Why must an airplane using a turboprop engine be kept well below the speed of sound?

When two powered vessels are crossing paths, who has the right of way? The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. What is the standard weight for gasoline on an airplane? In the diagram of the earth, what does line B represent?

What does the longitudinal axis do, and what is its movement called?

In what conditions do you get the best lift? In which conflict were helicopters first widely used? The Carrier Strike Group could be employed in a variety of roles, such as: the control tower for flight operations on an aircraft carrier. What was the aircraft that flew the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic, and when? piloting, dead reckoning, celestial navigation, electronic navigation. lengthens takeoff run, decreases angle of climb. by RickYang, What is the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere called? whichever one is overtaking (powered OR sailing) is give-way and should pass on either side. Introducing Cram Folders! Why do pilots prefer to land into the wind?

true altitude will be lower than indicated altitude. At what height is a normal air traffic pattern flown? Introducing Cram Folders! When I took over the care of the patient the nurse already brought the patient in the bathroom and she was already sitting on a shower chair. Which airplane components produce form/pressure drag? What is another name for the NFO (Naval Flight Officer)? What are the three stages of a thunderstorm? the aircraft of lower altitude has the right of way. On an aircraft carrier, what color shirts are aircraft handling officers and plane directors?

If a plane is in straight and level accelerated flight, its: What is the method called in which you use the surrounding terrain to guide you along your way? 5; indicated, true, absolute, pressure, and density, uncorrected altitude read directly from the altimeter when it is set to the current altimeter setting, the vertical distance of the airplane above sea level, expressed as feet above MSL, the vertical distance of an airplane above ground level, altitude indicated when the altimeter setting window (barometric scale) is adjusted to 29.92; used to compute density altitude, true altitude, true airspeed, and other performance data, pressure altitude corrected for variations from standard temperature, directly related to the airplane's performance, a flight instrument that measures height above a particular air pressure level, i.e. At an airport, what color are the lights that light up the taxi-ways? To an aircraft in flight, what does a flashing green light mean? Please select the correct language below. 1. the horsepower output is decreased due to fuel-air mixture being reduced. Th... “The safety record of airline travel is, in part, a testimony to how well airline pilots perform under very stressful, sometimes life-and- death, circumstanc... Additionally, as air leaves the wing, a drag is caused. To ground vehicles/personnel at an airport, what does a steady green light mean? An abrupt pressure change across the shock wave.

Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Aerofoil is a large stucture which is attached to the airplane. If perigee is when the moon is closest to the earth, what is apogee? one that uses steel/aluminum tubing in a series of triangular shapes (trusses) to get the necessary strength and rigidity, one that uses bulkheads, stringers (running the length of the fuselage), and formers (perpendicular to the stringers) of various shapes/sizes to support a stretched or "stressed" skin.

If operating a power driven vessel, to which other vessels must you give way to? What types of jet engine are commonly used, and which is the simplest? To ground vehicles/personnel at an airport, what does a steady red light mean? What happens in the dissipating stage of a thunderstorm? The ASTB refers to the Aviation Selection Test Battery exam that measures an applicant’s quantitative and verbal skills. We'll bring you back here when you are done. Match.

Study has investagated by [227] that reported a comparative study of high-alcohol-content gasoline blends in SI engines.

Through which physical principle do airfoils work? by RickYang, indicated altitude will read higher than true altitude. lzw188th. 3. At an airport, what do the white lights illuminate? Study ASTB Aviation/Nautical Information Test Flashcards Flashcards at ProProfs - Prepare and practice for the ASTB Aviation/Nautical Information Test in a brief manner with these flashcards and revise the concepts related to it. a flight instrument that indicates whether an airplane is climbing, descending, or level; indicated in feet per minute, flight instrument that measures difference between pitot (impact) pressure and static pressure, indicated in mph and/or knots. Wilbur and Orville Wright, December 17, 1903. On an aircraft carrier, what color shirts are ordnancemen? Which clouds are considered high level clouds (above 18000-20000 ft)? On an aircraft, long wings compared to shorter wings result in which of the following? curvature at the top of a wing or airfoil, angle formed by the chord line of the wing and the oncoming flow, the ratio of the distance between the wing tips of an airplane to its average wing width, control linkages between the cockpit and the plane's control surfaces; they are electronic rather than mechanical, small control surfaces that permit the pilot to balance control forces in steady flight to relieve pressure on the aircraft's controls and reduce pilot fatigue, a maneuver used by helicopter pilots to make an emergency landing when he/she has lost engine power during flight. Airport runways are numbered according to: the first two digits of compass direction. Introducing Cram Folders! All motion or changes in aircraft attitude occur about which position?

