It consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. 4.6 out of 5 stars 722. You can try using a Vinyl patch from an air mattress, pool liner, or waterbed that can be picked up at your local hardware store.

Overall, before beginning this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional for recommendations, and be sure to read the owner’s manual included with your unit. It is better for kids and smaller adults. For free exercise video clips, please visit our YouTube Channel. Standing on the dome side offers a balance challenge with the least risk or injury. The material inside the BOSU® Ballast® Ball is a secret! The BOSU balance trainers are versatile exercise tools that are shaped like half-circles, featuring a curved side and a flat side. If the unit is in direct sunlight or near heat sources, it may become damaged. Please refer to the “Care & Storage” instructions (pg. Damage due to exposure to heat sources is not covered under warranty. It supports up to 250 lbs and is 22” in diameter and 7” tall when inflated. You can use both the flat surface and the hemisphere to strengthen the core and improve balance.

Discount not valid on professional fitness education. Social Media BOSU ball features. However, only one version comes in a different size. However, a lot of people feel like the Sport Trainer is too small for full functionality. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For club settings, a single size ball eliminates the need to purchase different sizes. Personal Trainer You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Provider of BOSU® Training & Fitness Products Worldwide. 5, “Care & Storage” and pg. There are few differences between the Pro and the Original. If you are not required to earn continuing education credits, the BOSU® Complete Workout System is set up to deliver a wide variety of BOSU® programming within your facility. Please refer to our BOSU® Comparison Chart. The oil is caused by improper stacking / storage of the BOSU® Balance Trainers. The BOSU Sport 50 Trainer is great for kids, teens, and smaller adults, but is completely functional for m… But if you’re used to the standard sized BOSU ball, you’ll want to choose one of the other three. From there you will be able to download your purchased workouts. Other, The Gym The foundation for efficient running technique always starts with good biomechanics.

*Free shipping excludes Hawaii and Alaska. If you’re purposely looking for a balance trainer that’s small, this is a good option. For repair instructions, please contact Customer Service. Higher from the ground, better for your spine when doing seated work. 7, “Getting Started.” To fix the BOSU® Balance Trainer, remove the plug (use a spoon to help with this,) deflate the dome completely and remove bolts from each side of the clamp, click here for instructions. You can stand, sit, lie or lean on the device, which produces different challenges, depending on whether you put the flat or the curved side on the floor. The BOSU® Balance Trainer is an excellent tool for mindful movement practices such as yoga and Pilates to enhance strength, core stability and mobility. Active We also recommend trying a product found online called AirStop . Whichever one you pick, I think you’ll be happy you did. The BOSU Pro is built for commercial use, but it’s fine to use at home as well. Join our mailing list and receive 20% OFF. The BOSU Sport 50 Trainer is great for kids, teens, and smaller adults, but is completely functional for most adults. Then, work the bladder-ribbed edge to fit back onto the base, fit the clamp back on, tighten and re-inflate the unit.

The dome of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is constructed of high-quality vinyl, so you shouldn’t have any issues with latex allergies when using the product. However, it is a safe, specially formulated mixture of dynamic material that both optimizes the rate of flow (internal shifting of MDL) inside the ball and provides enhanced audible feedback for lifting and shifting exercises. Filed Under: Ankle Strengthening Equipment, Reviews Tagged With: BOSU.

We also recommend trying a product found online called AirStop . Personal Trainer

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you’ll love it. Two reasons this issue may occur: 1) over-inflation, or 2) exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources. This is pretty sweet, especially if you find yourself easily slipping off the other BOSU balls. Join our mailing list and receive 20% OFF. The remainder of the article will review each of the four BOSU balance trainers in more detail so you can decide which one is best for you. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The dome should only be inflated between 8.5” to 10” high.

The Original Balance Trainer, The Pro Balance Trainer, and the NexGen Pro Balance Trainer are all the same exact same size.

The Original Balance Trainer, The Pro Balance Trainer, and the NexGen Pro Balance Trainerare all the same exact same size. Although there are four different BOSU ball models, they only come in two different sizes. The Sport 50 Balance Trainer is smaller than the other three BOSU balls and is the only BOSU ball that is a different size. Known industry-wide for training balance, enhancing flexibility & delivering effective cardio workouts $88.69 $ 88. Aging, Active DVD: Many products in the BOSU lineup include an instructional DVD or download for added guidance and exercise ideas. Inflate the BOSU ® Ballast ® Ball between 21” and 25” off the floor. If you’re a personal trainer, yoga teacher, or fitness instructor of some sort, the Pro is a good choice to use with students and clients. The first balancing Bosu ball we'll look at is Trademark Innovations' Balance and Disk Set. Click here for more details. Youth, Mindful Movement with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, The Iron Knee - Injury Prevention with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, A Wicked Workout - 5 Spooky BOSU® Drills for Halloween, Balance Training for Better Running Performance. It’s quite a bit smaller than the other BOSU balls and holds less weight. Discount not valid on professional fitness education. Social Media This allows you to know exactly where to place your hands/feet while doing certain exercises. One of the best things about the Sport Trainer is that it’s light and easy to carry around. If you think you’ll benefit from the grippy surface or the quadrants, it’s worth splurging for the NexGen. If you’re going to be using the BOSU ball a lot, the Pro is a no brainer – especially because there’s not a big price difference.
But if you’re buying a BOSU ball for ongoing adult-use, I suggest just getting one of the standard-sized trainers.

