“Apollō quī est deus mūsicae,” inquit sacerdōs, “ego sum ōrāculum tuum. Ego habeō arcum et sagittās. Templum urbis etiam est in monte. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ego paene possum pulsāre Pȳthōnem sagittīs, sed… (In marī, tū rogās? “Pȳthōn! Tiepolo’s Apollo and Marsyas (1720-22) takes the contest as its theme. Apollō, dā auxilium nōbīs!” Omnēs virī et fēminae clāmant. The application’s technology stack includes a Grails-based Java web application with flexible database backends and a Javascript client that runs in a web browser as a JBrowse plugin. Ego certē possum natāre in marī. ( Log Out /  I am not a teacher. His most common attribute is the lyre, his constant companion for both music and poetry. Certē, ego sum deus!). Ego pulsō Pȳthōnem centum sagittīs! Zeus may have been the senior of the deities, their captain, but among the most important and popular with the Greeks and Romans, and later with artists, is Apollo, son of Zeus by the goddess Leto/Latona. Of the gods whose love affairs Ovid describes in his Metamorphoses, Apollo seems the least successful. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. She knows what Apollo’s pointing arm is about to inflict on the usurper Marsyas. Ego paene possum pulsāre Pȳthōnem sagittīs, sed…. “Ego sum deus mūsicae, sed ego habeō arcum et sagittās sīcut soror mea! At the very beginning of the tale, Apollo has killed the giant Python that hung out around … Hic pȳthōn tamen sequēbātur mātrem! Apollo still seems busy with his bow, although Artemis has finished her task. This is most manifest in the horrific punishment he inflicted on the satyr Marsyas. Surrounding him are the full set of nine Muses, who mostly defy individual identification. Sacerdōs in templō sacrō nōn clāmat. To celebrate the death of Python, Apollo instituted the Pythian games, but because the laurel had not yet been created, its victors were awarded crowns of oak leaves, not laurels. that is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 1882 he started to enlarge the canvas, and that appears to have been completed. ( Log Out /  In any case, at that time, Python was residing on Mount Parnassus, which towers over Delphi, and when Apollo found the serpent, he … Apollo is seen in the centre, in his sun chariot, with another arrow poised in his bow and ready to strike Python, at the bottom of the image. Ego gaudeō quia nunc ego habeō sacerdōtem in templō sacrō. Apollo - A collaborative, real-time, genome annotation web-based editor. Pȳthōn it ad parvam urbem. So, after pausing for a nanosecond to think about it, I shouted, “CERTE, HOROLOGIUM!” Then, I pulled the clock off the wall, handed it off to my new student actor, who pretended to to almost slay the python with it, sed….

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