I weighed it at 1695 grams. Watch their weight, look and feel their body tone, these are all good cues to keep your feeding schedule in line. To be on the safe side, withdraw the probe, re lubricate and try the other side. Excessive wrinkling and “ring” shaped fat deposits are a sure sign of an over-weight boa. Your email address will not be published. I have a columbian red tall boa, still a baby, is it better to feed in the day or night? She was a gift.

Just wondering tips on basking light, substrate, and what do I feed her? A healthy boa should have a square shape to their body (remember I am talking about boa’s specifically here, some species of snake are round in shape naturally), with a slight grove running down the center of the back (often described a loaf of bread). I would think an under-weight boa is more likely to be due to a parasite or illness in most cases. I have a boa I think that she’s over weight yes she is square but in the middle she’s alittle round even before she eats Down at her butt feels a little like slush Really mushy she’s three months old and I feed her small rat a week but this week she ate 2. hmmm… I can’t speak too much on the “mushy” feeling, although I would consider taking her to the vet to get that checked out just to make sure it is nothing serious. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. For basking, I would use a halogen bulb on a dimmer aiming for a 87-90 hotspot, no need for heat at night. Y-Axis:  Blue Line= Boa’s weight (g) and Orange Line= Meal Size (g).

*This is his current weight at 3 years old. It may sound funny but it is actually quite dangerous. There is a phenomenal range of colour and pattern morphs, all of which are based on specific genetic traits. Your email address will not be published.

Some boas will not eat straightaway, and wait for the security of darkness before they eat their first meal.

First, if the body shape is as good as you say then the animal is likely not malnourished or stunted. I am just sharing the experience I have had working with my animals. Hi, I have a 26-year-old girl who for the last 20ish years would not eat any sooner than 4 weeks. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com.

No fatty rings, but it seems she’s loosing weight. Enjoy your snakes and the breeding process, keep clear precise records, and above all else, have lots and lots of fun. I know how frustrating that feels!

As much as some people like to think of their animals as “children,” it is very important to understand the biological differences between us and them! She was over 1 year old, covered in stuck shed and very frail. Keep up the great work! My recommendation would be to slow down on the feeding ASAP. Boa Constrictors can be bred in captivity by following a number of simple but essential steps.

Similar to other snakes it is good practice to start males breeding in their third winter and females in their forth.

My boa is about 2 years old and 5 foot 3 inches give or take.

Boa constrictors live in areas that are generally subject to wet and dry seasons. Also I have provided a  FREE Boa Constrictor Feeding Chart to help you keep an accurate log. Try your best to pick a meal size that is slightly smaller or equal to the thickest part of the animal. Below I have shared a PDF of the boa constrictor feeding chart that I use to keep track of food intake for my boas. Once the female is receptive copulation will take place but is not always observed as it is often very difficult to see actual penetration of the hemipene. When I think “small rat” I think something around 50-100 g, maybe you are feeding something smaller than that?

After roughly 3-4 weeks of the cooling regime, we begin to introduce males into the female’s enclosure. I also closely follow the care protocol Vin Russo, lays out in his book Complete Boa Constrictor. This is a true statement for many reasons, none of which we need to get into here. There should be no protruding spine and absolutely no rolls or fat rings (wrinkles in the skin are normal). Reason being is there are many factors that could alter how often you feed, the most important being temperature. You can feed either in the day or night, however, sometimes it is easier to feed at night because they will be awake. A gravid boa will usually refuse all feeding attempts, but it is still a good idea to offer a meal perhaps every 2 weeks but ensure that the food is significantly smaller than her usual meal. Each year more and more people are keeping and breeding Boas, and each year more amazing morphs are created. Some of the most common questions surrounding boa constrictor care have to do with feeding. A large female can have upwards of 50 babies in a litter, although the average is usually closer to 30. This article answers many of the boa constrictor feeding questions many beginners have. To put it in perspective, my boas are 4 years old and are about 5 feet long and are around 2000g, they each eat 1 medium sized rat every 20-30 days (my medium rats are usually around 150g). she is not over-weight. The sex of the snake is determined by the depth of which the probe enters. If she is around 7′ I would be feeding her every 4-6 weeks.

She will also look a lot thinner than expected and will pass a very small urate, which is waxier in appearance than usual. Again this is a delicate procedure that can harm the snake if done incorrectly.

If you own a boa and don’t have this book… you need to get it! When popping a boa constrictor you are trying to evert the hemipenes of the male or the musk glands of a female in order to determine the sex. Note: I always transition from the “summer” to the “winter” feed schedule and visa-versa.

