Very useful!!! ^_^. When the amazake is made with sake lees, the alcoholic percentage is under 1%, that is why standard amazake sold in shops are not considered to be an alcoholic drink. The main Japan Times article has instructions for making your own kasuzuke. Once the porridge is cooked, the temperature is around 175 ºF. Turn off the rice cooker and transfer the rice cooker bowl into ice water to let cool and stop cooking. I followed your Koji recipe and used a similar rice cooker. Just one cup (200-250 ml) of amazake in a day is enough to provide you these health benefits. I love Shio Koji and use it often to replace salt. As a guideline, drink about a cup (about 18 ml), and as for the timing to drink, the morning is the st! Here are some quick recipes/ideas that you can enjoy more with home made Amazake. It is not. It has a very high nutritional value, however, sake lees contains alcohol which is not good for children or adults who cannot handle Japanese sake. The mold and yeast together create a "double fermentation" effect which condenses a variety of nutritional components. Amazake is usually made from koji, steamed rice with sake-making spores, but using sakekasu is a lot easier and foolproof, if slightly higher in alcohol. The "double fermentation" power of mold and yeast produces a high nutritional value. If you don't live in Japan though, find it sakekasu a bit hard to come by. Hi Kim! Hope you try these ideas, and please let me know what you think! I haven’t tried with rice cooker as I don’t have it but I tried it with Thermos and it was a bit difficult keeping the temperature and the result wasn’t good as I expected. Rice Koji is not available where I live. Hi Lucjusz! Thank you in advance for any and all help with this.

I can't imagine that it doesn't exist... any suggestions? When I was younger, I always associated amazake (甘酒) with the taste of alcoholic sake.

Just some ideas for you. Interesting, I know “bad smell” can be caused by bacteria (maybe equipment wasn’t clean?) Your recipe worked very well. Sake lees is a pulp that is created during the process of making Japanese sake and includes 8% of alcohol.

Cook the porridge according to your rice cooker’s instructions (or Press “Porridge”). Amazake is consumed during the cold winter months - it's thought to help ward off colds - and is a traditional part of the Girl's Day Festival on March 3rd.

Sorry… I have 163 more comments to respond before working on email…. SO good! For your information, these are stuff i use in this post. It's good both cold and hot. If it’s higher or lower than that, it won’t succeed (don’t take risk and waste your ingredients). Stir while heating over a medium-low heat, until it's warm and bubbling slightly. The recipe was absolutely delicious, though I did play around with my manual (and very cheap) slow cooker, since I own a very small and basic rice cooker. ★☆

I’ve got a small casserole dish that would work. Boil water till 63C-65C(145F-149F) in a small pot(see 2) using a thermometer to measure the temperature. Thank you very much for the recipe C: Hi Tiffany! Thank you for the help. Hmmm… I had never tried this recipe with jasmine rice or mochigome… I am not sure… I feel that it will work but it may not taste the same as I know jasmine rice has strong smell once it’s cooked (at least to me). In order to make Amazake drinks, I usually blend it in a blender and make creamy paste. Try at Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ perhaps.

It’s healthy, comforting, sweet & creamy! Last time I had Amazake was like 20 years ago when I went to Hatsumoude in Japan. and it’s spoiled (failure), but I haven’t read anything about “odorless” If there is no sweet smell or sweetness in the amazake, it’s possible that bacteria might have somehow got in. Yes you can use brown rice too. Amazake made with lees left from sake production (sakekasu 酒粕) is a low-alcoholic drink (8% alcohol). so I’ll make amazake. Hi Jess! In addition, since the enzymes contained in malt mold have antioxidant functions, it helps to suppress the generation of active oxygen which is the primary cause of aging. I got this Marukome brand as a gift and it worked very well! That case it will last about one month.

If you are in love with Amazake like me, you might wanna get one. In this post, you will see two ways to make Amazake: one with rice koji and the other one with sake lees. Haha. It is a creamy, thick, porridge-like drink with natural sweetness commonly made at Japanese homes.

こWe have listed the benefits of amazake so far, but it does not mean that the more you drink the better. Ingredients of sake lees are rice, rice koji and alcohol.

My most favorite way to enjoy it is mix with soy milk. –, Sake Terminology Part 2-What is “Kire” in Sake? Amazake is full of vitamins, folic acid, dietary fiber, amino acids, glutamine and glucose therefore it is highly nutritious. Since then, amazake has become synonymous with summer. Read this article and found it very interesting, but having no brewers in Norway I just shrugged it off to only that.

Hope you enjoy! It is also said that it was utilized for baby food and medicine. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! . Then yes, that’s what we use.

Glucose has an effect of raising the blood sugar level besides digestive assistance and also suppresses the feeling of hunger even with a small amount, so if you use it well it can greatly help with dieting. Amazake made by rice koji contain no alcohol. (no, it didn’t taste smokey- no wood chips ) Thanks Nami-San!

, p.s. The enzymes may denature above 140F which would halt conversion/sugar formation. There are 2 Types of Amazake.

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