Karcher K1700 Parts Diagram, Akira, a 14-year-old fighter whose father recently died, erupts in rage until the inmates and deputies of Virginia's Portsmouth County Regional Jail make her realize the source of her anger. In Oklahoma City, Kerina, 16, and Siera, 14, are sisters who emulate the violent lyrics and wear the face paint of the Insane Clown Posse. In the swamplands of Lake County, Florida, troubled teens find little to do but act out and break the law. Beyond Scared Straight 2011 15 1 Season Reality TV Troubled teens get a dose of prison life by interacting with hardened inmates who try to intervene before the wayward kids land in jail themselves. S6, Ep2. When she refuses to taste jail food, the other teens on the force her. Never Le Nkemise Translation, Cavion, only 13, barely 5 feet tall, challenges an aggravated inmate. Jahmiya, 15, incurs the wrath of female inmates with thick Boston accents, when she uses a derogatory hand gesture. Teshon s spiritual grandmother prays that he will leave the gang life behind while Fredrick s grandmother welcomes him to the jail--where she works as an officer. Latest Update: December 2011:Garrett immediately clashed with officers when he arrived at the Oakland County Jail "Turn Around" program. How To Perfect Guard Botw, He earned his GED and is now taking college courses. CC But it is Jahmiya, the scrappy thief, who leads the other female delinquents to gang up on Thalia, forcing her to take in parts of jail life no one should have to stomach. Kyondra "Chicken" Johnson was a troubled teen that was featured on Season 3, Episode 10. CC HD CC He has given up his gangster friends, studies with a tutor twice a week and hopes to join the football team. Season 3, Episode 17 TV-14 Offering a harsh dose of the reality behind bars, the show follows defiant and at-risk teens as they enter immersive jail programs aimed at deterring them from a life of crime. Follow-up: Lieber, SC. R32 Skyline For Sale Craigslist, A hardened female inmate who is an avowed member of the Aryan Brotherhood zeroes in on each teen, regardless of race, describing a vivid and terrifying portrait of what she's capable of doing to all of them. Emily is no longer with the same crowd of friends, and she feels the Cross Roads Program at Chowchilla helped change her life. Though they walk into the jail together, the teens will turn on one of their own. An angry teen's cancer-stricken father hopes a trip to Georgia's Floyd County Jail will change his son's destructive ways before it's too late. SD, A frustrated Texas mother ships her three defiant daughters 1000 miles, so that they must endure the nation s only overnight jail program in Richland County, South Carolina. Video availability outside of United Kingdom varies. is a 1978 American documentary directed by Arnold Shapiro.Narrated by Peter Falk, the subject of the documentary is a group of juvenile delinquents and their three-hour session with actual convicts. SD. CC SD. Two brothers and their sister are on a rampage of violence and crime until they are split apart in Oklahoma County Jail, OK. A twelve-year-old boy genius, who is convinced he can outsmart anyone, is tested in the fundamentals of jail-house survival at Georgia's Dougherty County Jail. A year later, Garrett has made major improvements in his life. Upon graduation he plans to join the military. In a special episode, Beyond Scared Straight revisits teens from the first few seasons to discover if the jail tours have had a lasting impact on their behavior. Heather s greatest shock, however, comes three weeks after the jail visit. Teens are forced to wear weighted vests and pot-smoker Tori realizes she can't handle the burden. Old Glory Flag Pole Installation, Flume Slide Trail Accident, Black Bear Pass Deaths 2018, EmilyAt the Conclusion of Production:Emily has entered a one-year court-ordered rehab program. An angry teen s cancer-stricken father hopes a trip to Georgia s Floyd County Jail will change his son s destructive ways before it s too late. Troublemaker Alexis tires of his parents' rules and calls immigration authorities on them. A spoiled drama queen thinks the tour of the Oklahoma County Detention Center is just a TV show populated with actors, but she is shocked by the reality of hardened criminals directing her every move. Last Days Revival Scripture, Beyond Scared Straight (2011 ... takes over and officers spring into action when aggressive sisters Quaja and Quona and their cousin Tay-Tay are told they will be staying in jail overnight. HD SD. In Suffolk, VA, the jail becomes the scene of an emotional reunion for an incarcerated mother and her 14-year-old daughter, who seems destined for the same fate. HD Beyond Scared Straight. CC 2. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 or later. CC "I walked into the jail thinking it was going to be a piece of cake, but it wasn't," he recalls. Joy Harjo Poem Analysis, 1962 Impala For Sale Craigslist San Diego, She also accompanies her boyfriend to his local church. HD Pot-smoking Austin, 15, discovers an inmate who dipped his hands into boiling oil while high on drugs. Their day in jail takes a frightening turn when a gunshot rings out, sending everyone to the ground. Among those visited are Sahn, an adorable 13-year-old from Baltimore whose shoplifting supported his "passion for fashion" and Brandon, from Oakland County, MI, whose violent outbursts in jail caused him to be thrown off the tour. How To Branch A Dragon Tree, When he discovers his step-dad imprisoned inside Fulton County Jail, GA his world comes crashing down. Offering a harsh dose of the reality behind bars, the show follows defiant and at-risk teens as they enter immersive jail programs aimed at deterring them from a life of crime. Near the Jersey Shore, four cocky at-risk teens try to charm their way through a harrowing day in a New Jersey jail.

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