Aristotle had decided for leaving Plato’s Academy when he was 37 years old. His father and uncle was a herbalist, so young Aristotle was understood about herbs in medicine.

Arguments by analogy are also discussed in the vast literature on scientific models and model-based reasoning, following the lead of Hesse (1966). V~c��t�|�q�,WuG�������v�O�(��IR�"D����-��)������SS����1�œ�h�,r��3|����S�x�#�C�p KP��*� He also borrowed Aristotle’s book while he was conquering. Das entsprechende Modell heißt auch Punktteilchen-Modell bzw. Aristotle had discussed many topics in Plato’s Academy especially about Philosophy. he also believed that matter had just four properties: hot, cold, dry and wet. His contributions made him known as father of philosophy, especially is western world. This four elements had growing more than 1000 years which is this theory was developed by many alchemist. he also believed that matter had just four properties: hot, cold, dry and wet.

350 BC. Soon in 343 BC, his old friend, Philip II had invited him to the court in Macedonia.

F��qP�/C�d}ĩ\?��74P�>o%�⣲�O��u?� �TO*����i��uNj,E��;u���dmӌ�)��#[��D��r��Y͝ئ�>�����u� The analogy of the divided line (Greek: γραμμὴ δίχα τετμημένη) is presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in the Republic (509d–511e). �[��Ny��P�%��)D�.� � �������?m� &{����p� B���g� The atom is referred as the smallest unit in a matter.
The education at that was free, but to enroll in Plato’s Academy people are have to pass Plato’s exam test, and then they are selected by Plato directly. Aristotle was leaved Macedonia to Southern Greece Island. But later his wife had died when his daughter still child. [�i��&�z�Dѓd� Aristotle had discovered Perfect First Element, by his thought. << /Linearized 1 /L 522623 /H [ 873 331 ] /O 58 /E 93241 /N 11 /T 522030 >> After Democritos dead in 370 BC, Arsitotle had argued the world is create by continues matter which is relate with other. Adchoices | Aristotle inspired gave her name by his wife name. Your email address will not be published.

Aristotle had requested Philip II for give Stagira citizen the human right, for a reason: When arrived in Stagira city, Aristotle was shocked by Stagira condition that caused by his friend, King Philip II. Literatur. ��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� A  means ‘un’ and tomos means ‘divide’. )��c��D��j5 �\���dm���(�q���s����� ]����s$u\U���p��H�����q�|�>N*����u�P^��ܣ~@�@U�qo��kfFK,���٨��#�+��9���b2,@����9k�"��W�Vlp^�1yAߍR��3�\��&���V[�� >4d�b$����F���������>��#7��\���*�t�P~cN� For example, the fire was made by wood’s friction, this shows the fire element was occured by other ‘wood’ the earth element. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((�� �I" �� �� U V��!67SUsu���15QTt�����"Aaq��24B3Fr����#b$CR��%&����� �� �� ? Aristotle went to Macedonia when he was 41 years old.

)�w��x�,�Fә�.�ﮜ�,��P��z?�}|��@���x�7?� Q�����~>�ݗ�݇��+}.�;4�'�]��||���v�� � �����qG�R�2��R�r�! stream Disclaimer | stream He was called this “the first element”.
He learned this by learned Empedocles(490-430 BC) theory. Let’s back to the topic, Aristotle was became King Philip II friend since his childhood. They live together and had a daughter Pythias. This contribution made Chemistry Science progress become faster than before The Islamic Golden Age era. %# , #&')*)-0-(0%()(�� C << /Length 7 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> endobj Károly Simonyi: Kulturgeschichte der Physik. Luckily, Hermias, king of Atarneus and Assos in Mysia, had invited Aristotle to live there. The Other example is the ice is made by water freeze by cold temperature or the other words the ice is made by two elements, water and wind element. aristotle. He was made an allience to The Persian and The Indians, he was rejected Aristotle’s doctrine for destroying them.

��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� Not only this, the atom can decide the taste of food that we eat by contact of each atom in the food, the result make the sensation of bitter or sweet cause by the size and the shape of atoms. Before agreeing to tutor Alexander. ���~G����������������d�T*In��Q9�K�@*@ pn/[>���N�����p� @)� -����7�vn;G��e{��;7��75H�H_"3�lnj�ꐾD:`I[[����JV�V���}��� �/�{�����)��/�{���������Shz���)���u6��G��P)� Lշ��=N{��)������~��07��NVg�R���7_jr�=���'=`�p=2��.E�)��I�\�"ϔ���م̏��V�N�f2?�iZ�wً̌��V�M�f/23�qZ ��w»�9��i%n�w�r?#��%��)D�.� Aristotle had tutored Alexander about many subject such as medicine, philosophy, history, morals and art.

Contrarily, he taught Alexander for treated Persian as animal or plant, because his hatred toward Persia. ��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$���

56 0 obj Aristotle is a Greek Scientist, today he is known as Father of Science.

��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� Proxenus of Atarneus was married to Aristotle’s sister Arimneste. But sadly, Aristotle’s father had died because his illness of blood cough. Das Tröpfchenmodell (1936) beschreibt den Atomkern als Tröpfchen einer elektrisch geladenen Flüssigkeit.

endobj It became the basic foundation in Chemistry Mendeleev Periodic Table. Maybe his mother had died since Aristotle childhood. Aristotle had learned that universe is created from four elements which are fire, earth, wind and water.

He asked his soldier for married the woman of the conquered land. 6 0 obj

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