ASTB- ANIT. On the taxiway, how is the runway holding position sign represented? Name and date the two atomic bomb drops on Japan.

continue circling, give way to other aircraft. Jet propulsion is similar to what action? the length running from wing tip to wing tip.

Know each and every part of an airplane and what they do. To ground vehicles/personnel at an airport, what does an alternating red and green light mean? When discussing aircraft movement, what is pitch? If a ship is secured by a single anchor, it is said to be "anchored".

The term _______ refers to the direction from which the wind blows. Trim tab is, B. To an aircraft on the ground, what does a flashing red light mean?

You would be expected to: The aerodynamic force that acts perpendicular to the direction of relative motion is: To determine the swinging radius of a ship at anchor to avoid hitting other ships in your anchorage, what is one of the important factors to know? in the recovery of the Naphthenic Diluent from the underfl... A virtual SBL algorithm that minishes the computation without increasing any instruments is presented in [15] and the positioning accuracy is improved.

Match. How many wing types are there, and what are they called? D. The left aileron oves down to increase that wing's pressure differential, and the right aileron moves up to increase that wing's drag. On the runway, what is the displaced threshold, and how is it represented? When it comes to a sailing vessel vs. another sailing vessel, and the wind is on the SAME side, who has right of way? Who has the right of way concerning a powered vessel vs. a sailing vessel? What is the transponder code for loss of communication? a series of lights that aids carrier pilots when lining up for landing, unit of measurement used in air and sea navigation equal to 1852 meters or about 6076 feet, a phrase used to call attention to directions, information, or a command to follow, always on the bridge when the ship is under way, the OOD stands a 4-hour watch and is the officer designated by the CO to be in charge of the ship and is responsible for the safety and operation of the ship, sailor who supervises the helmsman, lee helmsman, and lookouts, sailor who assists the Officer of the Deck in navigation, reports all changes in weather, temperature, and barometer readings, and keeps the ship's log, Primary Flight Control, the control tower for flight operations on an aircraft carrier, person in charge of Pri-Fly, controlling takeoffs, landings, aircraft in the air near the ship, and movement of planes on the flight deck, required on all boats over 15 feet (5 m) by the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea, these lights are red on the left (port) side, green on the right (starboard) side, and white to the rear, orient the rudder along the long axis of the ship; straight ahead, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, "always faithful", the motto of the Marine Corps, "always ready", the motto of the Coast Guard, if "lit", smoking is permitted; if not, smoking is not permitted, underwater detection device using sound and echo detection, maintain the course the ship is on at the moment the command is given, lowering or "striking" the ship's flag is the universally recognized sign of surrender, to give full obedience to orders or give extra attention to detail, raise the anchor and prepare to get under way, the officer's dining room that is also used for meetings and other functions, a directive to report the course (compass heading) the ship is on, {"cdnAssetsUrl":"","site_dot_caption":"Cram.com","premium_user":false,"premium_set":false,"payreferer":"clone_set","payreferer_set_title":"ASTB Aviation\/Nautical Information Test (ANIT) [Navy terminology]","payreferer_url":"\/flashcards\/copy\/astb-aviation-nautical-information-test-anit-navy-terminology-4719791","isGuest":true,"ga_id":"UA-272909-1","facebook":{"clientId":"363499237066029","version":"v2.9","language":"en_US"}}.

What are the 5 legs of a normal traffic pattern?

Gravity. Where is the lateral axis on an airplane? The document illustrates about Burrito Brothers restaurant program problem description, design details, implementation detail... “Hello,” I say. Write. Please sign in to share these flashcards.

What is the condition in which a person feels he/she is constantly moving up and down/feeling turbulence? I introduced my... For the toughest branch of the military, the Marine Corps, they have two boot camps which last 13 weeks. temperature DECREASES as altitude increases. What is the purpose of this angle? At an airport, what do the blue lights illuminate? the leeward (downwind) vessel is stand-on and should maintain course. (in order) upwind leg, crosswind leg, downwind leg, base leg, final approach, For any helicopter, the higher the density altitude, __________, electronic device used in making deep-sea soundings, precision instrument used in celestial navigation to measure angles, an apparatus used for hoisting weights, consisting of a vertical spool-shaped cylinder that is rotated manually or by machine and around which a cable is wound.

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