To get to eat, muskies. Problem with the comparison is that if I baracuda sees it he eats it.

They were also introduced into Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg, but catches in these lakes are very rare. I’ve never had a bad day with this lure as long as I’m fishing in the right areas. a dead give away. Until Muskie get ths big, I have to go with the Tarpon......but I think it's apples to oranges, and it's all where you live and what you're into. Check the tail. Tiger Musky also have rounded tails, helping you tell them apart from regular Musky. The easiest way to distinguish Muskie and Pike is by looking at the tail. However, Muskie do grow to be much bigger than Pike. the fight was incredible and went on for what felt like forever, and in the dark. Your Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Russia – ... White Crappie vs. Black Crappie: All You Need to Know. They’re both from the genus “Esox” along with other Pikes and Pickerels. In the end, i had to call my neighbor to get the fish out of the water, we took a couple pictures of the catch and then we watched as this monster swim away. RSS Feeds, ShortURL: They do have the same sleek design, for sure. The guy I was with (and 82-year-old wise fisherman) caught a 39 inch, Muskie, a few weeks ago using a #4 MEPS then he let my 17-year-old niece pull it in. At least in my humble opinion.....from a day and a half's results of: That appears to be an ocean carp. Replied on August 12, 2020 The only thing is I was fishing for walleye and only using a fluorocarbon leader that night, Replied on November 2, 2020

If beaver damns exist outside of a large lake, you should catch a lot of quality fish. The St John River has great Muskie fishing, as do many rivers and streams that aren’t shown here. Have to agree apples to oranges. The people I was fishing with were doing some pan fishing.

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Was there ever a 3 speed deep sea fishing reel ? Pick up some tips on how they behave and what to use to catch a trophy. Where are you thinking of fishing? Will try out the Mepps this summer! Email: [email protected], Copyright ©2019 OutdoorsFIRST Multispecies NetworkAll Rights Reserved. Musky are much more limited in their range, although both fish like the same kind of habitat and hunt in a similar way. Northern Pike and Muskellunge are close relatives.

You can catch Pike in most of North America, From the northwest of Alaska all the way over to Labrador in eastern Canada. Make sure to handle the fish gently and keep your hands well away from its mouth as you flip it over! Pike will shred thin fishing lines. Probably casted in the same spot about 30 times before the fish hit. I think a barracuda is a better comparison. *Thumbs Up*, Replied on August 21, 2019 The IGFA record for Pike stands at just over 55 pounds, 12 pounds short of the record for Muskie. The average Pike is less than two feet, while Muskie regularly hit twice that size. I caught a few smaller muskies (10-20 pounds), but the adults would usually get at least a few >20 muskies. Use larger baits later in the year. He giggles at all the guys in using “way too big of lures”.

What’s your favorite Pike fishery from your travels? We had a cuda follow up to the boat but didn't hit.

The best place to look for either fish is in thick weedy sections of rivers or lakes. I talked to one of the Captains down there and he had a client that had caught a 6+ foot Tarpoon that weighed over 60+ pounds!! Lots of pike as well – similar setups, but we generally found the pikes liked the midsized daredevils more than the big doctors. Wow, I bet that really made the trip. @outdoorsfirst I don’t think that we have any Muskies around here, but the Pike is one of the most common fishes to catch on our lakes besides with the Perch and Walleye and some of those Pikes grow pretty darn big.

Im going to try Cabo this October for a big blue or striped marlin. However, that’s about as far as the similarities go. No, they are not related. Replied on January 29, 2020

Good luck on the Muskie hunt – I guess they call them “the fish of a thousand casts” for a reason! Pike and Muskie are both amazing fish to catch. The various 18 to 20 types of barracuda (family Sphyraena), on the other hand, live in the warm, tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Oct 12, 2020. YouTube I know that Muskies are big, but Tarpoon are even bigger! They’re two different species with different behaviors, markings, and distributions. The best lures for catching Musky are large jigs, jerkbaits, diving plugs, and bucktail spinners. Both fish prefer clear water, probably because they’re sight-based hunters. However, there are three easy ways to identify the fish on the end of your line. I immediately started to figure 8 and caught the fish. Muskie and Pike are often around the same size. Thanks! Aug 21, 2019. Got 5 over 50" and too many mid-to-upper 40's to count... both casting and trolling, BUT there is no really valid comparison to the many 100-200 pound tarpon we catch, On a trip a couple years back I was out with a relative who guides out of Islamorada. How do you think about the answers? Write for Us Caught him in Kingston NJ dam. Replied on August 11, 2020 I’m glad you managed to release the fish safely, and that it didn’t break off your leader. That sounds quite a fight – and a big surprise when you realised what you’d hooked! Even though they prefer the shallows, Musky also like to keep their options open, so shallow vegetation with easy access to deeper water is always a good place to try.

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