Boa constrictor feeding chart included. I HIGHLY recommend you start doing this if you are not already! exploring their cage at night, or perched somewhere waiting for a meal to walk by) you may be feeding to often.

Boas will always look hungry and they will pretty much eat whenever food is offered to them.

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A male boa will typically probe to a depth of 6+ sub caudal scale whereas a female will only probe to a depth of 2-4 sub caudal scales. Once seasonal rains have subsided and give way to the dry season, male boa constrictors embark on the task of seeking out a mate.

The first tool you should have in your arsenal is the ability to judge (by sight and feel) whether or not you have a healthy snake (by “healthy” I mean “a healthy weight”). Breeding projects are one of the most fascinating and dynamic aspects of Boa Constrictors in captivity today. Each side of the snake should be relativity flat. If you are serious about breeding Boa Constrictors it is important to remember that every baby that enters the world in your care is your responsibility. I.e. Although unsure on age she appears very healthy is heavy and pretty docile.

For more info on CA Boas, I made this video, it might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgZGtLElMRA. If you make a purchase, Animals at Home may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

By the thickness of the snake it should be on one medium rat per feeding. It is also a very good idea to track the weight of your snake so you can monitor its growth. the spine will begin to show. As soon as babies are seen, it’s best to closely watch the female to see if she is still trying to push more babies out or if she is finished. I know that is not a clear-cut answer. Here are the two main feed related questions: In this post we are going to look at both those questions as well as some other important information that is often left out of the discussion! It is just a general idea.

I do not know the sex as of yet, but the size seems to be small for its age. Snakes , like most reptiles store the majority of their fat intra-abdominally. I have no idea where the lady got this information from but she was feeding the boa 4-5 mouse fuzzies (2-3 g each) per week!! Awesome, I am glad you found this useful Thanks for reading! I was thinking that changing her home stressed her out and that’s why she regurgitated, what do you think? I print these sheets out and put them in a binder (I like writing things by hand), but I also made the PDF fill-able so you can keep a digital copy instead. Your breeder Boa Constrictors should be put through a cooling or cycling period to help stimulate the breeding cycle.

Once babies have had their first shed we then set them up individually. It is important to record all significant dates, such as ovulation and her post ovulation shed (POS). *ONLY seasonally feed your boa if you provide a temperature drop during the winter months*. This procedure can cause severe damage if done incorrectly, so we strongly recommend having an experienced breeder show you how to do this before you attempt it yourself. Reading body language- remember the act of hunting itself is not a cue to feed, but hunting can indicate if you need to adjust your estimated feed plan. Babies are kept at 90F and always have fresh water and a hide available. The ability to correctly sex a boa is an important factor for any boa breeder. In this post, I hope give you the tools you need to be able to solve this problem on your own. As for the feeding goes… it is highly unusual to feed several small prey items in a row.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hope that helps! Before your Boas enter the cooling period it is crucial that they are in robust health and have no lingering health issues that could flare up under cooler temperatures. How many could he eat? At the most, the meal should produce a slight lump. Quickly calculate genetics of possible offspring when breeding boa constrictors. Just very large. Unlike Ball Pythons, we don’t work off a schedule for introducing and removing the males. So now that you have an idea of what to look for when judging the health of a boa constrictor we can review a few more vital pieces of information that will help you understand you boa: *You do not HAVE to seasonally feed and ONLY seasonally feed your boa if you provide a temperature drop during the winter months*. First, I should say: I am not an expert! Reason being is there are many factors that could alter how often you feed, the most important being temperature.

Once a female is gravid you may also notice a change in her behaviour, she will coil very tightly on the warm side of her enclosure and may in fact not move from this position for a number of days. Once you are confident that the female is finished it is easier to remove her from the enclosure and then work on removing the babies.

OR Click this link: Boa constrictor feeding chart. I would do as you suggest and bump it up to 1 medium rat every 3-4 weeks. When removing the baby boas we always have a roll of paper towel and a dish of warm water.

This boa should have already been on 10-12 g hoppers at this point. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you want simpler/ safer heat use a radiant heat panel or a heat mat. Selective breeding. Okay, last but not least! Cookies disclaimer. Posted in Redtail Boas tagged boa breeding guide, breeding boas, redtail boa, the boaphile at 11:29 pm by Sid E. It’s boa breeding season (Oct – Feb) so I thought I would post a basic boa breeding reference guide.

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