254. naze 124. Yurusu87.

Sugoi .

Anime … 1000 most common japanese words list.

In this post, Learn Japanese daily would like to provide you 1000 most common japanese words. 129. sugiru 25. 194. For instance, when your Japanese friend is struggling to learn English and is on the verge of giving up, you can encourage them by saying あきらめないで! Nanimo92. These titles are more like fantasy romances, with a lot of emphasis put on the relationship but also with graphic scenes depicted.

It’s not something you tend to see in all anime genres outside of that. The most common, original “anime phrases” you tend to hear in ALMOST every anime series. ^_^. Check out his site http://www.japanesethroughanimeclass.com/ to learn how to learn Japanese by watching anime!

11. Soshite



284. 223. kurushi zettai239. Ninjutsu 273. yagaru199. Itami56.

176. jyounin Baka = Idiot. 3. 274. Akirameru

Undergraduate Software Engineer and Language Enthusiast. 105. yatta 168. soreni Soitsu265. 288. Hontou Or you can say “I am glad I didn’t give up” あきらめなくてよかった!.

Sore You will hear this expression often in Anime. 221.

You hear this a lot in the anime: Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka. 97. Romanji – Phonetic writing of Japanese words using the Roman alphabet. The first 100 words make up 50% of all written material.

Taisetsu116. 102. temee Soredemo *291 – 300 have been merged with similar versions above to avoid repetitive listings. 89. soreni169.

204. Ichido283. 117. tsumori I did not comprise this list myself, Ken Cannon did. Hanashi50. 2. That’s the 10 most used anime phrases I have noted. 30. 135. mucha Kanji228.

Ichido 283.

And plenty more romance/school types of series where “Onii-Chan” is a common phrase. masaka142. boku135.

110. Alternatively, when your friend found his/her lost wallet, you can say よかったね~ which can mean good for you or that’s great! Shinu

shishou147. It’s a form of apology in Japanese. Anshinshiru - not in the dictionary - means relief or peace of mind288.

These tend to be really basic words though and can be learned easily without too much active studying. Shinobi12. 222. Daga29. Wakaru25. It’s not as common as other anime phrases on this list, but it’s still relevant. *291 – 300 have been merged with similar versions above to avoid repetitive listings.

datte119. Umaku Toki Manga is usually smaller than traditional graphic novels (often digest-sized) and printed in black & white. 282.

It is used to indicate that you understand something and you will execute on the persons request. Indicates personal embarrassment or a reaction to another character embarrassing him/herself, this is a common facial expression in anime, it indicates the persons embarrassment, generally used in amusing situations. Kotae71. 230.


hajimeru229. But we all know nothing beats the original. Onore 95. Cuteness is a national fixation in Japan and it is certainly one of the defining aesthetics of manga and anime.


103. washi Even though it only represents one word when translated to English, it’s repeated twice in Japanese. Kureru81. Hou 237.

The list contains each keyword as well as at least 1 reading in a separate column, and it also contains the frequency that the word appeared within the texts. 197. kami

For example – you have to cancel a family trip due to weather – it can’t be helped. Dattebayo - not in dictionary - Naruto's Catchphrase45. Omae When I started learning Japanese I discovered the 80/20 principle and found out that the most common words in any language make up the majority of what’s said and written on a daily basis. Onore271. 283.

- Categorized List.

sugiru130. Ittai248.

shika117. Ryokai = Roger. Related: If You Love Goblin Slayer, Here Are 10 Of The Best Anime Just Like It! Kakujitsu 279. sugoi 280.

If You Love Goblin Slayer, Here Are 10 Of The Best Anime Just Like It! 231. Jidai 281. 100 Most Common List of Japanese Words. On the other hand, すごい is a casual form. Shimau/chimau78. Hi no kuni - not in dictionary - kuni = country. Koko

washi104. Touri114. 261. 17.

Woo! 213. tsuyoi183. 165. rashi Koko65. Sama kiku152. 70. 16. Shinjiru Motsu

Fan Sub – Often done to allow non-Japanese viewers to watch and understand unlicensed anime, fan subs are made for fans by fans and making profits off them is expressly prohibited. Manga means Japanese comic book. 34. suki165. Dattara233. 198. yagaru

93. 207. hayai Kuso 137. wake

157. uso Motsu201. Darou28.


164. suki But it’s universal and ends up in all kinds of anime genres. Deshou240.

bijyuu - not in dictionary - means tailed beast173. Jidai

You can use しんじられない!

113. Touri Sate

It is an affirmation which means “yes, I’ve got it!”.

Musuko Sandaime

Tell me in the comments below! 1. Yaru/ te yaru123. Yori

Mokuteki274. Manga-ka – A professional Japanese manga creator. 38. There are a few words you need to know the meaning of when getting into anime heres a quick run down of the main basic terms and phrases you should know. Sate289. Tsureru 109. 86. 262. machigae218. Demo Welcome to the Anime Sanctuary, a place for anime fans, read reviews & news and get opinionated and share your views. (The words with slash marks) ×

Kun Tada/shi196. So let’s focus on that. Sato11. Also referred to as manhwa, Doujinshi – A fan-produced manga, anime, or video game, Shonen – The term shōnen, shonen, or shounen manga|少年漫画|shōnen manga refers to manga and anime marketed to a male audience roughly between the ages of 10 and 18. Pornographic in nature, these titles feature two male leads, both very beautiful, and one more feminine or submissive. Anshinshiru Or put another way: it means you LOVE your older brother a lot.

191. Subete68. I like to add words to a separate deck in Anki ready for me to find a sentence later (only if I don’t have a decent sentence). Jya73. Teru A list of Japanese words/phrases that are commonly heard in subtitled anime, and that are sometimes used in anime fanfiction.This list does not include Japanese honorifics or Japanese numbers and counting.. Jyanai42. 45. mamoru101. 27. Honoo231.

57. Kakujitsu When I started learning Japanese I discovered the 80/20 principleand found out that the most common words in any language make up the majority of what’s said and written on a daily basis. Kawaii – Cute. 173. tsukuyomi Suman/nai195. dekiru38. yameru237. ue194. Kono21. I made my list mostly in the order that Ken teaches it rather than in the order of the list. Kieru 130. muri

Now, you could do this with this list and then run through the deck one at a time, finding sentences that contain the word and that are easy enough for you to understand. Omoi tatakau143. and so on will make use of the phrase “Kawaii”. Ero sennin

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