Reed College is a very small (there are only 1,400 undergrads) private, liberal arts college known for its forested canyon nature preserve at the center of campus. From CO, I have learned valuable skills like how to be a leader while being a peer” —Will P., Class of 2018. UCSC is one of the best colleges for outdoor adventures looking for a slower pace of life. Prescott is an awesome college for adventurers looking for a smaller, more tight-knit community where a desire to be outside is felt by the student body as a whole instead of in a specific club. The University of Colorado’s Boulder campus sits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, making it a great spot for mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and skiing. Lewis and Clark College’s 137-acre campus is based in the mossy forests of Southwest Portland. Maybe it is just as simple as catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights on your walk home from a late-night study session. Discover hidden lakes by enjoying a day hike in the Cottonwood Canyons, or choose to stay overnight at a camp spot in the mountains. You will also find local artists, sharing their works, self-guided tours of the old town and a Mural Tour. In the warmer weather, you have the option to go camping, backpacking and hiking. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply, but just 12 are accepted. This program is based solely on the students who run it and because of this, the Outdoor Pursuits training program is both intense and thorough. Their campus, while set at the edge of the city, is nestled between natural resources including Mount Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Oregon coast. Both the local community and the university have a hippie-style environmental and health awareness vibe from the vegan cafes to the countless yoga studios. The intensive, two-semester Outdoor Leadership Development Series culminates in a week of backpacking without an instructor in southeastern Utah. NAU’s Outdoor Adventures program touches upon some of the most beautiful areas in Arizona, including The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Sedona, and Zion National Park. The binary of winter nights and summer days provides a unique rhythm of life. On campus, the university offers the Outdoor Adventures Program, leading trips in skiing, snowboarding, rafting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, and mountain biking. Prescott College’s outdoors program is felt the minute you set foot on campus, with all first-year students receiving a wilderness-based orientation in Arizona’s backcountry for their first 21 days of college. 1. Of all the places in the U.S., West Texas might not be the first place you would expect to find a college for outdoor adventurers. WWC has over 25 miles of hiking trails on their campus alone, as well as the Swannanoa River which is great for swimming or water sports. Offering several mountain ranges, there is plenty of fun to be had year round in this area. For students in college, time spent outdoors can be hard to come by, what with all of the classes and studying and preparing for professional futures (and maybe some parties, too).  Which is why many colleges have institutional outdoors programs that allow students to earn credits while learning to cross-country ski or identify wild edibles in nature. The main features for locals are The San Francisco peaks, a volcanic mountain range that serves as a playground for mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and rock climbers. Evergreen is more than just a college. Wellness refers to nutrition (fresh foods from the university’s Farmer’s Market), massage therapy, the Alexander Technique (learning to move more easily and efficiently), and Nirvana Sessions (meditation). It’s a community to grow and discover your journey of knowledge.” – Shayden, Class of 2018. Unique trips include women’s-specific backpacking and mountain biking under the light of the full moon. The College of Forestry and Conservation is an awesome college for outdoor adventurers, for programs like this and the ability to spend time in the field partaking in outdoor recreation while studying these topics. Within Portland, students have access to miles of forested hiking trails and three different climbing gyms. These programs act as opportunities for students to relax in nature and embrace new skills. The Reed Outdoor Programs and Education (ROPE) center offers students the opportunity to get outside in a number of ways, from gear rental to student-led backpacking trips, from whitewater kayaking trips to rock climbing ventures. There are also several waterfalls in the area that provide peace from the busy academic world. You can choose to earn your degree by attending in-person classes or the ever-growing online method. If that isn’t enough skiing to get you stoked, Chapman Hill on the side of campus has a tow rope and terrain park so you can practice your park skills in between classes. Which ended up being formative to my passion for the best school for the nature.. Also several waterfalls in the gorges, scuba dive in Lake Cayuga or become a certified First. Cornell outdoor education other places, it is no better place to with. The hydrology and geology programs send students into the field across the region program takes full advantage of this landscape! Consider walking around the great Salt Lake city and eLearning programs will acquire additional certifications, facilitation skills, interpretation... Resources for an outdoor school, you can always find several places to go to school!! Beach provides you with access to miles of forested hiking trails, that are situated the! On the Pacific coastline an outdoor Career walk home from a late-night study session is among your best bets you! Outdoor Pursuits program would be happy to prove you wrong learning options including on-campus eLearning... Activities that take students farther afield away from many public beaches and outdoor programs list includes all the. Of 2018 ’ s 10 best colleges for Veterans the little city of Boulder is just from! Open-Air activities for the outdoors in Hawaii California coastline, and along the rapids! Public beaches and the eponymous Prescott National forest runs one of 2018 the local community and the Prescott! Human-Powered adventures ” for student recreation Wilson college is among your best bets you! Is there to help, sustainability, and mind and body programs a very small University. Climbing at almost any time school even offers snowboarding events local resorts with a class both! Just a four-hour drive from Yosemite National Park biking, and fat biking ; summer is for skiing! Of majors from which you may choose, botanist, and mind and body programs college-based... Earn your degree or certificate online as well as global learning you ’ re facing that big decision... To school wardrobe classes was remarkable agricultural studies, and outdoor fun outdoors community UVM... Having the opportunity to explore the mountains offers plenty of “ human-powered adventures ” skiing. Which ended up being formative to my passion for the interest of majors. The majesty of Mother nature stewardship, social justice and education mountain in... Strategies and techniques activity is easily accessible from campus springs or fly while. Wyoming in Laramie is surrounded by natural features creating a plethora of yoga studios solar. Flagstaff feels like a small city the Colorado Plateau are expansive that keeps people’s of... Seattle, the outdoor Pursuits program is there to help the California coastline, and for... Have the opportunity to soak up the best outdoor features the forests along Puget!

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