Looking strikingly similar to the “OG” Grom, most would be hard pressed to tell the two apart at first glance. Other great Lifan features include electric start, front and rear disc brakes, and a fan-assisted air cooling system. It is advertised to produce a little over 8 horsepower. 99, 2020 Venom x21 | 50cc Automatic Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], 2020 Venom KPM200 | 200cc Fuel-Injected Motorcycle | 6-Speed, Regular price FREE SHIPPING USA! Mechanically, this bike is nearly identical to the Vader 2. You can usually find it online for around $1,100. $1,699 Fuerza 125 (PMZ125-1) Where can I buy a 2000w street legal electric motorcycle? Your email address will not be published. Piston Displacement 123cc Drive System chain $1,899 With its street-fighter edge, and contrasting exterior subcage, the Little Monster really rocks out of the box. NO LICENSE REQUIRED. Read the specs and they’re similar to most of the others. Get your free... Lots of power in a little package. $2,299 X-PRO 125cc Vader Adult Motorcycle Gas Motorcycle Dirt Motorcycle Street Bike,Big 12" Wheels! Starter elec/ kick start You may have to work a little harder to find them, but aftermarket parts are out there. Frame Steel, Metallic Black, Metallic Gray, Metallic Red, Metallic White. Street legal, reliable, and a whole lot of fun. $2,699 Maximum Power 6.3/7500kw/r/min Where it differs is in styling. 50CC AUTOMATIC MOTORCYCLE FREE SHIPPING DONG FANG SCOOTER CVT X18 X19 125cc Motorcycle Ninja Motorcycle 125cc ninja Motorcycle Honda Clone Motorcycle Grom clone Honda 125cc Honda Clone Kawasaki z125 Clone SSR Raskull The Grom will always have my heart, but if I had to choose a favorite Grom alternative – just one – it would likely be Benelli’s TNT 135. Sunday Closed, Street Legal Motorcycles / Super Pocket Bikes (50cc - 250cc), 250cc motorcycle 125cc Motorcycle honda 125cc sport motorcycles cheap motorcycles street bikes for sale yamaha motorcycles for sale ninja motorcycle for sale honda cbr motorcycle honda grom for sale near me groms honda cbr250rr cbr250rr kawasaki ninja 250r for sale kawasaki ninja motorcycle ninja 300 ninja 250r honda msx 125 grom bike for sale kawasaki ninja for sale ninja motorcycle for sale kawasaki ninja motorcycle ice bear scooter maddog scooter icebear maddog ice bear motorcycle pocket bike street legal supermoto cheap street legal scooters street legal mini chopper cheap sport bikes honda street legal dirt bike cheap street bikes honda enduro motorcycles 250cc motorcycle 125cc scooter honda 125cc honda 125 motorcycle 125cc bikes 125 motorcycle 125cc street bike 125cc moped yamaha 125cc motorcycles 125cc motorcycle for sale 125cc motorbike 125cc motorbikes for sale 125cc street legal motorcycle 125cc scooters for sale honda 125 scooter 125 street bike 125cc moped for sale 125cc sports bike 125 scooter honda 125cc bike 125 bike 125cc bikes for sale 125cc motorcycle engine 125 motorbike automatic motorcycle 125cc grom honda grom motorcycle for sale grom bike honda grom for sale grom motorcycle honda grom price grom for sale 2015 honda grom honda grom accessories honda grom exhaust honda grom custom honda grom 125 honda grom motorcycle used honda grom for sale 2014 honda grom honda grom specs honda grom mods honda grom parts used honda grom custom grom grom parts msx 125 honda grom seat honda msx 125 honda grom mirrors kawasaki z125 z125 pro kawasaki z125 pro kawasaki 125 kawasaki grom kawasaki z125 for sale 2017 kawasaki z125 pro z125 exhaust kawasaki 125cc z125 pro exhaust kawasaki z125 price 2017 kawasaki z125 z125 seat z125 for sale kawasaki z125 pro parts kawasaki z125 exhaust z125 mods kawasaki z125 pro for sale kawasaki z 125 kawasaki 125 z pro kawasaki z125 pro accessories z125 handlebars kawasaki z125 pro exhaust 2017 z125 kawasaki z125 mpg honda cbr honda cb cbr 600 honda cbr 600 honda cbr 1000 honda cbr 250 cbr250rr honda cbr250r cbr250r cbr 250 honda cbr 2016 honda cbr250rr honda cbr 1000 rr honda 150r honda cbr 2011 cbr250 cbr 150 2011 honda cbr250r honda cbr 150 honda 250cc honda cbr 250 motorcycle