Cosmos (evolved form) on the other hand will come in incredibly handy all the way through Sol especially later on when those annoying enemies receive buffs and are harder to knockback. Sexual appeal? The top characters in the group S are Togeluga and Tecoluga. Hmm, my rankings i posted a while back is slightly different. Very useful in stages with annoying enemies such as R. Ost, Master A, Camelle, Sloth, etc... as he can take out big chunks of their health. In addition to Jizo, Momotaro, while not as good as TF Ice, can be more useful is some situations, as a stack of Momotaros can permafreeze red without a combo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Date Masamune (TF) - Well he got his TF but it didn't really make him into the OP'd uber we were hoping for. Players can collect new cats and evolve them by playing the game and collecting experience. Mind blown. Middle Game: Somewhere around ItF Chapter 2 and pre-Great Escaper. Only downside is that she's hard to spam out compared to ICat. Gao is going to need a lot of explanation just so that you guys don't kill me over this decision. Zeus is pretty useless as gamereon outclasses him by a lot as a tank but does have use in "No Plan A" and very few levels as well. Some cats are locked in the game which can be unlocked as you make progress in the game. Thundia and Windy are the only saving graces, as their TFs are amazing. It should be noted that this is for non-save scummers because save scummers can pick specific ubers and should not follow these rules exactly. Mola King - Stat-wise he's terrible but the fact he can put out some half-decent DPS from 491 range makes him decent against the likes of Anteaters, sloths, etc... Only problem is if he advances even a bit, he's as good as dead because his health is in the low 100s. Though his health is average-ish which makes his "take 1/4 damage from aliens" less effective. I rate the Vajiras this low not because they are bad against blacks but because if I had to pick 1 anti-black for any stage I would pick Jizo. End Game: Finishing up SoL 2 and 3 stars and finishing up Manics. Takeda Shingen is a pretty good anti black & alien uber while it gets outclassed by Mad Doctor Klay (W&P TF) in the anti alien side but is pretty good for killing black. First I believe Yukimura is more useful than Maeda keigi. Solid uber overall but there's nothing really unique about him other than the fact he's one of the few ubers with the zombie killer ability in the game like the rest of this set. Many Ubers (such as Jizo) in Ultra Souls has very its own unique abilities for each form, making them a 2-in-1 uber. He helps on zombie stages to some extent but not very in metal stages because no critical hits so he's just the buffer outside of those stages no use at all. Kai - One of those "stats can be deceiving cats." Raiden and Thundia are together in this list because i feel like they're both interchangeable, they both do good at their jobs but Thundia is more damage dealing while Raiden is more of a buffer and is able to deal with Berserkory better. Slow attack rate and animation not to mention pretty trash health. Now that Mekako has a TF, it's very hard not to put her #1 on this list. He will often make your DPS/heavy hitters miss. She also now has 100% slowing against metals/angels which is awesome when you take into consideration she can do it from good range while providing solid DPS at the same time. Kachi Kachi - Kachi doesn't have that OP'd factor others have in this set (Mainly cause his ability is meh) yet is still a decent uber. She's quite a powerhouse but her range is her downfall. She has high DPS and keeps black enemies at bay for a bit if she doesn't get overrun. Also her new ability allows her to survive a kill blow which is a nice bonus. Uber Super Rare Cats (Japanese: 超激レア) are a type of Cat Units and can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule. These ubers are useful to some extent but are pretty subpar, uses of these are few and far between. If you could, or are doing single rolls, I'd probably rank it 4th, but it's really a gamble more than anything, and has too many outcomes to really rank its usefulness. Another one of his downfalls is his mediocre range (compared to other in the set) so he can get killed rather easily. Also click HERE for my Anti-Enemy Type Guide. Yukimura may have lower base damage from A. Bahamut but Yukimura does have higher damage than A. Bahamut against blacks making him useful against the Director Kurosawah and Le'noir. Tales of Nekoluga:1. Of the rest Ultralan and Togeluga have some use as well, but tbh this entire set is bad because of their low life and high recharge. He's a back row damage dealer with 445 range that has a unique berserker ability which triples his attack once he gets hit with enough damage to kill him. Megidora has the same issues as Vars and Kamukura which is that knockback and it hinders him because most floating enemies are front lines and whlie it can keep them away they can also be put in closer to srong long ranged enemy's range like Nyandam. The fact he also has knockback immunity makes him H. Nah's (Hyena) worst nightmare. The way that this will work is the same way school works A - F Tier, "A" Tier is the best ranking and "F" Tier is the worst. The fact he doesn't have much time in between his attacks goes well with his knockback ability even though it's only 50% chance of knockback. Definitely an uber you'll eventually want to get your hands on.2. Gamereon and Cosmos are also great ubers, and even Kachi and Kaguya are good in their own right. For example, if you have Jizo and Momo already, Ultra Souls probably isn't the best choice. The Dynamites. Not the type of uber you would want to use in a general use line-up but against alien's he's good. It should also be noted that the possibility of dupes can change these rankings. Togeluga - Very comparable to Bahamut for what his intended purpose is. Here's your chance to raise and play with them for free! Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The only bad side to her is her attack rate and attack animation but she packs a good punch. I find his ability against blacks isn't as effective as they're already easy enough to knockback. It's just that the rest of the Dragon Emperors are also very good. Overall he's an effective and fun to use uber.3. If you disagree with someone's comment, reply to it with the reason you disagree. Even those considered weakest of the set (Akira, Hayabusa, and White Rabbit) will have important uses around this time. It's just that asiluga and kubiluga are so bad it really drags the set down. If it wasn't for Catman's versatility, she would be #1. Due to the range, she is also not considered that generally useful. He got a major buff in all stats including a reduced time in between attacks which increases his survival even more as he is still a close range uber. True form has the highest HP in the game but he suffers from poor attack rate and speed. Kamukura (TF) - Against reds, this bad boy will pretty much control the battle while relaxing in the back row. I can tell you 100% that when it comes to Sunfish Jones, Kalisa outperforms even Archdragon Dioramos with fast attack rate, fast movement, quite fast cooldown, relatively low cost and extreme DPS (x3 damage to Angels) :) Spawn 2 Kalisa and that fish is destroyed. Once you evolve them, their abilities become better (higher procs) and they become more uber-like (long cool down, high cost, heavy stats, etc...). Ice Crystal will wreck Berserkory, and their fast recharge is great for DPS over time on some manics. Other than Dioramos all are decent, but too few are amazing to be rated any higher. However, this does work well with his berserker ability as once Ganesha gets to 80% health, his damage increases by 50%. He's saved my ass more times than I can keep track of. Another thing I like about it is the high attack rate. Overall just a fun uber to use.4. There have been new "useful posts" that have not been added to the list. Next while I agree that masamune and shingen are the worst ubers in the set, they are by no means bad and still can provide useful covering fire on many stages enough to pull victories. Ironically he's a better anti-black cat than every Wargod (except for Oda late game) yet he's on the bottom of the Dragon Emperor ranks lol. For large subreddits this is not an issue, but improper downvotes are harmful to discussion in small subreddits like r/battlecats. Dark Heroes. That said, throughout the hardship of many long time battle cat players here, we all learned new tips and tricks with the best one being the savescum theory. Midsummer Rabbit is just a support cat and can be useful. The movement speed increase is also nice. Vars (TF) - His TF buff was pretty meh and even though his stats are not amazing for a TF, it was enough for him to jump over Raiden. Dioramos - Beastly statwise but just overall game-play is not smooth with this guy as his attack tend to miss a lot and movement speed is very slow. Thundia (TF) - Just an anti-red version of Windy, both are amazing now. These 5 range from amazing to situational, but none of them are bad, and all will have a common place in your lineup. As for Balaluga, maybe it's because I don't have him, but if somebody had all the ubers I can't think of a use for him. His downfalls are still his bad range (even though it got buffed) and long time between attacks but he did get a new wave ability (Lv.2 wave) that somewhat makes up for that. The following events simply contain combinations of Uber Rare Cats from multiple other gacha sets. Yeah his range is still bad but that's kind of a blessing in disguise. Also gets outclassed by other ubers. It will go through the best uber sets for different stages of the game followed by my ranking of best to worst uber sets. Each Platinum Ticket guarantees an Uber Rare Cat from the Regular Pools. Most Anti-Red Ubers from the Regular Pools: Most Anti-Floating Ubers from the Regular Pools: Most Anti-Metal/Critical Ubers from the Regular Pools: Most Anti-Shockwave Ubers from the Regular Pools: Battle Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Yes Raiden's range isn't as great as other in this set but it's certainly not bad and his 100% knockback against reds and fast attack rate means reds won't be able to touch him as easily.6. Their one downside is their cost, so if you are unlucky with the cat capsule machine consider the Majestic Zeus instead at this point. Possesses very much of the same attributes as Jizo such as being very spam-able. If your next cat is an uber rare, you can wait until the next event to get guaranteed uber of a cat during that event. Spooky Thundia is a fine anti black but without the TF that normal Thundia has she's easily killable and but still does good damage. Sea Maiden Ruri is a support cat and basically the Uber Rare version of Sushi Cat but without the area attack and the incorporation of multi hit, and single target multi hit cat aren't winning any awards at best she's a decent anti red support for berserkory. Although her TF didn't make her OP'd, she's now one of the better back row ubers we have.5. We want this place to be helpful and welcoming! I'd give him the slight edge over Kenshin for the simple fact he's more versatile.4. Sodom (TF) - His range isn't incredible but he can still sit in the back row and provide some big timely hits. However unlike Pai-Pai, her range is mediocre for an uber which is why she ranks lower. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Once again, none of these are bad, which is why they are rated highly. Hahaha save scum theory, sounds like a new competitor of big bang theory. I rate her over Thundia for the simple fact that there are more floating bosses and ubers that do damage in the form of big hits are better used against bosses/enemies with high health.2. These are the average ubers. I'm also adding that Kalisa is viable to use in Timed-Based stages, due to her fast movement speed and high DPS as mentioned. Ice cat is a fairly great support cat being able to perma-freeze with cat combos.

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