Barnes TTSX vs. Hornady GMX User Name: Remember Me? As you can see, the further off the lands I went, the tighter the group. Man that is too wierd!!!! The threat of a patent infringement lawsuit kept them out of the non-lead bullet market before then. Both tout themselves as retaining near 100% of their weight, expand, and penetrate deeply. In my 270 Win the GMX are very accurate and flat shooting. The Hornady is a copper alloy, and the Barnes is 100% copper. The GMX is made from guilding metal. It will leave large large holes in deer at 100 yds even when started out of guns as slow as 2700 muzzle velocity. I started using Barnes bullets because I'm in the Ca condor area. Any reason to choose one over the other. Any reason to choose one over the other. It also loves 180gr Nosler eTips. I simply picked an appropriate powder (7828 SSC) and put the bullet 0.050" off the lands as recommended. I'm anxious to put them through something. Hornady outfitter 180 gmx vs Barnes vortex 180 ttsx. Here's seating depth experiment at 200 yards. Joined Apr 1, 2013 Messages 339. That depends entirely on throat dimensions. Chuck, did you seriously drive to town yesterday!??!?!?! The bullet seemed to perform very well over a wide range of velocities. I loaded up some 130 gr. It has me scratching my head on an upcoming project though. From internet BS i have deciphered that for full expansion these bullets need around 2700 fps on impact, and at 2000 fps is virtually a non expander. Actually the main body of the GMX is made from gilding metal,rather than from 100% copper like the TTSX.But if they perform as well as the TTSX,and are lower priced,I will certainly consider trying them. He/she is at it again. I have to think that's an advantage over solid copper. I am however impressed with their profile. She shot 2 deer and an antelope this past season. The sst is pretty darn explosive. ;-). I used the same load that I use for my 168 barnes ttsx. GMX's for my father's .270 WCF last year. Big wound channels and broken bones at ranges of 130 yrds, 262 yrds and 115 yrds. The results from my 140 gr TSX were much the same if not identical. Can't say what they'll do to a deer yet but intend to give them a go this season. The reason I ask is that I've found a few boxes of Hornady GMX .30 cal 150's gathering dust in an old gunshop. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A buddy gave me a handful to try. We've been shooting Xs, TSXs, MRXs and TTSXs ever since they were invented. They grouped amazingly. I have only used the GMX and E-tips in half a dozen rifles, so maybe that's not a big enough sample. Just glad to see more competition coming into the ring to bring down prices. As for performance, I have used the Hornady GMX (which is not made of pure copper, but gilding metal which is a little harder) and the Barnes TSX and TTSX - very close to the TMX functionally. The gmx was the most accurate in her rifle therefore it`s what we opted to use.I wouldn`t hesitate to use them for any reason. They should work well as do the Nosler lead frees as they are both just Barnes knockoffs with a slightly different metal compound. I have no experience with the GMX, but I shoot the 100hr ttsx in my 257 wby. They far exceeded the 130 Partitions and were a fare bit better than the Hornady 140's I'd already put to paper. Sep 29, 2020 #2 J. JOHNNIE WALKER Well-Known Member. How much do they cost in comparison to the barnes? I can't imagine that either can do something the other can't do! My .270Win REALLY likes 110grain TTSXs over 48grains of RL15. The shots were quite different, one at 60 yards and the other at about 440 yards. These were relatively mild loads, 2900+ fps with a 150 grain bullet. Everything shot with them dies ..... dead is dead. This was my first hunting season and every deer I took dropped where they stood with the ttsx. They shoot well and worked flawlessly on the two deer I shot this year. I have very limited experience with both but after having worked a bit more with the gmx's in an '06, I found the farther off the lands I seated the bullet, the better they shot. My guess is that with three recovered GMX bullets by one guy in a year the Barnes will outpenetrate the GMX's. Arent the GMX pretty new to the scene? with explanation. The velocities were so close it basically a wash. As for accuracy the barnes ttsx out performed the gmx hands down. whats your preference of the two chuck? The deer killed with them died the same, the wounds looked the same and the bullets exited. Inform as to the vast differences? The top group measured just a tad over an inch and 2 of the 3 rounds were overlapping at 200 yrds. Also I would either use 55g or 62g bullets... the 55g will be a little faster, maybe 3250 fps versus 3100 fps. Have you looked at the ballistic gel tests of each? They held together 95%or better.. Quite the difference in size and shape for the same caliber and nearly identical weight.I am looking forward to hearing more about the GMX, concerning fouling,accuracy,and expansion. Everything shot with them dies ..... dead is dead. Guy has had them for years and has them priced at $31/box. I also like the lower price. Both were complete pass-through shots and the offside shot cavity was huge. Another reamer might need to be ordered. The muzzle velocity was ~3000 FPS. I have shot barnes ttsx for the last 3 season with really good results but will now use the gmxs as i have experienced tighter groups with them and the same solid bullet construction... Great to hear. My 06 likes Barnes 130gr TTSX slightly more than 150gr GMX. It accounted for two deer this year (one was when the rifle was loaned to a friend) and the terminal performance was amongst the best I have seen. The plastic tip and hollow are are clones. how did they get two pics to look just like each other?? All that is required now is a Bull Elk tag. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The TTSX was dead easy to get to shoot accurately, the easiest I've seen in that rifle. Both companies tried to best tsx/ttsx performance but did not appear to succeed. Posts: 13,118 Barnes TTSX vs. Hornady GMX.284 139 gr vs … Reckon that sex change operation really took? I like gmx better because they are ~$10 bucks a box cheaper, have better bc and I can't see a difference in on game performance. Of the ones I pulled out of the dirt, the Barnes retained a nice uniform expansion. Considering their price tag it appears Hornady copper isn't as expensive either. Whether the Barnes are worth it or not is up for debate. I have shot the 139gr gmx out of my 7mm mag browning a bolt this season and am really impressed with them.. Is one weight better than the other for this application? Having never used either one, if I were to chose one it would be the GMX. Barnes gets all the attention, but are the others just as good. Have you seen a cross section of each? Barnes gets all the attention, but are the others just as good. I have been able to get ttsx's to shoot in almost any gun I've tried them in. I’ve shot them both out of a 30/06. I have had a little more trouble getting good accuracy out of GMX and E-tips than Barnes, but that all tends to be pretty dependent on the rifle.

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