Stage 4 Cancer In between Gilmore Girls and How To Get Away With Murder Liza Weil played a patient with a brain tumour named Alison Clark, who sadly passed away. Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. They had a meeting where he tried to get them to keep the machines on, but the ethics committee reviewed the case and determined that her advanced directive stood, so they turned the machines off and Alison died. Forget it. She was a college student and had been diagnosed with cancer two years prior. Alison Clark I come here every 3 weeks, I get my medicine and I don't have a brain tumor anymore. | Medical Information She had a boyfriend who came to see her when she had her final surgery. | I have really long conversations with dead peopl and I see that aren't... Like right now, for example, I'm pretty certain there aren't birds flying over your head, because this is a hospital and that would be weird. Here's to Future Days : Biographical Information | Dr. Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery is a fictional character on the ABC television series Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice played by Kate Walsh. Treatment Portrayed by Filming & Production Liza Weil GA: 6 Additionally, she is a medical genetics fellow. Alison Clark Richard WebberDerek ShepherdRebecca SwenderApril KepnerLexie Grey Don't do it. However, while she was in the hospital, she coded and had to be rushed into surgery. Alison Clark I am rewatching season 5 and in episode 23 I realized Izzie's cancer friend's name is Alison Clark... Gary Clark's wife was also named Alison Clark. SurgeryMechanical ventilation Familial Information I frigging hate surgery. Marital She and Gary Clark were married for 32 years before her death. And then the next minute, they're cutting into my body every other week. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They resected a portion of her bowel, but were unable to finish the surgery because she was too unstable. I'll rogue through in heaven, or whatever. Medical Information And then, the IL2 worked. Status [to Izzie]  Rebecca Swender had told them that Alison's cancer was back, but that they may be able to remove it. Don't have the surgery. The Hospital Shooting refers to the shooting carried out by Gary Clark, at what was then named Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in 2010. They looked desperately for a bowel perforation, but didn't find anything. Kyle Chandler. She'd had several surgeries and chemotherapy. He wanted them to leave the ventilators on, but the advanced directive she'd signed three years before when she was first diagnosed with cancer specifically said she wanted no mechanical ventilation. She had a stroke and a large bleed. While they were undergoing chemotherapy together, Alison became friends with Izzie Stevens.

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