"In two sentences, we had solved the basic dilemma of the language question in South Africa," said Sachs.

As a result, the language is not evolving as rapidly as say, English. No signup or install needed.

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Recognition. And like many indigenous languages, there aren't many Zulu words for the Internet age. Listen to 6am News (Afrikaans) and 149 more episodes by Jacaranda FM News Bulletins, free!

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Armenians mobilize to support troops in Karabakh war, as ceasefires fail, Tanzanian opposition leaders arrested following election, Gunmen attack Kabul University; Typhoon Goni's deadly wake; Officials arrested in Hong Kong, Snowden and his wife seek to be Russian-US dual nationals. Sachs — who was imprisoned and exiled during apartheid — helped write the post-apartheid constitution, which upgraded nine indigenous languages without reducing the status of English and Afrikaans.

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When apartheid ended, the Afrikaner minority that had ruled South Africa was willing to give up some of its power — but not its language.

Updated hourly. Hier's ons volledige podcast-gids as jy onseker is hoe om die nuwe episodes in die hande te kry. Wees op die uitkyk vir ’n splinternuwe episode op 20 Maart. Teken in en kry onbeperkte toegang tot 11 Afrikaanse tydskrifte en 35

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