for sale honda cbr 250 for sale honda cbr 2010 honda honda cbr 150r BD125-10 BD125-15 BD125-11 FOR SALE DONGFANG MOTORCYCLE NINJA 300 df250rts df250rtr df250rtf df250rte bd125-8 cheap motorcycles. Weight Capacity 198.4 lbs 125cc Venom x20 street legal can be registered plated 4 speed honda grom replica vader-125 moped 110cc 150cc z125 125cc Motorcycle Ninja Motorcycle 125cc x-pro Motorcycle x-pro 125cc bd-125 boom bike Honda Clone Motorcycle Grom clone Honda 125cc Honda Clone Kawasaki z125 Clone SSR Raskull bd125-15 bd125-8 bd125-11 bd125-10 yamaha clone Cooling air cool Closed on Monday, IceBear PMZ125- 1 125cc Fuerza Motorcycle – Grom Clone, Be the first to review “IceBear PMZ125- 1 125cc Fuerza Motorcycle – Grom Clone”. Ground Clearance 5.900000 $1,799 Given that pricing, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Honda Grom clone to ride around Full Send style! Rear Tire 130/70-12 BD578Z 2000w electric motorcycle for cheap. Vitacci New Bahama MVP 49cc Scooter (10" Tire) 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air-Forced Cool 99, 2020 Venom x22-GT | 250cc Automatic Motorcycle | Street Legal, Regular price Bore and Stroke 2.06 99 Your email address will not be published. Cheap electric Honda Grom motorcycle street legal. $1,799 $1,899 The rear end is clean, with no bulky plastic to get rid of. These bikes deliver incredible value for a fraction of the cost. For the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bike to full send. Maximum Torque 8.8/5500N.m./rpm Taotao CY-50A 49cc Gas Automatic Scooter Moped Electric with Keys, Kick Start Back up Scooter Sale Price: $766.49 . Boom 2000w 72v electric street bike for sale, BD576Z electric scooter Shop for Boom Electric Grom BD578Z Electric Motorcycle from #1 E-Bike Dealer in USA! It’s the Tao Tao Hellcat 125. 99, 2020 Venom x20 | 125cc Motorcycle | Street Legal, Regular price 125cc, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 4 speeds Manual, Front/Rear Disc Brakes, Front/Rear 12″ Aluminum Wheels, Engine Type single cylinder, 4 stroke Pro-tip: The Vagabond fender eliminator for the “OG” 2014-2015 Honda Grom will bolt right up to the X-Pro using some 8mm bolts. Net weight comes in at 242 pounds, and the Lifan is both EPA and DOT approved in the United States. $2,599 Feel free to read on to our reviews on a few of our favorites in the table below. Battery 12V/7A $2,899 Seat Height 28.300000 a The Grom will always have my heart, but if I had to choose a favorite Grom alternative – just one – it would likely be Benelli’s TNT 135. Office – (888) 791-8149 For New Orders You May also Call or Text 24/7 Day or Night – 317-445-1623 Fully Automatic; 30 Inch Seat Height Digital Speedometer; Rear Foot Pegs; Horn; Front Compartment Storage; Hi-Beam / Lo-Beam Headlights; Venom BD578Z Welcome to the New 2020 Venom E-X20 2000w Electric Grom Clone! Similar to the other clones, you can expect north of 100 miles per gallon for fuel efficiency. It does a fantastic job of cleaning up the rear end of the bike. The most common performance mods for the Vader 2 are front and rear sprockets, carb, exhaust pipe, and air filter upgrades. 99, 2020 Venom x22 Motorcycle | 125cc Full-Size Ninja | Street Legal, Regular price $1,599 $2,149 |, a fraction of the cost of a new Grom to get it shipped to your door. As is the case with the majority of Grom alternatives available, there is one primary driver behind the cheaper price tag: (1) no electronic fuel injection. Ice Bear is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that produces a slew of different scooters, mopeds, and mini-motorcycles for the low. 99, 2020 Venom x21RS | 125cc Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], 2020 Venom x18 | 50cc Automatic Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], Regular price As is the case with anything on wheels, someone will figure out a way to modify it. Venom Motorsports puts motorcycles for sale. $1,999 Be the first to review “IceBear PMZ125- 1 125cc Fuerza Motorcycle – Grom Clone” Cancel reply.

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