Good advice from a lot of the aforementioned folks. Im new to coyote hunting, but I been varmint hunting for several years now. When I could shoot lead bullets at coyotes the 75 gr V-Max bullets were my favorite. Followed closely by the 70gr NBT. It wasn’t 30 seconds until I heard the sharp crack of his .22-250 Remington—only one shot—and I pretty much knew what that meant. Even though it’s a rimfire cartridge and not too ... 2) .204 Ruger. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The .308 Winchester is probably the largest caliber you should use for coyote without risking tearing up the hide.

HITS = 694 100 yd.

In my case though I am chaseing them with dogs so if hit no problem I am not the one tracking them down, have fun with that 243 Thom. As an added bonus, we'll give you FREE Shipping on orders over $49! You need a slightly larger grain to have a chance of getting the best results when hunting deer. It does have one drawback—if a drawback it is—in its twist rate.

Switched to B&C medalists and really brought my groups in. Unfortunately, because deer that have been shot in t. he lung or the heart usually run for several more seconds before collapsing, this could mean you could lose track of it and lose your kill. with more downrange punch. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',112,'0','0'])); For a .30-30 rifle in general, it’s hard to beat the Marlin 336.

I was recently shooting 80gr Nosler(purple tip) with 41.8gr of Varget and 3.290"(head to ogive). We offer weekly deals so you can s. ave instantly on firearms, ammo, and accessories. However, since the Winchester had a 1:10 twist, stabilizing light and heavy grained bullets, whereas the 1:12 twist in the Remington meant that anything over 90 grains would start to wobble. Ammo is currently produced by Hornady, Federal and Winchester, with bullets ranging in weight from 15½ grains to the huge 25-grain pill; I’d opt for the 20 and 25 grainers for coyote hunting. se, if you are a seasoned tracker, you can confidently use this cartridge in wooded areas also. Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox.

Email Only Sun. Intl. After much debate with Ol’ Grumpy Pants (we’re Sicilians; read arguing) I settled on a Ruger 77 MkII in .22-250 Remington and topped it with a Leupold 6.5-20 Vari-X III. There are other viable choices—the .220 Swift has a helluva following, and the .17 WSM has no flies on it—but these choices are what I like. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. Some hunters prefer the FMJ ammunition, to best preserve the hide, while others like the frangible hollowpoint stuff, for the shock factor. Email Only Sat The .223 Remington, or the incredibly similar 5.56x45mm NATO, will be effective on coyotes out to four hundred yards or even a little more. There are many big-game hunters who use these cartridges on mule deer, which can be. Learn more about our Return Hunters also often choose the .243 when hunting pronghorns, wild hogs. There are multiple reasons why.243 Win. As a result, this ammo caliber isn’t ideal for laying down a blood trail that can lead you to where a struck deer is headed. With the proper ammo selection, it’s an excellent long range choice for coyote or even larger game up to deer and elk.

Simply the good old .22 Hornet necked down to hold .172” bullets, the .17 Hornet uses light-for-caliber bullets to achieve respectable velocities. reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 I use a 50 GR HP Varmint Grenade by Barnes. If he hasn't found a rifle and has an open mind on caliber choice, the.224 caliber also works great for coyotes. The Sierra Matchkings don't do a lot of pelt damage neither do the 100 grn SP. Coyote hunting is a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you have a high quality rifle and the proper ammunition to do the job.

The high muzzle velocity, 4,000 feet per second, gives you great stopping power. You may wish to consider Varget powder if you are shooting in areas with great temperature really cold or really hot. This is like asking if anyone makes a smaller hand grenade. The .17 Hornet is widely used as a varmint and pest control caliber across the world. Presented in alphabetical order: When you think of the .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO, the AR-15 is probably the first rifle that comes to mind, right? The .22-250 uses a 1:12” or 1:14” twist rate, limiting the bullet choices to 55 or 60 grains at best. hunting trip is a success and you come home with a prize buck. Tuesday, February 21, 2017, I had just set down my favorite coyote call—a Dan Thompson’s Red Desert Howler—and was regaining my breath after screaming like a tortured cottontail. Unlike other calibers, you need to spend time at the range and with targets perfecting your aim and precision. Introduced in 1955, the .243 will also use the 95- and 100-grain bullets—perfect for the really windy hunting days—at just about 3000 fps. Prior to the .243 Winchester’s production, the most popular rounds for hunting varmint and deer were the .250-3000 Savag, At the same time, Remington marketed a .244 for the bolt-action Model 722. It blows chucks to pieces to the point where it ain't pretty. I must also add, that although the 6.5 and 308 are good calibers, you missed on 2 that are more superb to faster/flatter shooting that will be less devastating to the hides….22-250 and 220 Swift, with the 22-250 being cheaper to shoot if you reload, and easier to find ammo if you don’t reload.

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