Briefly blessed with the unique ability, he soon finds out that Wilson has also learned how to fly, and has challenged him to a race. It WILL just kill you, nothing else. Stine - (BooksWorm.Tk), 06 - Let's Get Invisible!

Not to mention the pages were crooked. These inexplicable sightings, and strange house-sounds, continue – as the story heads towards its gruesome finale set in the town’s cemetery. The big reveal is The Wicker Man-ish and involves Amanda and her brother Josh discovering that all of the children in the neighbourhood they befriend are dead, having been killed in the Benson’s house, and that the family have been lured there as part of an annual ritual to maintain the resident’s living-dead existence.

Stine - (ebook by Undead).pdf, 56- The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - R.L. After messing around with his abilities for a while he ends up writing his small town into trouble, when his Blob creation comes to terrorise. Duane and Stephanie are best friends who love to scare the neighbourhood children and are so scare-immune they repeatedly take the Hill House ghost tour. It is hard to gauge exactly how old I was when I was in peak Goosebumps obsession. Stine - (ebook by Undead)_abbyy.gz, 55 - The Blob That Ate Everyone - R.L. Fear is such a universal connection that the horror genre can encompass pretty much anything and attract all sorts of different fans. The original Haunted Mask is a cover I hold a great amount of nostalgia for. At this point I am more inclined to forgive the stories that have some semblance of originality. Stine - (ebook by Undead) (1)_abbyy.gz, 39 - How I Got My Shrunken Head - R.L.

It also steals directly from The Haunted Mask and You Can’t Scare Me, with a Twilight Zone twist, in telling a revenge-fuelled Trick-or-Treat mission that ‘misfires’. Jack becomes ‘The Amazing Flying Boy’ and Wilson gets his own TV show, Jack’s father (a talent agent) elevates him to #1 client and the army grill him for the secret to flying.
This book includes the following Halloween-themed short stories: "Pumpkin Juice", "Attack of the Tattoo", "The Wish", "An Old Story", "The Scarecrow", "Awesome Ants", "Please Don't Feed the Bears", "The Goblin's Glare", "Bats About Bats" and "The Space Suit Snatcher".

I grew up reading these, now I have 2 boys I cannot wait to read these books with them! I originally bought it for my nephew who loves goosebumps but I am now a little reluctant to give them up. It is everything kids need to make some serious mischief! Stine - (ebook by Undead)_djvu.txt, 36 - The Haunted Mask II - R.L. This book includes the following short stories: "The House of No Return", "Teacher's Pet", "Strained Peas", "Strangers in the Woods", "Good Friends", "How I Won My Bat", "Mr. Teddy", "Click", "Broken Dolls", and "A Vampire in the Neighborhood".
Stine - (ebook by Undead)_abbyy.gz, 42 - Egg Monsters from Mars - R.L. Looked pretty good until the underrated Werewolf Skin came along. Grady Tucker moves into a new house near Florida’s Fever Swamp with his family. Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2020. - R.L. One minute they are still in the room, joking around, the next they don’t react to their name. Stine - (BooksWorm.Tk)_djvu.txt, 02 - Stay Out of the Basement - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead), 12 - Be Careful What You Wish For_. Some are through the Scholastic edition, while others are through Apple Fiction (Apple Fiction has the # on the spine).

There was a problem loading your book clubs. In this nifty time-travel based entry, 12-year-old Michael is instructed not to touch his family’s new antique cuckoo clock, but in an attempt to get aforementioned devil-sibling in trouble he messes with it – and finds himself transported into the past, and living through several embarrassing days of his childhood over again. This is the first genuinely awful one in the series, but doesn’t look so bad in comparison to those above. The bummer is that not a lot happens for a long time. Stine - (ebook by Undead)_djvu.txt, 42 - Egg Monsters from Mars - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead).mobi, 28 - The Cuckoo Clock of Doom - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead)_djvu.txt, 41 - Bad Hare Day - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead).pdf, 21 - Go Eat Worms! Follow me on Letterboxd for more hot/cold takes: Stine - (ebook by Undead).epub, 44- Say Cheese and Die, Again! - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead), 29 - Monster Blood III - R.L. Not to mention the pages were crooked. Stine - (ebook by Undead)_djvu.txt, 40 - Night of the Living Dummy III - R.L. Actually improves on II for the most part, until the disastrous final chapters.

Similar to the Phantom, the Ghost here exemplifies all the strengths of the artist.

Stine - (ebook by Undead).epub, 32 - The Barking Ghost - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead), 37 - The Headless Ghost - R.L.

Stine - (ebook by Undead) (1), 39 - How I Got My Shrunken Head - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead).pdf, 22 - Ghost Beach - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead).pdf, 17 - Why I'm Afraid of Bees - R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead)_djvu.txt, 20 - The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight - R.L. The lightning is a little over the top though.

- R.L.

At the time of reading this was easily the best Goosebumps book since A Shocker on Shock Street (#35). Stands out amongst a wave of stinkers. Harry and his brother Alex get sent to Camp Spirit Moon, and soon find out that the camp traditions, and their fellow campers, are a little strange. This one terrifyingly knocks off all three criteria. Stine - (ebook by Undead), 50 - Calling All Creeps! It is about two young horror fans, Erin and Marty, who are picked by Erin’s dad – a theme park designer, what a gig – to take the first tour of the newly developed Shock Street theme park. Stine - (ebook by Undead).epub, 35 - A Shocker on Shock Street - R.L. If you read this book, you’ll learn just how stupid this monster is. The first genuinely unnerving entry in Stine’s series.

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