Easy adjustments via the EDFC system are a fun novelty. Coilovers give you total control when it comes to adjustability. Manufacturer: Megan Racing

Manufacturer: Tein

Follow along as Jeff demonstrates how to strip paint from the body panels of his 1967 Chevelle using a restorer porter cable tool. Recommended spring rate to optimize ride quality. Construction Type: Mono Tube With a rich history in the world of motorsport, Ohlins is a name you can blindly trust. Suits: AP1 & AP2 --George Carlin (1937 - 2008). All in all, definitely a set of coilovers that we recommend. This would have given only the lever arm motion ratio.

Furthermore, in my experience too high a suspension frequency will produce a very unforgiving car when driven at the limit and one that may struggle to put heat into its tires. The BR Series just goes to show that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to own great coilovers. When selecting spring rates for a track car we normally take a close look at what the fastest teams are running on the chassis we’re working with, plus we often consult with suspension setup experts who have a lot of experience with the specific car in question.

We can’t have a list of the best coilovers to buy without mentioning KW. The engineers at Honda designed the S2K in a way that it sits nice and low. Enter your suspension measurements in the white boxes below. Buy On: Amazon | Enjuku Racing.

Manufacturer: Fortune Auto

When deciding what installed length you use is another important decision you will need to make. Damper Adjustment: 30 Levels Damper Adjustment: 16 Levels Upper Mounts: Included Warranty: 5 Year The Ohlins DFV come pretty close and if we could choose two then you’d definitely see them here.

Dimension A – Measure the distance from the control arm pivot point on the subframe (centerline of the bushing) to the point on the control arm directly under the center of the spring or the “coil-over assembly.”. Suits: AP1 & AP2 wake up on the wrong side of the bed today bud?? But with a damper this good and a 5-year warranty, this one’s a no brainer. This calculator will only give approximations depending on the accuracy of your information. 1971 Malibu, factory buckets/full gauges/console, 377 roller cammed small block, Turbo 400, 3.42 10 bolt posi (Buick), - All your base are belong to us. And with its beast mode kicking in at 6500 RPM, it’s no wonder you feel exactly at home on the race track. Stance has been churning out a number of spectacular coilovers, and the XR1 is one of them. See how he installs the tires with some helpful tips along the way. I have rode in my boys which has HKS Hypermax III's. FWIW I have been researching the same thing for about six months and decided on TiC's SST coilovers. In order for the shock to work to its full potential you should allow at least 2 ½” inches of compression before you hit the bump stops. The Honda S2000 is a roadster that’s built to be driven and driven hard. Coilovers are some of the best suspension setups invented in the automobile industry. Since we’re kind of in the dark with a unique creation like JP’s 510, we instead went back to basics and decided to do some maths. I need it to be stiff but I don't want to be peeing blood after just a little drive lol.
It really all depends on your preference and where you’ll be making the most of your Honda S2000.

You get great tunability, stellar handling as a result and everything else you need in a quality track-focused coilover. So you’ve got a beast of a car sitting in your garage and now it’s time to grace it with new coilovers. To make tuning simple, you can fine-tune both compression and rebound simultaneously. You’ll find a number of great coilovers to satisfy your inner track enthusiast without compromising on daily driving. BC Racing also offers choices between pillow ball mounts and rubber mounts for comfort level control.

After 2 decades as a mechanic, Cody now writes about cars from the land of the rising sun. So you want to make sure you’ve got the right ones. See how to apply the mini starter on 153 or 168 tooth flexplates. They’re extremely popular with S2000 owners for good reason. Daily driving becomes so much smoother and they handle bumps very well.

The weight balance between the front and rear of a vehicle can range widely from 50%/50% (Front/Rear) to 60%/40% (Front/Rear). This measurement takes full account of the impact of both lever arm ratios and installed spring angle, on the motion ratio.

© 2020 Speedway Motors, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Preload is the distance you will want to tighten the lower coil mount on the coilover to compress the spring; this will put shock compression near 50% of its stroke when the car is resting at ride height. The steps below will help you to find an approximate spring rate for your coil-over application. Is it worth the $300? In this Honda S2000 coilover guide, we take you through the top coilovers for daily driving, as well as track-focused and competition setups. On the other hand, track-focused coilovers demand a stiffer spring rate for all-round control. Coilovers offer benefits other springs and shocks may not, including tight packaging for custom suspensions, easy ride height adjustment, and the ability to swap springs … Which coilovers should I go with? Part Number: A-09-BR

spring to support that weight! We visited the amazing Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway facility in Braselton Georgia for 11 days. For the most part, these coilovers provide a more compliant ride, better grip and the low ride height you were looking for. Part Number: 80250-AH001 As you can see from the above image, Motion Ratio is simply the difference between Dimension A and Dimension B, which we measured on JP’s 510 with the suspension jacked into the position it would be if it were resting on the ground (as you’ll see in the video, the car was on jack stands when we were working on it). Springs are where the stiffness comes in, the shock should only be appropriately damped for your spring rates. Best coilovers for NA Miata: BC Racing’s BR kit will be a huge improvement over the weathered and worn OEM suspension on a classic Miata. Buy On: Enjuku Racing. It’s got to be KW V3.

