Using A Role-Playing Game to Teach About the Debates Over the Tariffs in Canadian History, 4. [1] For example, on November 5, 1818, the Ojibwa and British made a treaty pertaining to the Rice Lake area, with financial terms described as $10 worth of goods at Montreal prices to be distributed annually to each man, woman and child.
1850 : Composite village plan is laid out; Brampton’s first plan of subdivision (City of Brampton, 2015, p. 4).

[9] Simpson to Howe, November 3, 1871. Like a dying love between husband and wife. These maps are fluid and ever changing and should be used as an education tool to create dialogue around reconciliation. This experience helped shape Sutton’s life as an advocate for her people.

Have you ever wondered why the treaty for the territory you live on is named as it is? Indian Treaties and Surrenders, Vol. Treaty 8 (1899) promised $5 per person distributed each year, and Treaty 8 members continue to receive $5 per person today. The Rouge Tract Claim (submitted in 2015), Pillar 1 Inclusive Prosperity, Economic Growth, and Job Creation, Pillar 1 Inclusive Prosperity, Economic Growth, and Job Creation Posts, Pillar 2 Nation Well Being and Wellness Latest Posts, Pillar 3 Environment and Sustainability, Stewardship for Land, Air, Water, and Natural Resources, Pillar 3 Environment and Sustainability, Stewardship for Land, Air, Water, and Natural Resources Posts, Pillar 5 Cultural Awareness, Communications, and Outreach, Pillar 5 Cultural Awareness, Communications, and Outreach Posts, Pillar 6 Infrastructure and Community Development, Pillar 6 Infrastructure and Community Development Posts, Pillar 7 Inclusive Leadership and Governance, Pillar 7 Inclusive Leadership and Governance Posts, Toronto Purchase Trust Newsletter (members only), Department of Consultation & Accommodation (DOCA), Six Nations Natural Gas Leak Survey Schedule, EMBARGOED – Ontario First Nations Special Education Review Report, Indian Day School Class Action Settlement Information Page, Treaty Lands and Territory Recognition Statements and Logo Usage Application, The Toronto Purchase Treaty No. The land is covered by four treaties, 14, 19, 22 and 23. The results are what we now call the Upper Canada or pre-Confederation Treaties. 19 (1818) Between the Lakes Treaty No. How and When to Invite Indigenous Speakers to the Classroom, 27. the bank of the Credit River. Archangel Michael & Saint Tekla Coptic Orthodox Church (Formerly Snelgrove Baptist), Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA). The numbered treaties in Ontario often have colloquial names, like Treaty 9 – “the James Bay Treaty”, or Treaty 3 – “the Northwest Angle Treaty”. 19. signed by Chief Ajetance on behalf of the Mississaugas of the Credit (MCFN, n.d.) 1820 : First European settlers in Brampton, coming from Brampton, England (City of Brampton, 2015, p. 4). New tools like this map and this map are providing Ontarians with more learning opportunities into this important topic. I am a K-12 educator living and working on the lands of Treaty 19 (a treaty between the Crown and the Anishinaabe Peoples as represented in the ‘Ajetance Purchase’ comprising of Brampton and Caledon). This is the case with the following Ontario treaties: Johnson-Butler Purchase: Sir John Johnson and Colonel John Butler, Robinson-Huron/Superior Treaty: William Benjamin Robinson. When shared is our heritage, cared is our community and promoted is our unity. We have the privilege to have among our ranks, Constable Kris Noakes. The Treaty Commissioner described $3 per person as not enough to buy “winter necessities,” but enough for a family to “procure many comforts.”[9] In practice, local prices were $1 for 20 pounds of flour, or 6 pounds of beef, or 4 pounds of tobacco, or 1 pound of tea. Active Learning and Experimental Pedagogy, 1. In this case, the treaty payment was evidently less about money than about tending the treaty relationship: The conference was then adjourned, and on re-assembling, after the treaty had been read and explained, the Commissioners signed it and the Lieutenant Governor called on an aged hereditary Chief, Kee-ta-kay-pi-nais, to sign next. Indigenous peoples make up 0.6 per cent of Mississauga’s population. A large tin kettle cost $6.[10]. (23.2 per cent of the population), Chinese (7.6 per cent), Black (6.6 per cent), Filipino (5.1 per cent) and Arab (5.1 per cent). Forgotten Indigenous Figures – Early Canadian Biographies and Course Content, 16. This demonstrates a long treaty making tradition that followed Indigenous protocols (exchanging gifts, wampum, feasting, etc. Ajetance Treaty No. Annuities were first included in three treaties made in October and November 1818. The Historical is Personal: Learning and Teaching Traumatic Histories, 21. A Short History of Treaty Nomenclature in Ontario, Daniel Laxer, Jean-Pierre Morin, Alison Norman.

