I'm going back to bed.

The Mummy: [rises off of the chair] Curse... CURSE... CURRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSE!

Oglethorpe: Well, maybe you shouldn't have run the melter through the VCR! Master Shake: That's where your DVD burner ended up, when it *decided* to stop working. Meatwad: Hey, how do I know if I'm aroused? Have babies - BABY. Ignignokt: Our god is an Indian that turns into a wolf. Err: [coughing, muttering] Gettin' some backdraft or somethin', man. [Meatwad takes a few minutes to get his puppets, and Carl, Master Shake, and Frylock exchange glances while music from the TV plays until Meatwad returns with a pair of crude puppets made from a sock and an oven mitt] Alright, let's go. Terms of Use • Where's the bathroom? You said a very funny thing. Carl: Wha-? Meatwad: Nah, that don't sound like Jerry. So I can't move all good. Master Shake: That's why you fall down the stairs all the time! Frylock: [after Shake has dug up half the yard] I told you, fourteen inches! Ignignokt: And you want Carl to be forever kissed, don't you? I saw the ad too.

Master Shake: You're being rude to me. Frylock: Don't throw him away, he's a living thing. That's why fairies come and get them. Frylock and Meatwad are trying to destroy it]. Starring Mel Gibson... and Master Blaster. Then magic ball shoot Oog with beam, and next thing me know me go out and invent wheel out of dinosaur brain. There is something here. Major Shake-replicant: Like, this one times, they wanted to erase this guy's mind, but they didn't want to hock up the cash for the Mind Obliteration Gun. Master Shake: Oh, we are so sorry, Carl. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Frylock: Why do you think I put the sign there?

Santa Claus: It's the middle of [bleep] ing July! Oglethorpe: Orbnauticus, we seek wisdom. 'Cause you know I get my physical every year on Alderaan! The poor children. Frylock: it's not a sandwich at all Shake... it's the Broodwich. DO NOT ENTER!] Right there, did you hear that?

[Carl's pool is decorated with neon lights and flame-paint].

And you've got to say, "Nuh-uh, boy!" You'd get killed wearing that in my hood. I fell down some stairs. ON. Carl: I don't remember being so old... and so black. B-bring that to me. Frylock: Santa, you should be fine by Christmas time. This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 02:48. You saw me lay it down. Ol' Drippy: Idle hands spend time at the genitals, and you know how much God hates that. Ignignokt: [after having stolen Carl's pornography collection and dresser] This pornography is infinitely excellent. Ignignokt: For drinking and stealing and smoking in a non-smoking area. Mall Manager: Well, it was really nice to meet you, and uh, and I'll let you know in the near future if we start hiring.

BOOM! Screw this, this is lame. Frylock: But it's detachable, and that helps us! Frylock: [dialing 9-1-1 as Err whispers 'no maaan, don't do thaaat'] Operator, can I get the police, please? Whoah! Master Shake: [Telling Meatwad how to cross the street] Look, theres only one way to get across this street, you close your eyes and just waltz out there with complete disreguard for machine.

Master Shake: I'm not backing down on this, *ever*! [Master Shake is being held hostage by the Plutonians]. [Carl's house has become infested with termites]. You know how much protein is in a weenie shake?

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