Tipped MatchKing (TMK) REVIEW. The final result of initial load development might not be the exact recipe you end up using, but it should show you where to focus your time and effort. The article shows 4 but I already had data on one of the lengths so I didn't need to do that one again.

This barrel is very stable, with all groups impacting within one inch of each other. Just a guy at his reloading bench. This site uses cookies to improve your experience.

300 Winchester Magnum load development: Sierra .308 195 gr. It is a place to teach, to learn, and to collaborate and interact. Sam, I have a .300 WM with a 27″ Kreiger barrel on a Remington LA fitted with Badger bottom metal, Timney trigger on an A 3/5 McMillan stock.
Initial Load Development: 300 Winchester Magnum Project. At 75.0 H1000, they shot into .5 MOA @ 2800 fps CBTO was 2.850″ (.020″ off the lands). We use the Satterlee load development style to evaluate this combo and find a velocity Node to use for our next time with this powder. I just pick one or the other and try it. I have settled on the Berger 230 grain Hybrid Tactical. Powders, primers, bullets, and brass can all be interchanged to varying degrees. Keeping good notes of your loading process is critical to safe, efficient reloading. Any load data that you can share on that bullet with H-1000 powder would be appreciated. Don’t discount word of mouth, either. Point of impact change with various loads. So far, it’s producing those same results in the 300 WM. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms, shooting sports, reloading, bullet casting, and the related gear and accessories. I’ve had great success with Berger, Hornady, and Sierra match bullets in multiple calibers. I don’t. The .300 Weatherby first appeared in 1944 and was Roy Weatherby’s first high-performance cartridge. Of course, I adhered to my Five Simple Rules for reloading precision ammo.

When I found out Sierra was introducing .308″ diameter 195 grain Tipped MatchKings (TMK) I was thrilled to get my hands on some.

We load up ADG Brass with the 168 Berger Classic Hunter and Reloder 26. There are several options available for receiving notifications of new posts to include via email, push notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. They all involve the mixing of components until you find a combination that works. I don’t need or want a bullet that has controlled expansion or a bonded core for this kind of work. All groups were in the .50 to .75 MOA range, reaching 2800 fps muzzle velocity with no pressure signs. The mixture might not change much from lot to lot, but it’s a variable worth eliminating. Hodgdon’s Extreme Powders also have the benefit of not being sensitive to temperature swings. They all involve the mixing of components until you find a combination that works. I primarily focus on long range reloading. They can vary in dimension. In this video we go over more reloads in our Thompson Center Compass and updates moving forward. From left to right: Berger 215 Hybrid and 230 OTM Tactical, Hornady 200 ELD-X and 208 AMAX. Over the last several weeks, I’ve come up with an outline of how the final load for the 300 Winchester Magnum Project might look.

Both of these components are available locally, as well as online in bulk quantities. My scope is a N/F ATACR 5-25 with Mil-r reticle. In other words, if you try to tighten a group, how do you know if you need to change the seating depth or the powder charge etc. I refuse to go down the rabbit hole of using components that are hard to find. These are the bullets I’ve tried so far in the 300WM: The 230 OTMs shot very well in the 300 WM. Initial load development for a long range precision rifle can take shape in a variety of ways. Before I pursue a load any further, I like to see some groups in the .5 to .75 MOA range. As noted in the New Brass Prep article, I already had a foundation of data on my brass. This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup. For reference, one pound of powder equals 7000 grains. Group size and velocity, along with environmental conditions while testing. Thompson Center Compass – 300 Win Mag load development -168 Berger Classic Hunter with Reloder 26, Lee X-Press Shellholder 16 for Lee APP Reloading Press, MEC Pan Sifter for MEC Marksman Single Stage Reloader. That includes neck O.D., head to datum length, web O.D., and overall length. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I used information from all of these sources to formulate a plan for my initial load development. Some of my best loads over the years were from friends who gave me the exact recipe to use.

Enter your email address to subscribe to Panhandle Precision and receive notifications of new posts by email. Looking good Sam, I am also looking forward to the next update. We load up ADG Brass with the 168 Berger Classic Hunter and Reloder 26. Eagle Cam long range and Wifi Repeater Part 2, Gordons Reloading Tool (GRT), How to Start Using, 44 Magnum Fast Movers: Chronograph Results: Ported vs NonPorted. My threshold for precision from my long range hunting rifles is .5 MOA. I was able to break 2900 fps without pressure with the 215 Hybrid. I don’t think you can tune a 1 MOA load very easily, if at all.

Here are some of the key points to my process and what I’m learning about this rifle. Best .300 Win Mag Loads. The more sharp edges, the better. I’ve tried mixing powder from different lots with poor results. Once I identify a piece of the puzzle that works well, I want to be sure I can get enough of it to keep shooting at the volume I like. Here is a good example. I recommend buying these components in lots big enough to wear out a barrel. I keep notes in my loading journal and on targets, of as many details as possible, including: Nice write up, looking forward to further updates. However, barrels and reamers have different tolerances, measurements can be sloppy, and component lots can change.
From past experience, this combination of powder and primer produces good accuracy, stable velocity, and low velocity extreme spread. In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag. There’s a lot of information available about loading for the 300 Winchester Magnum. The 208 AMAX reached 2900 fps without pressure signs. The 230s shot well in my 300WM, but were relatively slow compared to the 210s…by a bunch! COAL is 3.62 in AI magazine. Federal FED215M primers are used.

It will definitely need some tuning, though. November 15, 2016 Bill Marr Cartridge Selection, Precision Rifles, Reloading, Reviews 0.

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