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Lepman was unaware that the photographer who’d accompanied the couple on the tour was actually there to photograph them. Additionally, Briannon is a proud aunt to her niece, Isla, and her nephew, Lucas — her two sisters, Brooke and Brittany, were pregnant at the same time. You can also subscribe without commenting. Your email address will not be published.
Your testimony is powerful and will inspire others • Since you didn’t trust me to administer the shots I figured I would save them all to show you my appreciation. Dwayne Haskins' Girlfriend Savhana Cousin. Be sure to check out the latest Talkin’ Beavers Podcast with host Ron Callan and special guest Oregon State softball head coach Laura Berg. She blogs regularly, keeping readers up-to-date on her life and what she’s up to. “One year Brandin got me a personalized canvas painting drawn by an artist from a selfie that scout and I took together, And it is by far my favorite piece of decoration and gift to this day. The Cooks family will get a fresh start in the Lone Star State in 2020 and add a much-welcomed addition to the family. As you can see in the photo above, Lepman and Cooks picked up their very own wands (Cooks is holding the Elder Wand), and Lepman sipped on a Butterbeer. I was excited to help plan and photograph the Maui helicopter proposal with Patriots Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks,” reads an August 2017 blog entry from Engaged on Maui. When selected in the first round by the New Orleans Saints in 2014, Briannon was by his side. She was with Cooks and his family when he was drafted by the Saints.

With the OregonState Beavers, Cook received All- American recognition and was All-Area and team MVP at Lincoln High School.

Maybe because it was so thoughtful, but it also adds such an artsy individualist element to any room it is in, and also it’s a great conversation piece,” Briannon wrote on her blog. Happy 3rd birthday Scouty Boy! Six-year veteran Brandin Cooks will be on a new NFL team this season, and he’ll soon add a new title to his resume as well: Father.

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