Manufacturer: BC Racing Suits: AP1 & AP2 On a soft setting, you’ll find them much smoother than stock, making them the ideal bet for dailying. Warranty: 1 Year You really get to control every aspect with the adjustment available in these coilovers. So we see why some enthusiasts would want to stick with the stock S2000 suspension setup. All thanks to 80% lighter pistons than their previous designs.

Upper Mounts: Included

Come join the discussion about performance, engine builds, exhaust, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! "Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist." Construction Type: Mono Tube Making the most out of your S2000’s high RPM range and legendary VTEC is something else when you’ve got coilovers onboard. Suits: AP1 & AP2 When you think about it, you have already accounted for the spring angle on the front suspension with your empirical measurements because you measured the actual displacement of the strut in situ, ie at its installed angle.

Construction Type: Mono Tube So you can effectively tune your car for any ride height as well as, For starters, the damper is much more responsive and efficient. You’ll definitely be able to tell the difference from stock suspension once you get these installed.
When street comfort meets track performance you get a set of ARK DT-P coilovers. I will give you more feedback in about 3 weeks. Again installation is simple, thanks to the pre-installed pillow ball mounts. Buy On: Amazon. The “motion ratio” is the mechanical advantage (lever ratio) that the wheel has over the spring in compressing it. Especially if you’re looking for a stiffer ride than your stock set up. The M-word might scare some of you, but the truth is this process was really quite enjoyable and although we’re far from experts on the subject it was reassuring to find that our calculations coincided closely with the physical ‘suspension stroking’ method we cross-referenced it with.

Maxwell Power Services 2.34L Built Motor. Coilover Guide Model. Buy On: Amazon | Enjuku Racing.

It is the weight supported by the spring and is the only weight used in calculating spring rates. Simply put, coilovers consist of a spring and a damper.

Are you looking to daily your S2000 with the occasional track visit? Part Number: HOS MI21 This measurement helps determine the “force angle” and resultant spring force applied to the control arm. And when it comes to the Variant 3, let’s just say they ride as good as they look. 2.9″ Stroke (10.5″ Ride Height) / 8″ Spring3.6″ Stroke (11.5″ Ride Height) / 8″ Spring4.1″ Stroke (12.5″ Ride Height) / 10″ Spring5.2″ Stroke (14.5″ Ride Height) / 12″ Spring6.3″ Stroke (16″ Ride Height) / 14″ Spring6.9″ Stroke (17.25″ Ride Height) / 14″ Spring. The angle that the coilover assembly is installed at has a large effect on what the spring rate will need to be. To keep this project moving forward, Jeff installs a gear reduction mini starter on his big block. The car is only for daily driving and occasional drag racing. Damper Adjustment: 30 Levels But apart from the sick aesthetics, improved handling is where the real fun lies. 9089888786858483828180797877767574737271706968676665. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recall JP’s Honda F20C-powered Datsun 510 from a series of stories and videos we did earlier this year.

Construction Type: Twin-Tube Warranty: 15 Month We Modify A 2016 Mazda 3 Without The Owner Knowing, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 4, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 3, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 2,   1.5 – 2.0 Hz for sedan racecars and moderate downforce formula cars,   3.0 – 5.0+ Hz for high downforce racecars. Now it was time to get on with the fun of measuring the front and rear suspensions so that we could calculate the car’s front and rear Motion Ratios and Wheels Rates, which would allow us to start calculating spring rates. Or perhaps you’re prepping to beat your old lap time. it’s all weight and can add up to several hundred pounds in some cases. Competition drivers swear by them. That same assembly, when installed at a 45° degree angle would need to be a 450 lb. These coilovers ride better than most other brands in this price range and here’s why. Part Number: FA-500-AP1 ex: 3,800 x 55% (front end weight balance) = 2,090. A car with stiffer springs will oscillate more rapidly (higher Hz) and have a harsher ride, while a car with softer springs will oscillate more slowly (lower Hz) but have a more comfortable ride. So when I bought my car, the guy I bought it off of had put HSD coilovers on it. Most conventional springs and many strut suspensions are very close to 90 degrees, and 90 degrees can be used for the angle. Before we delve into the measurements required to calculate Motion Ratio and Wheel Rate on JP’s 510 (or any car), first let’s cover the subject of Suspension Frequency (sometimes called Ride Frequency). But we’d be lying if we say this coilover kit doesn’t get us all kinds of excited. You also don’t want to weigh it before the car is completely assembled.

Use an accurate racecar scale that will weigh each corner of your car.

Adding more preload will raise the car.

Upper Mounts: Included What you didn’t know is that though the car is track-ready from the factory, installing a set of S2000 coilovers makes things even better.

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