Fred was initially uninterested in the X-Men until he saw Jean Grey. If you notice throughout his entire career, Dukes has shown a dependency for others who mostly seen as abnormal like himself. [4], The mutant Magneto soon seeks out the Blob to recruit him into his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, restoring his memory through a jarring blow to the head. The rest of the team disliked the Blob's obnoxious attitude. These Are Some Happy Worms! But it takes Dukes full concentration and focus to trap and object or individual, and if he were focusing on something else or disrupted by an attack from another, he would lose muscle control and release whatever he’s holding with his body. [5] He teams up with Unus due to the alien Lucifer, who soon becomes his confidant. She admitted to charging a fee to allow passage, angering Nightcrawler. When the Sinister Six met the X-Men in battle, Dukes' new powers were used to sweep the X-Men off their feet with the Silver Samurai receiving a double dose. He had superhuman strength, endurance, and great resistance to physical injury. Many of the commercial bait places raise their worms in a manure base (poultry, cow, etc.) [11] Nightcrawler and the X-Men were unaware that Magneto was being blackmailed by Sinister to stay away. Blob also seems to be friends with other lower-level mutants. Variety is key to a healthy diet. However, seeing that she was shamed by this, he calmed down and convinced her to accompany him. I am babysitting a boxie for school during the winter break. [1] He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass, which grants him superhuman strength. [39], Later he's seen as a member of the Black Legion, a group of psychotic altered mutants under the supervision of a now insane Weapon X.

Then he joins the party as non playable character and finally he is teletransported to the Sanctuary. Note female box turtles sometimes will pass mucusy material prior to or after egg laying but otherwise any passage of mucus is usually digestive related. On a certain job he had to fight Mystique who was trying to kill his boss. Even though Dukes has found himself defining the term “brotherhood” within the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, sadly most of the other members doesn’t share the same moral values. Although he had a big smile and a friendly demeanor, his size intimidated Kitty who was scared that he might trip & fall on top of her. During this time, the Blob fights the various members of X-Force and is soundly defeated in each encounter.

The circus performers were able to subdue the X-Men.

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