Has anyone heard about layoffs in September since it is the end of the third quarter? Either a liar or really dumb or both! I would say anywhere from 2k to 3k people being laid off next year, more after that too....just a rumor though. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. MMS will be shrinking again in the 4thquarter.

While the broad annuity market has a history of consumer-unfriendly sales practices, potential problems are heightened in the 403(b) market because the plans aren’t covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or Erisa.

Let's give the Accenture folks coming on board at big round of applause, as I hear they have all the answers. just got a left field invite from upper management, very cryptic and blind cc'ed all participants.

You hire the highest paid ceo in your industry (BD). Thoughts on AIG announcing their plans to separate the line of business?

They can write it off. The less you know the more you get ahead. BD/PZ, speaking directly to both of you because you censor and wont allow real questions during your town halls....you are a pathetic failure and a disgrace to this once respected company. But 403(b) plans already allow investment to grow on a tax-deferred basis. Annuities are tax-deferred products. Some are committing to allowing employees to work 100% remote. What happens to my HSA, pension, etc.? If what management is doing is so valuable, why is a current owner selling his/her shares at less than half times book value? We that remain are not trusting anything that is done or... What do they know that we don't? ... read more, Do people at higher grade levels (G24 up) have compensation based on stock movements or levels at points in time? Plans for transition to remote work? 3 Mo: -15.92% One thing I have noticed in my tenure is a preoccupation with reorgs and Game of Thrones management power struggles than actually running the business and supporting areas like IT. PZ hires all of his exec friends from around the country to fix AIG. aig stock at 29.30 (very sad) More lay offs on the way! The wheels have fallen off the bus, we're all gonna die, panic panic panic. read more, https://www.complianceweek.com/whistleblowers/aig-whistleblower-claims-in-lawsuit-he-was-fired-for-uncovering-fraud/29419.article. Layoffs are a fact when working at AIG more so than other places. Would you kindly share here. Any talk of this at AIG?

It's basically a nepotic dystopia. Or, everyone in BH getting riffed, no matter the dept? What concerns me is that key positions like CIO are occupied by blokes who arent just ignorant but are actually stupid. https://www.barrons.com/articles/sec-looks-at-aigs-sales-of-annuities-to-teachers-51572426001. I agree with Post ID: @1gbgs+125WogIv.

Tighten up your lederhosen (Octoberfest ref)......here comes something. read more. 2018: $19M

The execs hire their friends, give them big pay packages and relo, and give everyone else the shaft. Probably 5% reduction a year for the next 3 years!

Are you saying they're not renewing the lease and everyone work from home? I was told it was nothing. Low key buzz is Accensure taking over AIG at year end.

WHAT LAYOFFS WILL TAKE PLACE IN SEPTEMBER? Charlie Fry, Global Head of Reinsurance Strategy and Head of Global Portfolio Management for General Insurance, will be leaving AIG. If you handle claims, beware, the new direction is to have most of the new business go to TPA's. More to come this month and continue throughout 2020. AIG plans divestment of life insurance business Financial News 08:45 27-Oct-20 Zaffino named CEO, as AIG announces $790m of Q3 catastrophe losses Artemis.bm 07:43 27-Oct-20 AIG’s life and retirement separation may take ‘a couple of years’: sources Metro US 00:11 27-Oct-20 Copyright ©2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BH lease may not be renewed. AIG shares fell as much as 1.5%, but recovered somewhat to finish the day at $52.10, down 0.9%.

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