Ken Boyer (St. Louis Cardinals) has hit-numbers that are not in the traditional APBA order [i.e., 51-(9) and 31-(8)]. Specifically, Greg hits on topics such as prepping for your replay, standardization, and your different methods of play depending on the down situation. If this was a Face to Face (F-T-F) game, the offensive coach would have said “Pro-Set” and placed his “Short Pass” card and Randy Moss’s card face-down on the tabletop. Thanks to Kline for the question. – Unlimited audibles (this is a contradiction to APBA rules) • Audibles can be ignored in key “end of game” situations • Nickel/Dime defenses can be in either “D”, “S” or “G” alignment against pass (this is a contradiction to APBA rules) – If dice roll results in “G” on a passing play … Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. There are four different trick plays: Bootleg, End Around, Non-Quarterback Pass, and Quick Kick. When will the 2020 APBA baseball products be released? APBA Football fan Greg Barath was kind enough to pass on some valuable tips on conducting APBA Football replays. Since it was a blitz, the defensive coach will “drop 2-lines” to determine if the pass was still complete. Pro Football Terminology                      APBA Football Terminology, Offensive Personnel: 21                          APBA Offensive Personnel: 21, Formation: Slot Queen or Slot Weak    APBA Formation: Pro Set, Defensive Personnel: Base                      APBA Defensive Personnel: Standard, Defensive Alignment: 4-3 (Over G)      APBA Defensive Personnel: 4-3 Standard. Discuss where the injury designation code is located on each player’s card, explain injury ratings, simulate an injury during a play and associated actions to determine who is injured and for how long. 0 This morning I kicked off the Thanksgiving game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys in my 1998 NFL replay. I have not captured every single scenario which could occur during a course of the game, but hopefully these videos provided sufficient familiarity with the various play boards to allow the gamer to be successful and enjoy this great game. The Offensive coach would have said “Removing Ingram and Collins, inserting Sproles and Meachem, Three Wide” and placed the play card and Sproles card face down on the tabletop. And much thanks to Geoff for clarifying this! Eastpointe MI. Finally, used the “Kicking/Returns” board to see the result of the fumble recovery/return. On offense, you may call a Trick Play once in each half. The following video clips have been created to teach a person how to play APBA Football using the Basic game with or without options (i.e., Alternate Defensive Chart and Defensive Play Calling Card). I used to be a die-hard Statis Pro. Question on APBA Football version compatibility. The offensive coach looks at Dice Roll (DR) 3 on Randall Cunningham’s card and the Play Result (PR) is 3. h�bbd```b`�"��A$C��"?�H�u`�X�D�n�|�`v X�D���y �"�~�H��@�q�A8���7Yl$Rt*�4�G���^��E�g��d�� ����Ǯ���)�lj.�>E m�6�M�q�$ɵ]��F �d��p�r����F"|���D2�E����Y�����>����H��g�$�Ѻp���K[70BD�a������,��H2�����;@� �� Briefed this feature is not allowed during a blitz. The Offensive coach rolls the dice (equivalent of snapping the ball) and the defensive coach goes to the Short Pass boards, Offensive 15 yard line to defensive 31-yard line, A index, column associated with Quarters 2-3. The APBA Pro Football board game delivers all the stunning realism fans expect from APBA, plus one more thing – a great new look! Once the play card and player’s card is placed on the table, the defensive coach would have said “Standard defense, Goal Line, G alignment, key Boozer”. Dice roll 45 results in Play Result (PR) 17. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The following video clips have been created to teach a person how to play APBA Football using the Basic game with or without options (i.e., Alternate Defensive Chart and Defensive Play Calling Card). Phone: (586) 773-9700. There were several modifications in the results boards in the ’60s and ’70s as well, so I’ve come to advise people to find the boards as close to their season set as possible for the most accuracy: Let’s see how it would play out on the table top. Buy Now! The game was modified into a more basic game for the mid- to late ’90s, then reverted to the ’80s master boards before the current version of the master game was issued in the late 2000s. Welcome to APBA-Between the Lines. Also included in the presentation are some handy ways to score football games as well as keeping stats for teams over a season. The Dallas Cowboys defense has a 37/38 (pass/run) resulting in Minnesota being in” A” index for both the run and pass. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am wondering: Are the old cards, such as those available on e-bay, compatible with the new game and charts. APBA Baseball for Windows 5.75. 17640 East Nine Mile Road. Time left: 5d 03h . Just remember by going to 3WR, the Saints coach was ensuring they would be running from “A” index because the index is raised by one. + More - Less. American Power Boat Association. APBA Pro Football is easy to learn and play! Purpose of this video is to demonstrate the defense’s attempt at taking away their opponent’s top receiver and stopping either a screen pass or draw play on a third and long situation. Handy Tips for APBA Football Replays by Greg Barath. So any cards from 1982 onward will be generally compatible with either version of the master game from 1982 onward. Fax: (586) 773-6490 Don't forget about our classic Football, Hockey, Golf and other great sports strategy games. One question I have is it seems that all the passing results are based on the QB’s card. Demonstrated a field goal attempt and illustrated how to determine if the kick was good. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. The New York Mets and the Kansas City … Any thoughts on how these games compare in terms of play ability. His breakdown on the boards is well worth the read if you’re considering buying the game. My apologies for not moving the chains to reflect actual field position. APBA - Between the Lines - New Golf and Football Game Changes - I currently own the Golf (with a number of courses) and Pro football games from the late 1970's or early 1980's. Specifically, Greg hits on topics such as prepping for your replay, standardization, and your different methods of play depending on the down situation. I actually enjoyed the APBA Football game engine at the time. h��]PW��f�ݜ�HD�#�Զ�J[H�jjA�����h�M��@�(�2"�(~",>��i�S�a����������᥎�i���B !��f�vȝ ������sν{n , �� B)��lK!6-p���x=��S� ���@�CXf����VC�U�5�6�L �����ȟ�?�5�?��i��� 3yPc����A���� �a0��+ ~��r�k�+��6� Included is a quick start guide that can have you playing in – are you ready for this? Thank you for all of your great contributions to APBA Football!!! So I directed the question to Geoff Giordano who edits the popular APBA Football Club page on Facebook. Instead I found myself watching clips of the sensational Randy Moss and without even thinking, my mind automatically translated what my eyes saw into APBA Football language. Alpharetta, GA 30005 Your email address will not be published. The upgraded results board ensures the most realism and accuracy you can get in a football board game. hours. If you play the game, you've gotta download this file! Since it’s been a while since I made an “intro” video I wanted to see what YouTube had to offer. The Jets have the ball on the Giants one-yard line late in the fourth quarter. The rule book was redesigned in 2013.

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