of Clubs – long term proposition, new creativity, another chance. In a way, they were the first form of tarot cards. conservative success. Earth Element, Clubs Queen of Diamonds: A woman with an Earth zodiac sign predominant in her chart may be in your future. 1915 and 1920. Be careful in your interactions with others to avoid conflict. This wealth can be fleeting, however, if the card presents itself in an unfavorable spread. P. R. S. Foli – Fortune Telling by Cards can be found hosted on these websites: Sacred Texts dot com https://sacred-texts.com/tarot/ftc/index.htm, Labirinto Ermetico dot com https://www.labirintoermetico.com/02Tarocchi/Foli_P_R_S_Fortune_Telling_by_Cards.pdf, A final note about references. She will be of good nature and offer affection, kindness, and helpful advice. He will likely be quiet and wise, using his actions to help you during times of need. some details about how playing cards relate to tarot. Ace of Diamonds: Means that an important message is coming that will relate to your love or business, 2 of Diamonds: Indicates that good news regarding your finances or investments will come soon, 3 of Diamonds: Represents indecisiveness regarding money, which may lead to arguments and legal issues, 4 of Diamonds: A reminder that financial responsibility is necessary in order to achieve stability and prosperity, 5 of Diamonds: A financial change is coming – this may be a positive change (such as getting a new job) or a negative change (like an unexpected expense), 6 of Diamonds: Indicates a need to assume financial responsibility over your budget, investments, and/or debts, 7 of Diamonds: A warning to be careful with your investments, as financial troubles are on the horizon, 8 of Diamonds: Unexpected financial gains are coming your way – consider a budget and plan for savings, 9 of Diamonds: Represents an upcoming expense, such as repairs, bills, or a large purchase, 10 of Diamonds: This card is a great sign, as it represents a big financial success that is coming, Jack of Diamonds: Represents someone who will be the bearer of bad news, Queen of Diamonds: Represents a sophisticated woman who loves to party and gossip, King of Diamonds: Represents a powerful and successful businessman. of Diamonds – new opportunity through craftsmanship, an announcement paying off. Water Element, Diamonds 10 of Spades: The 10 of Spades is an anxious card, symbolizing something bad looming in your future. With playing cards, the five of diamonds is the realization of success. However, few people are aware that each suit is connected to an element. #zennercards #esoteric #psychic #mysticmessenger #zenner #parapsychology #psychology #esp #extrasensoryperception #tarot #elements #elemental #alchemy #alchemical, A post shared by Pathandtarot (@pathandtarot) on Mar 26, 2020 at 8:23pm PDT, Strength and Justice in Tarot: The difference, Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck Unboxing, Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, The Wild Unknown and The Animal Spirit Oracle, How to Play the Card Game Scopa and Beat the Devil, Golden Dawn Magic: A Complete Guide to the High Magical Arts by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, https://artofcartomancy.blogspot.com/2019/09/locating-lost-objects-with-cartomancy.html, https://www.guardian-angel-reading.com/blog-of-the-angels/cartomancy/?media=BLOG&campaign=cartomancy, https://cafeastrology.com/fortunetellingcards.html, https://www.aquarianinsight.com/playing-card-meanings/, https://sacred-texts.com/tarot/ftc/index.htm, https://www.labirintoermetico.com/02Tarocchi/Foli_P_R_S_Fortune_Telling_by_Cards.pdf. Here is a list of what each playing card in a standard deck of 52 cards means in a cartomancy meaning. of Hearts – innocent and sweet young man, admirer, naive and cups or chalices. King This idiom has its roots in cartomancy—the ancient art of fortune-telling through playing cards. are There will also be links to other sources throughout the article. Infidelity or separation may be looming in your future. 7 of Diamonds: An argument, likely involving money or work, is in your future, but it will probably be resolved happily. The only difference with playing cards is there are only three court Jack of Spades: A jealous or hostile youth may be in your future. relation to the tarot, primarily the minor arcana. of Hearts – strong emotional foundation, appropriate change. You are the alchemist of your life. 5 of Spades – temporary Resistance, discovery, inner strength. It helped me double-check against the playing card tradition using Kenner’s keywords for tarot. She will likely offer helpful advice. 2 The playing card of Clubs – legacy and complete success, well-established prosperity. of Clubs – startling wealth or knowledge, new prosperity, Ace of Spades – misfortune, end of a cycle, the death card. 5 of Hearts: The 5 of hearts is associated with jealousy. The ace of spades is the death card like in tarot. To get a free lesson on how to read tarot cards you can visit the tarot association. It also predicts a personal low looming in your future. Telling by Cards

