Subscribe to the free Aerosoft newsletter and ensure that you will no longer miss any of our offers or news. correct navigation sources for pilot and copilot navigation displays, Changed: F18 and F15e steering range is automatically managed for you, high steering is selected at low speed (below roughly 10 kts), Changed: MB339 engines are now build from modular engine components, Changed: ASG29 canopy animation smoothed out, no more jumps when closing, Fixed: Advanced autopilot fixes to localizer capture on East headings, Fixed: Advanced autopilot changed glide slope mode corrects for non standard glide slope angles (e.g. This short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft should get you into pretty much any imaginable place in the simulated world. Changed: A320 ECAM fuel page redone, now in modern style, Changed: A320 fixes to ECAM electrical page, Added: A320 fuel system with gravity feed and outer wing transfer, Added: A320 stall speeds calculated from angle of attack and gross mass, Added: A320 anti skid tested after gear extension, Added: A320 flight director resets 30 seconds after landing, Added: A320 IRS needs alignment after being shut down (time shortened to one minute instead of up to 10 min. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Aerosoft Airport Chania will soon be our first Greek airport for Microsoft Flight... Not in conjunction with other discounts & only while stocks last. New Aerofly FS Add-Ons and DLCs Radar Contact - Air Traffic Control (ATC) for Aerofly FS 2 Radar Contact (RC) is now available for Aerofly FS 2 which adds the first air traffic control into your sim. Cessna 172 – Free Mod. 10k speed limit and constraints might work, Added: A320 MCDU flight plan page waypoints can be inserted and removed (BETA), Added: A320 MCDU scratchpad messages like ADD DRAG or DECELERATE, Added: A320 MCDU pages position monitor, gps monitor and irs monitor. The Autobahn Police Simulator 2 will be released on... [more], The Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Weather Preset Pro of SoFly is available now as download in... Added: A320 realistic delays between pilot action and system changes, e.g.

Reality Expansion Pack for Just Flight PA-28R... Thrustmaster - TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition, A Guide to Flight Simulator | Update 1.60, WORK IN PROGRESS | Aerosoft Airport Chania. Just go to the page with the data protection declaration. [more], You don't have to wait for long before the DLC Aerosoft Airport Cologne-Bonn by Jo Erlend Sund... This site uses cookies. Bring your passengers in OMSI and the Fernbus coach simulator safely through local and long-distance traffic. [more], Coming soon! The Scheibe SF-25 Falke is a German two seat touring motor glider. The Lynx MK7 Helicopter is now available for FREE download at our partner website here: The Lynx has been a project started by Steve, a member of our forum (larrylynx) a while ago and, with the use of our SDK tools, was able to create what we feel as a masterpiece worthy of some praise. . The support of VR-glasses and TrackIR allows a deep dive into the world of flying and elevates the Aerofly FS 2 up to a new stage of realism.

Leave a comment Cancel reply. [more], Coming soon - Our first game for the Xbox! Furthermore, a realistic lighting system with precise runway lighting and PAPI lights will guide your landing. Sierrasim Simulation - SKMZ - La Nubia Airport... Drzewiecki Design - Washington Landmarks MSFS. This aircraft was originally created by Argivo who made this aircraft available for free. Added: Advanded camera movement system (optional setting) that moves the camera head position as you look around in the cockpit, aligns the camera to the overhead or pedestal up direction so that text remains readable and a better panel overview is achieved. At first you can participate in an interactive flight school which teaches beginners as well as experienced players in 21 missions in the main features of flying.

This payware add-on connects RC with Aerofly and provides ATC service for your flight. *All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described ** Applies to deliveries within Germany, delivery times for other countries can be found in the shipping information. [more], Until 28.10.2020 you have the opportunity getting selected box titles with up to 60% discount in... Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)Processor: Dual-Core, 2,4 GHz (Quad-Core, 3,0 GHz empfohlen)Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)Graphics card: 1 GB VRAM, OpenGL 4.0 (2 GB VRAM, OpenGL 4.5 recommended) Free hard disk space: 55 GBInput devices: Joystick or gamepadInternet connection is required!

The Vulkan renderer should now be used by default on AMD and NVIDIA GPU's. From steering wheels and gear levers, to rudder pedals and yokes, to Airbus and Boeing instruments, you can create your individual cockpit. User-Created Lynx MK7 Helicopter now available for FREE, We would be remiss if we didn't give well deserved recognition to this well made (payware quality) helicopter developed by, 3RD Party Developer Recognition Spotlight, Today we would like to acknowledge a dedicated member of your community and one of the many freeware developers that takes their own time to make scenery for all of you to benefit from without asking for anything in return. Aerofly FS 2 is a next generation flight simulator open for add-ons and sets a high value on realistic flight physics, highly detailed aircraft and a stunning, photo realistic scenery. Aerofly FS 2; Aerofly FS Mobile; Aerofly RC 8; Alben; Mitglieder. With these and many more simulations, you will be able to experience the daily life of our everyday heroes. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! To be able to use Aerosoft Shop in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

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