You should be able to get in about three Magic Missile shots before he gets close to you. In your travels, you'll encounter many bloodthirsty beasts and monsters, but luckily, you've got a full arsenal of weapons at the ready. After that, push one of the steel balls up or down, it doesn't matter which, then push the other steel ball toward the rock to the right. OpusPublisher: When it's gone, head up and grab the key inside the chest. Wait for the ground to appear then make a break for it. Castle1 - Romus' Ice Castle, save point 1. Defense Capsule: Doubles your defense for a short time. After that, go to the right and enter the door at the end. Crystal Piece: Sell for cash. Your Magic Shot will come in handy here, use it at a distance to kill each of the three Archers in the room. Leave it there. As you continue to hit it, it'll eventually start to move faster and faster as well as change colors to signify the amount of damage done to it. The door on the left should be open. Once you're in the next room head through the door the left. However, not only does the Platinum Shrine only have three such save/warp points, it awkwardly skips the second one on the warp menu. Worth 20000 G. Heart Container =A Magic Broach inlaid with jewels.Your HP meter will increase by 1. Step off the platform when you reach solid ground again. Town of Arcs, in the same floor where you killed some rats, inside a crate breakable with an Ax. Another puzzle. Drop of Protect =Magic … Go inside and quickly grab the contents of the chest, the Magic Missile! After it's disposed of, continue around the path until you reach the stairs to the second floor. The door at the top should be open now. Brain Lord is a short-but-fun action RPG with heavy emphasis on puzzle solving. This room, however, has a Drop of Protect in the left chest and a Warpgate in the right. The menu itself is somewhat difficult to use, however. His cult members … Costs 1000. Look at the floor carefully. Now the only thing Brain Lord can get the life-force is from other Kaiju. Wait on this tile so that your fairy can kill the Skeleton on the next section. It isn't accessed anywhere in the ROM aside from the debug warp gate pointer. Brain Lord is weak against strong physical attacks as well cold or heat attacks. Costs 500. It'll never be able to hit you if you stay on the rug, but it moves along the sides of the walls until it reaches one of the corners. See those two pillars? Wait for both of them to line up then jump to the second platform. Watch out for these trap tiles because more of them will appear later on too. The second platform is more difficult. Normally, each dungeon has four save points which, once activated, can be warped back to immediately via a Warp Gate. Enter the next room then go through the other door you see above. For some reason, the US version changed the main character's hair from blue to brown. Now make your way back to the other side then walk onto the right platform, then jump to the next platform to get taken to the far right. Attacking the planet the giant brain caused a huge explosion, in that brief moment the thing hope it would die, but it did not the monster absorbing the energy from the blast making the huge organ the size of a Kaiju. The Enix logo shown before the title screen was changed from green to pink. Don't be afraid to use whatever healing items you have left and the Reviving Mirror you got earlier will be a big help if you're having trouble. Push the steel balls at the side down and the middle one to the right or left and you'll be free. The cutscene documented is the cutscene where you find Kashian in the second floor of the inn after you first start playing. If you are clever enough to survive the treacherous expedition before you, then you are worthy of the title of Brain Lord. What's Coming XI ... Raises your guard permanently from 1 to 3 - Magic Wallet: Fills up with money after time passes - Silver Bullion: Sell for money - Gold Bullion: Sell for money - … Do the same thing with the next platform you see. Source of Power (Power seed): Raises your power by 1-3 points. KaijuCombat Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This room is HUGE but very easy to navigate. USeems to try and attack other mobs(Even if non-arena), but won't be able to inflict damage on non-arena mobs.

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