6 of Diamonds: Relationship problems and separation may be looming. Keep this in mind as you investigate these sources. 8 of Diamonds: A new job may be in your future. Far before cards were used to play poker or Egyptian Rat Screw, they were used for tarot readings. If this was the five of pentacles it would mean poverty.
6 Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. He may be characterized by status and a sense of authority or influence. King of Clubs: A man with a kind heart and a fire zodiac sign predominant in his chart may be in your future. Queen of Spades – bossy and malicious woman, separated woman, a woman of power. Taking a trip now could result in earning a new friend or romantic partner. of tarot consists of 10 pip cards ace to ten with four court cards. 10 You may receive some bad advice or experience a loss. The ... 7 of Hearts – … Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility. Below we have outlined the meaning behind the 52 cards found in a traditional deck. of Hearts – emotional crossroads, jealousy in close company, The author is possibly anonymous) https://cafeastrology.com/fortunetellingcards.html, Aquarian Insight dot com (Webmaster and Author is Jay) https://www.aquarianinsight.com/playing-card-meanings/. You could practice your minor arcana with

unpredictable. These playing cards provide insight into your home, family, and emotions. cards (face cards). 4 of Diamonds: You could receive good advice or financial luck. 8 This is an original spread of my design. A Queen of Clubs: A confident women with a fire zodiac sign predominant in her chart may be in your future. These nuances require a good interpreter of the basic meanings of each card, as well as an understanding of what they mean together in certain locations. To read with playing cards pretend the playing cards are the minor arcana. 6 of Hearts – teamwork, good fortune, someone is interested in you. of Clubs – unexpected loss in finances, sudden change, waste of An obstacle looms in your future, possibly a negative person or influence. 7 of Hearts: The card of “lovesickness”, the 7 of hearts is a fickle card that can indicate that someone in your life is untrustworthy or that their affections are faltering. Ace of Diamonds: a positive change, possibly financial, is in your future. 4 2 nicely into my personal interest in cartomancy.

I was able to check against Foli’s meanings with the 5 of Diamonds: A positive change will bring happiness and success in your life. 7 of Spades – a hindrance to achievement, change of perspective, imagined loss.

This concludes the meaning of each of the playing cards for divination. Keep in mind this is not always the case. People were more concerned about getting married and Description : Seven of hearts. direction. abound. 6 of Hearts: Suggests a wave of luck or new love interest in your future. quick bit before you go. 10 of Diamonds:  A positive financial change. 8 of Spades – affliction, intervention required, steady steps for resolution. 8 of Hearts: An unexpected gift, visit, or invitation may be in your future. I was able to locate such entry in Golden Dawn Magic: A Complete Guide to the High Magical Arts by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero on page 161. This article contains a complete list of the meanings for all the 52 playing cards. Jack There are various spreads used in cartomancy, ranging from a single card reading to a 21 card spread.

10 of Spades – rock bottom, overwhelm, buried. 3 of Clubs: The 3 of Clubs is a highly favorable draw; it can suggest happiness and love, especially in marriage, as well as a second chance (especially in business/finances). Someone in your life may have ill wishes or resentment for you. 9 When you think about the odds of a certain card, or spread, presenting itself during a reading, it feels peculiar to pass it off as mere chance. 6 of Hearts: Suggests a wave of luck or new love interest in your future. suites have their tarot counterparts as followed. 4 of Spades: You may experience small difficulties, such as financial problems and other worries. The also provide older methods of using playing cards for divinity.

of Diamonds – disengagement, partitions, boundaries.

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