Happy Birthday! You have simply been the best in your role as a father and in your career. 70 years old, and 70 years well spent. Now, if you want to greet your someone special who’s celebrating their 70th Birthday but unfortunately run out of words, this post is meant for you. Your lifestyle is a beacon for success for many young men out there. I was part of the generation that wasn’t going to die. There are three classes into which all the women past seventy that ever I knew were to be divided: 1. Age is no issue to me. You’ve been like a lighthouse to me, always showing me the correct way, guiding me to the light with your endless wisdom. Your amazing personality and funny stories from when you were young, make all these family reunions worthwhile, and the best thing is, that the older you get, the more and better your stories become! Something I learned when I was very young: with cooking, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can always cook. Happy Birthday Dad. And I’ll be here for the rest of your life 27) Don’t hit your brakes at seventy, just change the gear. Happy birthday to my preciously sweet aunt! You are an exceptional mother and I am so grateful to God for you. WishesQuotes © 2020. Birthday Quotes: Funny, Famous and Clever The lessons you have taught me cannot be found anywhere else because they are real-life experiences that you shared with me. Happy 70th birthday. 35) Seventy is a magical milestone in your life. Of all the great fathers I’ve heard of, you’re definitely the greatest! Happy Birthday! Wishing you a joyous 70th birthday anniversary, dearest Daddy! Whether your wishes are for your hero dad, beautiful mom, wobbly granddad, adorable grandma or someone else in the family – give them something to smile about, they deserve it. On this, your 70th birthday, Dad, it’s just another milestone for you Here are some samples of 70th Birthday messages that you can write on a card or gift tags. 9) Age can never catch up with a person who has already won the race of life. With you, the love is pure, the support is unconditional, and above all, the joy is priceless. 26) Paris is not the most amazing place in the world, my grandpa’s lap is. Fashionista’s tips for staying youthful at 70. Happy 70th birthday, dearest Granddad. You deserve all the credit in the world, and may you live to see another 70 years! Happy 70th birthday celebration! Happy Birthday! Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I could wish you for all of your dreams to come true, but seeing how happy you are around your grandkids, we both know that those dreams were accomplished long ago, so I’m going to wish you to never stop being amazing, and let you know how much we all love you. Happy 70th birthday mom. 32) The most endearing, enduring and encouraging character in the story of my life is YOU. Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five. Have a smashing birthday, Dad. 70th Birthday wishes . In these webpage, we also provide number of images out there. Birthday Comments Off on 70th Birthday wishes. Happy Big Day! 4) Don’t worry about getting older. I love you with all my heart. You made it to the bathroom!” Happy 70th Birthday. May you be surrounded by lovely people, fun, laughter, and joy on this special celebration that marks 70 years of your existence on earth. It’s because of you I have what I have Have a beautiful day. 25) As your children, we are the fruits of a tree which owes its sweetness to the strength of its root – YOU. 10) At seventy, the best policy is to see how far you have come rather than seeing how far you still have to go. 7) If your wisdom and experience were to be auctioned, they would command a record breaking price. And respect him above all other men So, enjoy the best birthday wishes on the internet! You are a perfect example of a truly great mentor. All of your children are here to say Jul 11, 2017 - Explore Alice Adler's board "70th Birthday Funny Quotes" on Pinterest. Now that you’re in your 70s, it’s time to grow up and stop acting like an irresponsible 60-year-old! To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent – that is to triumph over old age. 30) Here’s raising a toast to your birthd….wait, I forgot you are not allowed to drink. I adore and idolize you so much. Birthdays are the greatest thing in the world 5) May your rocking chair always rock our world, may your walking stick always show us the right path and may your spectacles always teach us to see right from wrong. Age is not measured by years. In these webpage, we also provide number of images out there. You’ve earned it by raising me The French are true romantics. Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life. All the good words in the world wouldn’t be sufficient if I were to express the love, gratitude and admiration that I have for you. Your love, comfort, and tutelage are all incredibly awesome, just as your very special and delicious meals are. May the mighty God reward you for all the invaluable encouragement and support that you have given me. And for all the wonderful times we’ve had. Happy 70th birthday to the person who has never left my side. Turning 70 means two things: You survived, Despite all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common 70. Surrounding him with birthday cake #25 Happy 70th birthday to the man who taught us all how to be the best people we could be. – Golda Meir. Dad, you indeed are awesome and you should be applauded and awarded for your accomplishment. I’m here to say happy 70th Another good thing about being poor is that when you are seventy your children will not have declared you legally insane in order to gain control of your estate. If you treat seventy like just another number, your body and mind will forget that there is a zero after the seven. I could never thank you enough for making me the man that I am today. As I was growing up, you always were the person everyone came to for advice, like an elder to a village, like the wise man of the forest, you always were there to support us in every way you could, and for that, I thank you. 2) The irony of a seventieth birthday is that the cake is large enough to hold seventy candles but you aren’t allowed to eat more than a slice. So happy birthday to my one and only dad 70th Birthday. However, it can sometimes be quite challenging crafting very meaningful wishes that befit such a grand occasion. All Rights Reserved. On this great day, which marks your 70th year of being a blessing to your family, friends and the world at large, I just wanted to say “Thank you for always being the best aunt in the world”. Happy 70th. I hope to be able to live such adventures as well and tell them to my grandkids. Aunty, your generosity, love, care, and wisdom are very profound and second to none in this world. Because you see, that’s the whole point of birthdays when it comes to wishes. With a heart made of gold and a smile made of plastic, you truly are an extraordinary person. You are now at an age where the mind runs faster than the body, and with an intellect like yours, your mind can still run for miles! Words could never express the love I have for you Wishing you an entirely peaceful day, full of pleasant and joyful moments! Some soon-to-be 70 year olds dread everything about turning 70, from the likelihood of more wrinkles on their face to the onslaught of new aches and pains that never seem to go away. Happy 7 decades of a life well lived! Happy 70th Birthday, aunt! May you keep on being the great blessing that you are. Happy 70th birthday. Happy Birthday! You have to always look towards the bright side of life, at least now that you are 70, you get discounts at the supermarket! Happy 70th Birthday! To me, you are the most wonderful and inspirational man to have as an uncle. To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am. Since my dad was born on this earth – Bernard Baruch. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday! And appreciated the many years of your advice. I want you to spend this day the same way you’ve spent the other 69 years you’ve lived so far, full of happiness and love!

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