site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. A gnarled-wood staff that randomly curses one target with a Wild Magic Surge d100 curse randomly rolled by the caster. This is an easy way to get a low-level character some much needed ranged firepower. A wife commissioned this collar after her husband, a retired soldier with significant PTSD, lost the dog that he had bonded with. But Stronmaus is a fickle god; jokes that fail are punished with 1d6 lightning damage. Okay, let’s have the group travel to a desert region and corner the market on drinkable water, destroying the entire economy and becoming filthy rich. The catch is, the conjured magehand can be attacked or damaged, and any injury inflicted on the magehand will also be inflicted to the wearer’s hand. This potion is useful for when the players are about to go on an adventure in the mountains or caves. I have used this. Projects light in a 10ft radius and dim light in a 30ft radius. When a character winds it up and throws it, a sphere of time dilation appears for 30 feet around the target, slowing anything inside to an almost imperceptible crawl for 3 rounds of combat, or 9 seconds. Smells like pine, perhaps, with the sweetness of mead, and tastes like mead. You see, he knows me and knows that if he tries to do either of these things, or something else equally crazy, there will be a fast NERF coming to his precious decanter of endless water. the top is decorated with a small rose petal, which remains bloomed and perfect until the ring's effect is used. Are you just dying to know what they are? Death Elk Head - The severed, decomposed head of a Giant Elk. There aren’t really any inherent advantages - or disadvantages - to doing this vs. some other (non-progressive-unlocking) solution; any advantages or disadvantages to this technique that I have found tie very closely to “know your players”. Your initial idea looks like it compares favorably with the tier progression of rarity values in the DMG, and the common rarity from XGtE. @NautArch my issue is that if I backpedal and say that its lame item, my players will be dissapointed because I narrated it as if it has special significance.

The cloak of displacement is a rare magic item that causes attacks against you to be made with disadvantage. How is it possible that a