As there's lots of negative here, I do have a friend there who really loves it. Management consulted is pretty accurate from the offers i had, I'd be interested to see the Yr2 and beyond salary progression from those in MBB & T2. Why did you never opt for B school? Those guys were constantly stressed out and stretched thin. It depends on the contract that your firm signs with the client, not your firm. But it basically means lots of free time on the weekends to go visit people all around the country. That seems pretty high first year out; I assume those salaries are from high cost of living areas only. This sub and apps like Blind allow people to 1. vent, 2. get background while within firms or looking to enter into them. I have been traveling 100% since I was an analyst. The headquarters of Accenture are located in Dublin, Ireland since 2009 and getting a job in the company is considered a … long story short, the benefits won't be as generous. Total Compensation: up to $221,500 I don't know which is better. Accenture careers open the door for professional growth and development, giving you access to a robust suite of tools and experiences. At least among some. I was emailed and told since I had failed to be available for the interview twice, they were no longer interested. Project, Go to company page They've been at SM far too long (>4 years) and the market will essentially pay a 1st year SM the same comp as a 6th year SM. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about expense policies on here, so I will weigh in. And please don't forget all those spreadsheets. Things they don't tell you: Accenture and Deloitte S&O (some others too) generally reimburse 2Y tuition for returning interns, but at different rates. Totally anecdotal, but my company has done quite a bit of work with a team of theirs on projects serving a mutual client. Yes, really. In reply to @BigPicture There are stories on glassdoor of employees trying to submit overtime hours so they can get paid when they're forced to work longer hours than they want to. He's "going for partner", whatever the hell that even means at a publicly-traded company. ....yeah that's how per diem works. your talent lead and practice lead look at managed team size and managed revenue as indicators for promotion readiness. Let's try not to have a bunch of college kids circle-jerk around the "OMFG expense all the things" policies of consulting. I missed alot of weddings, baby showers, thanksgiving, and christmas because at one point in my life i 'loved to travel'. Yes. Accenture doesn't have that much of a threshold for becoming an expert in a technology, they will train you and may throw you off the deep end. In reply to Trying to figure out what by harveys, In reply to harveys: Trying to figure out by Hillary2016. I don't even really know where the pickles come from either, the opening crew puts them out in the mornings. What I'm having trouble finding data on is whether the usual increase in base and performance bonus will more than make up for the lack of signing bonus during Y2 post MBA. Accenture was rated the 4th best place to work in the UK by Glassdoor, right after Microsoft. I looked at's salaries and they were $160k+ right out of b-school.

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