specifications of interest to reloaders: bullet diameter .308", maximum COL 3.34", maximum case length 2.62", MAP 54,000 cup. It is a Weatherby Vanguard SS 300 win mag. was the fourth cartridge in a series of belted magnums designed to fit in a standard long (.30-’06 length) action. I try to stick with the basics, they do so well. #1058063 10/26/06: Joined: Oct 2005. They are useful for Class 2 game and an excellent choice for Class 3 game. Load 24 rounds at the following COAL if you are a target competition shooter who does not worry about jamming a bullet: Load 24 rounds at the following COAL if you are a hunter (pulling a bullet out of the case with your rifling while in the field can be a hunt ending event which must be avoided) or a competition shooter who worries about pulling a bullet during a match: I had loaded up some more of the 175gr Sierra TMK and wanted to try those with a different powder. When hunting game on the African plains, Phil will likely have his Winchester Model 70 Classic loaded with a 200-grain Swift A-Frame backed by 75 grains of Reloder-25 that will push it to 2,750 fps. Best .300 Win Mag Loads.

The 72.5 grain load of H4831SC was impressive (above), 5 rounds in .366″ (.350 MOA) with a velocity of 2,835 feet/second and an SD of 12.9.

I reload the small caliber rifles, 223 and 308, but not the magnum calibers. First offered more than 40 years ago, its popularity has continued to grow and not without good reason. Even those committed to the sport can have issues. Note the 2,953 feet/second load outperforms the other loads across the board. To see how barrel length effects velocity in the 300 Win Mag, take a look at 300 Winchester Magnum: How Does Barrel Length Change Velocity- A 16″ 300 Win Mag? .300 Winchester Magnum Handloading Data reloading data with 320 loads. A 165 grain bullet is probably a better choice for the .300 Win. is simply one of the most flexible cartridges for North America and African plains game,” Phil says. At first I'd load for deer but hoping for an Elk hunt one day and would like to be ready. Even at these velocities, though, the cartridges maintain the legendary accuracy the .300 Win. When you can get a cartridge to exhibit this kind of breadth and depth then you definitely have a winner that is perfect for the game being hunted and the shooter doing the hunting. My testing with the 308 Win showed the 195 TMK was a great alternative to the 175 SMK. why it was created in the first place. “The 300 Win. Favorite 300 win mag load w/180 grn bullets, Re: Favorite 300 win mag load w/180 grn bullets, "...the designer of the .270 Ingwe cartridge!...". Without a doubt, the .308 is the most popular, mostly because of its use by the US military as a sniper cartridge for the last 40 or so years.

(29% over .308). Looking for new loads for a buddies 300 win mag I load for. Also how bout seating depth? However, with a 150- to 165-grain expanding bullet, it’s capable of 3,000+ fps velocities, equal accuracy with noticeably less recoil, a flatter trajectory out to 750 meters or so and excellent terminal ballistics on living targets. My testing with the 308 Win showed the 195 TMK was a great alternative to the 175 SMK. All values assume a 100 yard zero, elevation at sea level, and a temperature of 59F. The latter load developed a pressure of 50,900 cup. November 15, 2016 Mag.

Starting to reload the 300 win mag in a Remington 700. The slower burning rifle powders are a natural choice for the .300 Win. If it didn't work out I can still use the powder and there's always room on the shelf for another powder. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. .300 Win Mag 180 gr 3060 fps @100 yards 3,279 ft lbs. These Hodgdon loads used Large Rifle Magnum primers and were chronographed in a 26" pressure test barrel.

And this brings us to the .300Win Mag. If there is any resistance, seat the bullet a little lower and try again. In my test rifle, a full-house custom Remington M700 with a Leupold 3.5-10x50mm tactical scope, both consistently shot 100-meter, 3-shot groups of less than 1/2-MOA. And the superior terminal ballistics produced by expanding bullets make a huge difference, particularly at longer ranges. R-22 (75grs for my rifle) and either 180 TSX's or NAB's. Mag. First of all, it produces virtually the same ballistics, but with about 10 grains less powder. I couldn’t help but wonder if the 195 TMK would offer similar advantages in the 300 Win Mag. I decided to use an overall length of 3.585″, allowing a .015″ jump to the lands. I had some success with the Superformance in the past but decided to try some H4350 this time. You can't cheat Mother Nature or the laws of physics. Winchester factory loads for the .300 Winchester Magnum give a 150 grain Power Point bullet a MV of 3290 fps and ME of 3605 ft. lbs.
Bill Marr A cartridge that hits hard downrange will also recoil hard. Mag. Pattyville.

The 75.5 grain load of IMR 7828 showed promise in terms of balancing velocity and precision as well, 5 rounds in .702″ (.670 MOA) with a velocity of 2,953 feet/second and an SD of 21.7. Without a doubt, it isn’t for everyone, but with careful mission-definition and subsequent ammunition selection, it will perform nicely in a tremendously wide variety of tactical circumstances. In my test rifle, factory 150-grain loadings with expanding bullets shot exceptionally well, though they represent those that shot best in my test rifle. Being based upon the legendary .338Win Mag, its case is highly efficient and considerably shorter than traditional .30 caliber magnums, thus offering a number of advantages. “The recoil from full-house factory loads can be a detriment to new shooters, for sure. Keep going until you are able to close the bolt on the cartridge will little or no resistance.

Second, it offers more flexibility in bullet seating depths than the longer .300 Mags. They are only safe in the rifle shown and may not be safe in yours. :  This load data should be worked up to and is for. I modeled these two loads out to 1,000 yards in 200 yard increments on my ballistic calculator. Browning, Nov 28, 2011. Kel-Tec RDB Survival Review: A Better Bang Stick? Again my next groups begin to string vertically, almost predictably such that I could aim lower each shot and get them to land in the same place. The parent case was the belted .300/.375 H&H Magnum shortened to 2.500 inch …
That’s what the round was developed for. 180 grain bullets remain the most popular choice among .300 Winchester Magnum reloaders, and with good reason. Trying to find the COAL that puts you in the sweet spot by moving .002 to .010 will take so long the barrel may be worn out by the time you sort it out if you don’t give up first. A flinch developed early on, especially from bench-rest shooting, can be very difficult to overcome,” Phil explains.

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