Calling the Boffins' bluff: How No10's experts manipulated data and drew biased conclusions to 'terrify'... Scottish Tory leader warns Boris Johnson's performance during Covid crisis is fuelling support for... North Korean Covid patients 'are being left to starve to death in quarantine camps'. She makes a valid point about double standards but is becoming one of those people who spend far too much energy convincing the rest of the world that they're right at the same time. Abbie explained that while she had been told by 'well-intentioned' fans to 'block and delete' in the past, it was almost impossible to keep up because trolls would open new accounts to continue their campaign of anonymous harassment. 'There's nothing wrong with posing! For more gossip celebrity news, sign up for our “Mamamia Celebrity” newsletter. On Tuesday, The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield revealed the sneaky secrets to taking the PERFECT Instagram photo... as she encouraged fans to 'be kind' to themselves. 'Be kind to yourself if you sitting on the couch eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's (we stan) watching a Real Housewives doesn't look like the people you follow,' she finished the post. “I’ve received a few messages already from people admitting that they would have thought differently if a woman had gotten naked on national TV and that they’re realising how crazy that is!”, She adds that she will continue to be point out double standards because she is a “vocal feminist” and believes “the more light we can shed on these issues the better.”, “There are so many double standards in society when it comes to gender, and I know we all experience them in big or small ways every day. Listen: Mamamia’s celebrity podcast The Spill discuss Abbie Chatfield calling out The Bachelorette’s double standards. Estate agents can do viewings and moves go ahead, but the... Will the Teflon Donald come up Trumps again? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. (Okay, maybe she’ll do the former). After appearing on The Bachelor last year, Abbie Chatfield has used her newfound fame to promote body positivity. Published: 10:45 EST, 16 October 2020 | Updated: 11:44 EST, 16 October 2020. 194.2k Followers, 2,578 Following, 659 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ABBIE CHATFIELD (she/her) (@abbiechatfield) 'Back on, ready to go': Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield rates... 'The robots are taking over for a reason!' She writes:”When I wore a short skirt, I got messages saying that I was unworthy and unlovable for showing some skin. Not only were the other women on the show seemingly offended by Abbie’s confidence, but even more so were the viewers. After appearing on The Bachelor last year, Abbie Chatfield has used her newfound fame to promote body positivity. Even all the bikini shot stuff from the other week looked as if it was staged with the photographer. A man leaving a voice-note claiming 'he would strangle her to death' and a woman stating she would 'kill herself if she was related to her' highlighted just a few examples of the unacceptable messages the reality star receives on a daily basis. Abbie wrote in the caption. Sad face of Election 2020: Cities (and White House) board up and brace for election riots, looting and a... Pollster who predicted president's victory in 2016 says 'there are more shy Trump voters than last time' -... Winston Churchill's granddaughter says she has voted for Joe Biden as she slams Donald Trump for comparing... Melania Trump's hair stylist says she's 'funny, warm and intelligent' in private and claims that the First... Ryan Giggs denies assaulting his girlfriend after being arrested at his £1.7million mansion after police... Tunisian jihadist who butchered three at a church in Nice before being gunned down by French cops tests... 'Plot to kill' missing 'sex worker': Police arrest three men over 'conspiracy to murder' mother-of-two, 44,... DOMINIC SANDBROOK: As historian Lucy Worsley says the battle was a victory for Europe, it's time this... Could a Princess Diana documentary be set for Oscar glory? Lady Gaga tells Joe's rally crowd to 'vote against Trump because he thinks he has the right to grab your... 'Why should we trust Joe?' And f**k yeah if you feel good looking at a pic of yourself posing however you want! The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield exposes the vile trolling she... Abbie's wild night out! Go…” • See 574 photos and videos on their profile.

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