These were the Nottawasaga Purchase (Treaty 18) on October 17, 1818, which promised £1200 distributed annually; the Ajetance Purchase (Treaty 19) on October 28, 1818, which promised £522.10 distributed annually; and the Rice Lake Purchase (Treaty 20) on November 5, 1818, which promised £740 distributed annually. Digital History and Technology in the Classroom, 8. Canada, Report of the Indian Branch, 1871, 31. [2] Minutes of November 5, 1818. Why are there two Treaty 3s in Ontario? The city has 12 of the 24 elected seats on council, with the remainder held by Brampton and Caledon. 19 as well as Treaty 13 (the "Toronto Purchase") and Treaty 13a,separated by the Etobicoke River. After Confederation, the new Dominion of Canada concluded three separate treaties covering the northern regions of Ontario: Treaty 3 (1873), Treaty 5 (1875 and 1906), and Treaty 9 (1905 and 1929-30) In 1923, two more treaties, the Williams Treaties, covering sections of the north shore of Lake Ontario and central Ontario were negotiated to deal with uncertainties left behind by earlier agreements. Indigenous peoples have lived in the Mississauga area for thousands of years, particularly near the Credit and Humber rivers. During this period, there was tremendous Imperial pressure to reduce the Indian Department’s annual expenses, as funded from Britain’s military budget. MississaugaThe official web site of the City of Mississauga, Ontario. A rather unusual colloquial treaty name is the “Gunshot Purchase,” also known as the Johnson-Butler Purchase, which was supposed to include all of the land within earshot of the sound of a musket fired along the shoreline. a chair at the start of each term. The amount is not indexed to inflation. of Nawash on Georgian Bay. Incorporated as a village in 1914, Port Credit was its own municipality until it amalgamated with Streetsville and the Town of Mississauga in 1974.

An important transition happened in the mid 19th century.

In addition to their three small reserves located on the Lake Ontario shoreline, the Mississaugas of the Credit held 648,000 acres of land north of the Head of the Lake Purchase lands and extending to the unceded territory of the Chippewa of Lakes Huron and Simcoe. Lakeshore Road, Port Credit, c. 1906. 19.

7029-7032. Beyond The Lecture: Innovations in Teaching Canadian History, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

jmartin2019-11-02T18:15:00-04:00November 2nd, 2019|0 Comments, jmartin2019-10-21T12:23:53-04:00October 21st, 2019|0 Comments, Mississauga of the Credit First Nation A provincial decision gave the land to Toronto Township in 1951. The city provides services such as transit, fire, recreation and culture. Teaching the Canadian History Surveys, 14. Pictured here in 1974, the Square One Shopping Centre opened one year earlier, in 1973. Both municipalities remained separate until they amalgamated with the Town of Mississauga in 1974. jmartin2020-11-01T03:13:43-05:00October 31st, 2020|0 Comments, jmartin2020-02-25T16:09:41-05:00February 25th, 2020|0 Comments, jmartin2019-11-09T20:24:27-05:00November 9th, 2019|0 Comments, jmartin2019-11-08T11:06:13-05:00November 8th, 2019|0 Comments. Hello!

In their enfeebled state, Chief Ajetance, on behalf of the assembled people, readily agreed to the sale of their lands for £522.10 of goods paid annually. It should be noted that the ITS collection also has a number of related documents to the treaties such as maps, annuity pay lists, and reports. Tariffs and Taxes and Boredom, Oh My!

These suggest that several meanings may have co-existed: Compensation for land. This land was approximately 648,000 acres north of the Head of the Lake Purchase lands, which extended into the unceded territory of the Chippewas of Lakes Huron and Simcoe. The Paramount Fine Foods Centre is host to the Mississauga Steelheads OHL team, Raptors 905 NBA G League team, and the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame. I’ll Stay in Canada? Why is the Toronto Purchase also known as Treaty 13? Historiography: Historians and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, I. In this section, read transcripts of the treaties dating from the mid 1700's to the early 1900's.

Paved with Good Intentions: Simply Requiring Indigenous Content is Not Enough, 23. It surrendered 2,622 km 2 of Mississauga land to the Crown. #HIST274US: Reflecting on My Course Hashtag, 11. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 13 (1805), 12 Mile Creek, 16 Mile Creek and Credit River Reserves – Treaty Nos.

already left the area. 3 (1792) The Brant Tract Treaty, No.
Population growth led the township to reincorporate as a town in 1968.

[3] This financial context is further expanded in: John F. Leslie and Betsey Baldwin, Indian treaty annuities: the historical evolution of government policy, from colonial times to Treaty 3 (Prepared for Research and Analysis Directorate, INAC, managed and edited by Erik Anderson, 2006). 14 (1806) Mississaugas Treaty at Niagara (1781) The Toronto Purchase Treaty No. 3 (1792) The Brant Tract Treaty, No. A series of such land deals were often considered part of the same general treaty, and this is the logic behind the letters or fractions that can follow, for instance with Treaty 3 or 13, which have 3 ½, 3 ¾, 13A, etc. This is called the Ajetance Purchase or Treaty 19. After the War of 1812 and the Treaty of Ghent (1815) the British foresaw lasting peace in North America, and wished to reduce military expenditures for Indigenous people.

The city was created by the amalgamation of the Town of Mississauga and the Towns of Port Credit and Streetsville. This was explained by Crown representative William Claus, who introduced the new system of payment that would continue “as long as any of you remain on Earth.”[2], While Claus didn’t say so, the Crown was likely financially motivated to avoid larger, one-time treaty payments. N0A 1H0, Tel: (905) 768-1133 Polling is Dec. 14, 2019 from 9 am - 8 pm at the MCFN Community Centre. This article is an attempt to clarify some of the messiness.Treaty making has a long and complicated history in Ontario.Historians have identified three phases of treaty making between the Crown and Indigenous people that date to the seventeenth century: commercial compacts of the fur trade, peace & friendship treaties related to military alliances, and territorial treaties related to land surrenders. It surrendered 2,622 km2 of Mississauga land to the Crown. is supported financially and administratively by the. Records of later treaties are more explicit about the parties’ understandings of treaty annuities. 150 Acts of Reconciliation for the Last 150 Days of Canada’s 150, 25. At this point we should clarify the terminology. Canada’s first aerodrome was built at Lakeview near the start of the First World War.

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