Should I be worried that they will eat my flowers and vegetables? Call toll free at 1-877-398-4769, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., or e-mail us at Repellents containing bitrex, thiram, or ammonium soaps of higher fatty acids applied to flower bulbs, seeds, and vegetation (not for human consumption) may control feeding damage. Rounding out the seven sleepers, bears, raccoons and striped skunks sleep during the cold months, but not as deeply as the true hibernators. Chipmunks breed twice per year, in spring (April-May), then in summer (July-August), bearing 4 to 5 pups per litter. This list would be much longer if a complete list of invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, clams and snails) were included. The eastern chipmunk has reddish-brown fur on its back and sides and white fur on its stomach. 2000. The denned skunks tend to have two or three brief active periods each day, each lasting less than 10 minutes. Respiration drops more significantly, from about 40 to 8-10 breaths a minute. Breeding seasons should be considered when conducting nuisance control activity in order to avoid orphaning young. Naphthalene (moth flakes or moth balls) may be effective if liberally applied in confined places.

Most chipmunk damage and problems are a result of: In New Hampshire, is supported by the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the Northeast Wildlife Damage Management Cooperative, the Wildlife Management Institute, and the New Hampshire Fish and Game. Chipmunks and Squirrels. I think Eastern chipmunk because the stripes seem to end at about 7/8 down the body, and Eastern chipmunks apparently have only 4 toes on their front paws versus Least chipmunks which I believe have 5 on each front and back. SGCN, Horseshoe Crab A second litter is occasionally produced in the fall. Bumble, Bluet, Pine Barrens It has two white stripes bordered by black on its sides and one black stripe on the center of its back. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.
Copyright © New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.An official New Hampshire government website. I called repeatedly for hubby to come see Mr. We have a wealth of knowledge on home decorating, interior design, cooking, d-i-y projects and even some lifestyle subjects, and love to share it with you. Got a picture and a short video. If you are from another state, please indicate your interest by signing up for notification when your state is added. A mild winter day with little snow and an abundance of acorns will draw chipmunks out of the den for a winter scamper. I feed the wildlife in my yard and I have a leave pile in one corner. Not only do these animals get to sleep as long as the average teenager, they actually have a weight loss program that works -- the winter sleepers lose between 25 and 50 percent of their weight while sleeping. Is it legal or advisable to shoot problem chipmunks? Autumns with a lack of nuts and other foods, as we experienced in New Hampshire in 2003, can send some bears into their dens as early as September. Required fields are marked *.

Twenty-seven species are endangered and fourteen are threatened in the state. Life goes on, just at a slower pace. Chipmunks are considered minor agricultural pests throughout North America. Thanks Mr. Habitat Modification Be happy to have your opinion on what type you think my little guy is. No matter where they are found, chipmunks create burrows with extensive networks of tunnels and entrances that are used for shelter and storing food for the winter months. It has two tan and five blackish longitudinal stripes on its back, and two tan and two brownish stripes on each side of its face.

Other states are currently developing laws to protect all nongame species. They also have light colored stripes above and below their eyes, and cheeks with large pouches that can store and carry food. The above information was adapted from PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF WILDLIFE DAMAGE with permission of the editors, Scott E. Hygnstrom, Robert M. Timm, and Gary E. Larson (Cooperative Extension Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Animal Damage Control, Great Plains Agricultural Council Wildlife Committee). If chipmunks are a problem in your garden, there are a few different things you can do to control them. Store food items, such as bird seed and dog food, in rodent-proof containers. They, too, are true hibernators, as their body temperature drops from 96 to 106 degrees F to as low as 42-45 degrees F. Their heart rate slips from 60 per minute to 20. SGCN, Northern Shrimp Their body temperature drops only about 10 degrees, from 100 degrees F to 90. But for some reason, on that day, Mr.
The least chipmunk’s range includes most of Canada, the United States Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin and parts of the upper Midwest. They are small, only 5-6 inches long. Unlike chipmunks, bears do not eat or drink or even relieve themselves during the 5-6 months of denning.

The black coloration in eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels is believed to both stem from a faulty pigment gene. Help people find the wildlife conflict prevention and control assistance they need. They dig extensive burrows in, around, and under plants, stumps, stone walls, rocks, buildings, patios, and foundations.

Behavior and damage is similar among all species of native chipmunks, so damage control recommendations are similar for all species. Wondered what area you were located and what kind of chipmunk it was. Eastern Chipmunk For people my age who watched Bugs Bunny, it was sort of like the dancing and singing frog that only a random man could see perform. When removing food sources isn’t enough, shooting (where legal) and quick-kill traps are the more humane methods of reducing chipmunk populations*. Looked just like yours, with faint stripes. Yes, black chipmunks do exist! Register to be listed on this site.

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