This is the most popular gym equipment for building strength and stability. This makes the Pro’s exterior tougher so it can withstand commercial use. It’s also why the Pro is 2 lbs heavier than the Original BOSU trainer. Plus get FREE shipping* on any orders over $200, Fitness Enthusiast Please refer to our BOSU DVD section under our products. The Pro’s base doesn’t slip at all because of its large circular rubber foot. This article will help you choose the right BOSU ball for your personal needs. Free Shipping by Amazon. With the Pro, you know you’re getting something built to last. The BOSU® Balance Trainer is designed to perform a wide variety of exercises with either the dome side up or black platform side up, “Both sides utilized.” However, standing on the platform side of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is not recommended, as this information is also stamped on the bottom of the unit. The owner’s manual covers this information on pg. BOSU Balast Ball – has sand to keep it from moving while adding resistance when moving it around with your arms.

The main difference between the Original and the Pro is that the Pro’s dome part is made with more rubber than the Original model. AirStop is made for patching Vinyl footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. The BOSU Sport 50 Trainer is the only model that is a different size. Not sure which BOSU® product is right for you? You may return an unused item in new condition within 30 days of purchase. If you would like to become a BOSU® Master Trainer and earn continuing education credits to teach a class within your facility, the best option is to complete a correspondence course.

BOSU trainers are excellent for cardio, strength training, injury recovery, and improving balance. The device is often used for balance training. The other three are all the same standard size. When you stack the trainers where the blue ball portion is touching a black base of another unit, it will pull oil out of the ball. Watch how to inflate a BOSU® Ballast® Ball here.

They are all 26” in diameter and 8.5” to 9” in height when inflated. Let me know down in the comments below! Inflate the BOSU® Ballast® Ball between 21” and 25” off the floor. Click here to watch a video on proper inflation. Small size is easier to store, takes up less room in your house, Full functionality of a standard BOSU trainer in a smaller build, Cheap pump can make inflation and set up difficult, Less expensive than Pro and NexGen but has almost identical specs, Included pump is low quality and time-consuming to use (consider using a bicycle pump or electric inflater instead), Would be nice if exercises were on an app instead of a DVD, Same model used at gyms and by physical therapists, Commercial grade, built to withstand heavy use, Good for personal trainers, fitness instructors, Extra thick dome is durable and burst-resistant, Improved dome surface is textured for easy gripping, Quadrant design helps with precise hand and foot placement while performing exercises, New workouts and exercises specifically designed to be used with the NexGen trainer, Dome is super durable, holds up to 350 lbs. Inflate the BOSU® Balance Trainer until the dome is 8.5” high (do not exceed 10” high). Bosu Sport Balance Trainer. Click here for more details. It has a thicker dome than the Original BOSU ball, which makes it more or less indestructible as long as you stay within the weight limit (350 lbs). It comes in a tube like toothpaste. This is the original model that’s meant to be used at home. All items must include original packaging. However, your BOSU® Balance Trainer is fixable. It’s sturdy and should last forever as long as you inflate it properly and stay within the weight limit (300 lbs). Five spooky drills to use separately or to be put all together for one wicked workout this Halloween!

This is normal and goes away once washed with a mild cleaner and stacked base to base or dome to dome. All the other BOSU balance trainers are the same size – 26” in diameter and 8.5-9” in height when the dome is inflated.
While it is the largest joint in the human body, the knee itself is not necessarily strong. Personal Trainer For the average person who wants a balance trainer to use at home for basic exercises and stretches, the Original model is a fine choice. Participants simply pick the ball that “feels” the best to them based on its inflation level. *Free shipping excludes Hawaii and Alaska. When the dome side faces up, the BOSU ball provides an unstable surface while the device remains stable. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Overall, it is not recommended to transport and/or store a BOSU® Balance Trainer inside a car, especially while inflated. 69. The NexGen’s surface has a tread that provides awesome grip for your hands and feet. Best Bosu Balls 2020: Here is the list of Top 10 Bosu Balls in 2020. Personal Trainer

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