The Athlon Ares dimensions are 3.5"x9.5".

I’ve owned this scope for over 11 months now and have hand-tested everything, including zeroing, accuracy, reticle, durability, glass quality, and more. It’s smooth to turn and accurate. I tested it with the phoneskope attachment - bit disappointed in this - the eyepiece adapter needed a bit of painters tape on the inside to get it to hold snug so the phone didn't fall off, reached out to the PhoneSkope to see if they have any recommendations to making this fit better.. Thought it was too good to be true. Richard what is your opinion on the Bushnell Elite tactical DMR II 3.5-21 x 50 G3i Model: ET36215GI. As an Athlon BTR Argos owner, I can say you hit all the points that make this a great scope. So far this spotting scope is a keeper and not making me want to send back for a more expensive unit.. You must log in or register to reply here. I own a lot of rifles and scoping them all gets expensive. If you shoot in sunny conditions, I recommend investing in an Athlon Sunshade. The turrets are spongy. I went ahead and ordered this from Cameraland Lets see how it does... at least the folks at clny have been able to look through many if not all of the more commonly seen options. Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2019. Just what I needed until I could save up looks great, Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2019. I received this yesterday - Over all impression it's pretty nice for the money, build quality is pretty good. The scope is as big and heavy as you'd expect, considering the specs. Which means you can use this scope in virtually any condition. Great honest review I own same scope an going to order my 2nd one. I’ve even used it with a .50 BMG. Thanks! Manufacturer Video . Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Let’s get started!

But at the end of the day, it boils down to your needs and desires. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission.*.
It held its zero and performed flawlessly. Or is that all marketing hype?

How would this scope work for 50 yd rimfire target shooting? Easy zero. If you need some rings, make sure to get some based on the brand and type of gun you’re using. Within 7 shots of getting on paper, I was zeroed.

After stumbling across your review, I did more research and have come to the conclusion that this model is a great start to my family’s hunting adventures!

They received my bad scope on Monday and had a brand new scope at my door Tuesday. I have this on a 300 Win Mag. It’s very sturdy, easily adjustable, and light-weight. Thank you for the compliment — I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the great review! Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location.

I don’t allow anyone — including optic manufacturers — to sponsor my reviews. Great review! I mounted it on my 6.5 Grendel. The 6x – 24x magnification is very versatile. By the end of this review, you’ll know if the Athlon Argos BTR rifle scope is for you.

4. Once you’re done, you’ll notice the turrets are way more audible and less mushy. Yes! and it is not nearly as bright or clear as this scope. I have swapped this to a 7mm Rem Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor while testing it. My son is wanting to get one now. Original purchase was for a new Mossberg 5.56mm bolt rifle.

Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30 mm Tube, Illuminated APMR MIL Reticle, review on the newest Athlon Argos BTR GEN2 6-24×50. I really appreciate it! This could lead to over-adjusting. Regardless of your need, be it sporting, hunting, or tactical Athlon likely produces a scope … This means, should you choose to purchase something after using my link, I may earn a small commission — typically 2-4%. Definitely should do very well for you, Rich. Thank you for this honest review. Athlon blows vortex out of the water at a comparable price point, including the viper. If you do decide to get the scope, feel free to come back and leave a comment with your thoughts on it. Athlon Argos BTR and Helos BTR scopes – Made in China to Athlon specifications. Gotta love Bartlein barrels!! I Regularly shoot out to a max. Finally, re-grease it with Halofun Green Slime Lubricant. Here’s a look at each of the current Athlon line of scopes along with where they are manufactured: Athlon Neos scopes – Made in China to Athlon specifications. Rem700XCR/CT .308 with 20moa base, high rings, been to range twice shot about 50 rounds so far no issues! I purchased a Burris XTR II 5-25x50 about a year ago, for about 3x the money.
Very positive clicks, a true zero stop and the numbers line up perfectly as well. And I appreciate your thoughts on the scope.

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

Hence I am doing some research about this boy. Reviews say its on par with the vortex viper HST scopes. Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane... Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30 mm Tube, Illuminated APMR MIL Reticle. You may have noticed there are no ads, popups, or annoying autoplaying videos. I haven’t tried the Gen 2 yet so I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. In addition, Athlon applied XPL coating to the lens.

