Chicago gangs whose identifying marker is the number 5. Sword tattoo can be done on any body part whether it is arm, forearm, chest, leg, back or any part. I love the fact that the sword goes through the crown. The Saxon Knights are a large, Indiana-based white supremacist prison gang. Most sword tattoos are pointed down. The design possibilities are endless. One was a heavy two-handed sword with a dull edge. Tattoo meanings can vary and be multi-layered. Along with the meanings associated with the sword, adding a coiled viper, cobra, or other snakes in the design can also symbolize pride, defense, rebirth, and fertility. Here we are collected best sword tattoos which can be your first choice for your tattoo.
Something thrilling in looking at all of those sharp sword tattoos. Their swords a single edged, curved sword with tempered steel set in a long handle. With. It was until the more modern years that countries started developing other weapons for these situations. Personally, around WV, I have never seen a sword tattoo. We have a sword crushing a watch. This is a very different sword indeed because it looks exactly like a feather. They are deep and bright and just so gorgeous.

Glad you liked it.

We have watched countless movies where the warrior takes his broadsword and kills all the enemies. This one is amazing. In either case, the below list of tattoos and their meanings may help you find the perfect tattoo with the perfect meaning. There are other elements that can be included in the design, such as swallows, roses, pirate ship, treasure chest, etc., to get a more detailed and unique tattoo concept. In Christianity, the sword is meant to portray the force of justice.

See you around dear. You can include other elements in this design like flowers, a battle scene, a dragon, or a backdrop of a city. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! The Samurai Sword was made popular because of all the Martial Arts movies that have come out over the years. The sword-and-heart tattoo often portrays a sword piercing through the heart. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Then there is the design, and that’s pretty awesome because there is a shield that is very creative and ornate. The knights of medieval times use a couple different types of swords. Their primary symbol is a shield tattoo, with a shield emblem superimposed over a sword, a warhammer, and a battleaxe. The sword gets sheathed inside of the shield. Sword is associated with honor, freedom, power, and strength. The Alchemists believe that a sword represents achieving purity at it’s fullest. From samurais to Vikings, many people over the years have used swords. Although no one knows for sure… >>All Celtic Cross Tattoo Meanings, The bald eagle, sometimes called the American eagle, has been the emblem of the United States since… >>All Eagle Tattoo Meanings, Horses have been part of American culture since early settlers began the journey westward, but the horses… >>All Horse Tattoo Meanings. A great detailed design that is very dark. This stunning sword tattoo has an amazing handle with a lion’s head on it. A great sword design with some blood splotches.
As far as getting a tattoo of this image, you must make sure it is one you are willing to live with forever. A great design that is small enough to go anywhere.

Take care. This unique design makes it look like the blade is embedded into the skin. As there are a number of forceful meanings associated with it, no wonder more and more are including it with their list of tattoos. The sword tattoo also symbolizes things of a sexual nature. Having a sword tattoo is a way to demonstrate strength, authority, and even your cultural heritage. Generally, a sword is protected by a sheath or a metal case. Another great example of the skull and sword design but this one has a lot more detail to it, plus it’s very dark.

kevins blog52 from southern Indiana on February 29, 2012: That was a a very interesting hub, I didn't realize all the different sword designs and meanings behind them. What meaning do you want to symbolize with your tattoo? There is a lot of symbolism when it comes to this heart, and the daggers run deep. This is a very simple sword design, but it still has a lot of detail considering it’s so small. These are always terrifying blades to see but talk about a badass sword. The sword is a blade with one or two cutting edges and a sharp tip. Appreciate everything and see ya soon. 55 Coolest Sword Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women With 16  stylish design ideas, these tattoos can perfectly suit for both men and women. There are many different techniques available for artists to provide you with the sword tattoo that you have always dreamed of. If you have a hunter inside of you, then you might enjoy this tattoo with the sword penetrating the head of the tiger while it bleeds out of the mouth.

There are many tattoo designs which represents special meaning and show the culture and nature of the person having that tattoo. These cookies do not store any personal information. This sexy tattoo is all about a knight in full armor with his sword. Hope you will like these designs. *Gypsy, the pleasure is mine dear friend. See you soon. The Excalibur sword can not be moved by anyone but the most righteous. All these cultures and more have their own view about sword meaning and those views are on this page. This sword is surrounded by beautiful red flowers. As far as what the sword symbolizes, there are a few different meanings but most of it revolves around the use of the sword. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of the sword tattoo and hopefully have a few more ideas about how you might modify your own sword tattoo. It has been a longtime symbol of warriors, knights, ninjas, and samurai. Take care. The story of Excalibur is an old one, but it still intrigues people to this day. Such tattoos hold a very personal, yet unique meaning to the wearer, which cannot be described in words. Depending on the elements you choose to include, the meanings and symbolism will differ. They have always been very popular as a tattoo, especially in Asian cultures where swords play a vital role in cultural history. You may be aware of the more common meanings such as strength and perseverance, but did you also know it can mean anchoring one’s spirit to the earth? This is very symbolic to a religion of sorts since you have angels wings, keys, and a sword. There are size and designs available for every part. If you are looking for a tattoo that is all about power and strength then why not try out a sword tattoo, you won’t regret it!

Their swords had two cutting edges and a point on the end for piercing. There are a variety of different ways to incorporate swords into a larger tattoo design, or they can stand on their own, often placed on a wrist, shoulder, or over the heart. Sword is associated with honor, freedom, power, and strength. Another example of a sword tattoo that is embedded in the skin. General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright) In a general context, the Three of Swords represents unhappiness, heartache, sorrow and sadness. The sword-and-wing design is also very popular and can be used to symbolize the ability to rise above danger or protection from your guardian angel. Below are some of the different variations we have seen over the years. A pirate inked with a sword represents free spirit, strong will, bravery, deceit, danger, or threat. The samurais were one with their sword and were known to have blessings etched into them as well. Lucifer had rose up and tried to take the throne of the heaven and rebelled against God. It is a phallic symbol while sheath of the blade is yonic.

26. Before dog became man’s… >>All Wolf tattoo meanings, Snake tattoos are a classic.

I like it because it is a tattoo that you can be creative with, put your own personal spin on it. This small blade is done with a great technique.

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