In other words, the numbered lines of your program are allowed to be longer than the number of screen-lines you are limited to at the input stage once that stage is complete! select case i% rem dim degree(total_number_of_planets) as double, for i%=1 to 11 data “Binovile”,79,81 data “Triseptile”,153.4,155.2 data “Undecaquartisextile”,164.5,165.5 rem open "C:\Users\"+users_name+"\Documents\"+file_name+".txt" for output as #1, rem replace all <> with <> rem exit for data “Quadratredecile”,110.55,110.95 , What to expect from an astrology consultation. data “Seminovile”,19.6,20.4 data “Septaseminovile”,139.6,140.4 For most purposes, spaces are not required in BBC BASIC, and just take up memory. S%=5 S%=11 data “Triquartisquare”,66.7,68.3 Also, in the line: loop until D (i%)> = 0 and D (i%) = 0 and M <= 59 some text is missing: Just after the second closing parenthesis, insert the following text: the symbol v rotated 90 degrees to the right, and the following text, followed by the symbol v rotated 90 degrees to the left at the end: = 29 do print "Please enter"; P $ (i%); "minute";: input M loop until M. Your email address will not be published. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. NB: In Line 120, UN. rem dim as string file_name="real_file_name", rem open "C:\Users\"+n$+"\Documents\"+f$+".txt" for output as #1 rem end if data “Nonavigintile”,161.8,162.2 Create your free birth, synastry, composite, transits, celebrity charts. rem dim as double planets_angle, orb, for i%=1 to 11-1 Original programming copyright Philip Graves (2002; 2019); adaptation and further distribution welcome, on condition of acknowledging original programming authorship in any such event. E(i%)=(B(i%)+((C(i%)-B(i%))/2)) rem lang “QuickBasic” allows sufixes ($,%) in the variables name, data “ARIES”,”TAURUS”,”GEMINI”,”CANCER”,”LEO”,”VIRGO”,”LIBRA”,”SCORPIO”,”SAGITTARIUS”,”CAPRICORN”,”AQUARIUS”,”PISCES”, dim A$(12) case left$(A$(6),2) data “Quindecile”,23.80,24.2 Quick Update: Now the calculator shows quality or element where relevant, for example: Fire Grand Trine or Fixed T-Square. rem dim as string users_name="Windows_real_users_name", rem f$="real_file_name" Looking for advice and suggestions on books, websites, programs, professionals, organizations, or anything else related to astrology? data “Quadranovile”,159,161 dim B$(50) All of the astral bodies were moving through different zodiac signs and houses at your time of birth, and their positions will have different effects on your personality and life. E(i%)=180 In order for the program to work, the following changes must be made: Replace the inverted quotes to the left and right ” by the vertical quotes (shift + “2” key). rem dim as double orb_low(total_number_of_aspects), orb_high(total_number_of_aspects), aspect_angle(total_number_of_aspects), for i%=1 to 50 rem if ucase$(left$(S$,2))=left$(A$(j%),2) then Unknown Birth Time If birth time is unknown, check this box.. data “Tritredecile”,82.9,83.3 data “Triundecile”,97.85,98.55 rem dim sign_name(12) as string, for i%=1 to 12 * NOTE: If birth time is unknown, the report will not include positions or aspects for the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, or Part of Fortune, nor will it include House positions for any planets. S%=6 Calculator for finding your Vedic Rising Sign (called a 'Lagna') in Eastern/Indian Astrology. E(i%)=0 data “Quintaquartisquare”,111.7,113.3 data “Sextatredecile”,165.95,166.15 rem for i as integer=1 to 12 Software to calculate geocentric and heliocentric planetary positions, aspects, aspect patterns, world transits, personal transits and synastry October End-of-Month Sale Until October 31st you can obtain a 50% discount on all software on this site. 410DATA1,2,1,3,1,4,1,5,1,6,1,7,1,8,1,9,1,10,1,11,1,12,1,13,1,14,2,3,2,4,2,5,2,6,2,7,2,8,2,9,2,10,2,11,2,12,2,13,2,14,3,4,3,5,3,6,3,7,3,8,3,9,3,10,3,11,3,12,3,13,3,14, 4,5,4,6,4,7,4,8,4,9,4,10,4,11,4,12,4,13,4,14,5,6,5,7,5,8,5,9,5,10,5,11, Institutional Astrological Education Providers, Personal Astrological Education Providers, Websites with Educational Articles on Astrology, Personal Astrological Websites of Astrologers, Astrology Publications, Publishers, Books & Bookstores, Astrology Library Inventory Shelf Count by Type of Materials, 23-9-2020, Astrological Association Archive now on site, History of Modern Astrology video interview by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro, Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Library, Astrology Books and Papers by 304 or 305 authors acquired in 2020, Aspects: a Quarterly Astrological Magazine. Most people are aware of their Sun sign, however, there are multiple aspects of astrology governing our lives. is the standard abbreviation in BBC BASIC input method for the instruction LEFT$( – including the opening parenthesis. data “Quartisquare”,21.7,23.3 data “Quadraundecile”,130.55,131.25 ":sleep rem if j%=4 or j%=10 then end if data “Quintatredecile”,138.25,138.65 I have never purchased astrology software, and imagine it is possible that bought software allows more user control of these things. S%=1 rem const as integer total_number_of_planets=11 Because if you don't there is none to be found. data “Biquintile”,142.2,145.8 case left$(A$(11),2) for k%=(i%+1) to 11 H%=H%+1 print “Please enter “;P$(i%);” sign”;:input S$, select case ucase$(left$(S$,2)) data “Semisextile”,28.5,31.5 is the standard abbreviation in BBC BASIC input method for the instruction UNTIL; and LE. data “Septile”,50.5,52.3 data “Undecile”,32.4,33.1 There are plenty of BBC emulators around on the Internet. read A$(i%) The south node reveals your past lives and the gifts you’ve brought in. next k% I’d be happy to explain the function of each instruction and parameter to anyone who needs help with this, although after so many years I need a little time to reflect and refamiliarise myself with what the variables and routines are doing! S%=8 Some free online birth chart calculators display a grid of planetary aspects, and it’s typically quite small and difficult to read. data “Biundecile”,65.1,65.8 When you run the program, it asks you for the sign and degree of sign at which each planet in turn is situated. Astrology without houses. Ask and share your opinions here. The tabulations have also been lost, but that does not affect the program. – Post first published on Facebook 10 February 2011 rem rem ucase converts to uppercase letter rem rem go to the next line after “next j” It performs its calculations then lists all the aspects found between the planets and the closeness to exactness of each aspect to the nearest decimal point of a degree (the 90 variables O in the program represent the orb in the case of every possible planetary combination, although in practice only some of the 90 are calculated each time you run the program: those needed where the planets in question have already been discovered to be in some kind of mutual aspect according to the ranges of degrees so qualifying according to the data).

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