In fact: I’ve owned this scope for over 11 months now and have hand-tested everything, including zeroing, accuracy, reticle, durability, glass quality, and more. I couldn’t have agreed more — Athlon Optics is a solid company who stand behind their scopes . I purchased a Konus Pro M30 about 10 years ago at a similar price point that tracks perfectly, but the clicks are 1/8" (lots of dialing!) Check great and honest reviews! So after talking to a couple of folks I met at a long-range shooting event, I hesitantly decided to buy the Argos BTR 6-24×50. Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses gives you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum. It’ll help reduce glare and sun reflections. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24×50 Review: Is It Worth It? It moves easily without any resistance. I ran into a issue where the parallax was off and anything above 20x was foggy and blurry. You really can't buy a better optic for the price. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I look forward to reading your review. I am able to get on target up to 1,120 yards with a .308 and reliably out to 800-1,000 yards while others with Vortex, Nightforce, etc. First focal plane reticle stays valid at all power settings allowing you to fully utilize the specially designed reticle that shrinks or grows along with your target as you zoom in or out. I did just pick up the new Gen 2 version of this scope though and can say without hesitation that the turrets on the Gen to are far better then the Gen 1. Here’s My Athlon Argos BTR 6-24×50 Review. I liked it & bought a second one for my Savage, Model 25 .223REM. Yep, the scope will hold up to a 300 WSM. This is sweet for long-distance shooting since holdovers never change no matter what magnification setting you’re on. This is my most proven rifle. I haven't had a chance to test them. What you read here is my honest review of the Argos BTR. It even comes with an 11 setting brightness knob: Second, the reticle is etched onto the glass. Ive watched about 7 or so youtube videos on them that's why I purchased two. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to my $2,000 6.5 Creedmoor Leupold optic: (Keep in mind, the Leupold Mark 5 costs 5X MORE than the Athlon BTR!). I opted to call Athlon vs returning to Amazon.

Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2018. In fact, the glass is very clear and crisp. Athlon’s scopes are designed for a variety of guns, from the soft shooting AR 15 to the shoulder pounding 338 Lapua and beyond. Glass is super clear even at edges and at all magnification's.

Great powered scope. However either one will work great on probably anything you throw it on in my experience. JavaScript is disabled.

I have places to go look, BassPro near me by the time I get there on the weekend they have nothing left - another place which shall remain nameless - customer support sucks, they act like they are doing you a favor by being in business and I don't go there anymore - YT has no reviews to speak of for this model that were not a sales pitch or lame as hooker blowing a billy goat. Speaking of the zero stop, Athlon supplies nylon washers to stack under the elevation turret to accomplish this. Do you have a website or an email address? Very well made, quality product that has held up to some a few hundred rounds of punishing magnum recoil. So I recommend getting the Burris PEPR 30mm Mount. GG&G Flt Accucam Mount W/30Mm Rings Gun Stock Accessories, Burris Optics 410342, 410343, 410344 P.E.P.R. For the money, hard to beat. (Argos 6-24x50, Talos 4-14x44) Last weekend I mounted both of these up to my 6MMBR. Does this scope compare to a USO, Razor, or S&B? Do you think this scope will hold up to a 300 WSM ?

If you’re getting started in long-range shooting, I highly recommend the Athlon Argos BTR 6-24×50. I shoot high end pellet guns in field target. I’ve been searching high and dry for a solid scope to get started in long-range shooting. I have total of $249 in scope and tripod. This enables me to write the most honest review without appeasing scope manufacturers. If you haven’t tried the new version you’ll certainly want too. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by! So far pretty good reviews. I have placed these on a Ruger precision in .243, a 6.5 Grendel, and on a recent .224 Valkyrie build.

Sure, it's not going to be as clear or bright as a $1300 scope but for under 400 bucks the Athlon Argos can NOT be beat. It even comes with Athlon’s lifetime warranty.

We are using this scope on a 6.5 Creedmoor and it is awesome zeroed it at 100 yards then went out to 900 and was on target.

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