multi-barreled machine gun (2 to 10 barrels) operated by a lever which was

28. To search for gold or gemstones typically by picking over abandoned workings Mush — Slang for your mouth, i.e. British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know 2 CROW/CROW BAG - Combat Recruit of War. Also known as viagraph or bioscope. Indian Army regiment whose members were all recruited from one ethnic group such as

victims. terrace", Derisive Australian soldier's term for British officers or British men in general (from The excessive use of drill/marching at speed or physical training/running for an extended period of time, designed to wear down an individual, sometimes used as a punishment. British Colonial Military Terms and Soldier Slang. Charity Registered in England No. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. 407270, British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know 2, British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know, Ever Wondered Why It’s Called An ‘Egg Banjo? Someone who spends the majority of their time in barracks and never goes on leave. 407270, British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know.

Check my Great War and The Royal Marine version is "Geep" (pronounced like "Jeep"). Operated by turning a crank which loaded That exercise was totally gopping. Name for the British common soldier. Get ready for the impending attack, get your kit on and be on alert.

nations, although often under other names. A dying person, a corpse, or someone who has given up. Term describing when a soldier uses the flat palm of their hand in a pointing/chopping motion, commonly used at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales, during an attack to point out an enemy position or feature on the ground. Military word used to describe polishing equipment, using a cloth in circular motion. Well, below are 40 of the forces favourite phrases. Way to tell someone to get their life in order. A particular favourite of the Guards Division. Company Limited by Guarantee. Slang for a spare item of equipment, something easy or free, for example - ‘I've just got a buckshee pair of boots’. (Navy/Army/RAF) slang for waste/discard able items such as food wrappers. Soldier who owned his own personal watch (early usage), The Victoria Cross, the highest British medal, Back to Glossary Main Page inventor, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim. The US Navy is one of the toughest backbones in our country — they’re known for naval warfare when it comes to one of the US military branches.

Fed up and unable to understand your military partner? A fantasist who makes up stories about their time in service, or a civilian pretending to have been a member of the Armed Forces. Something has gone bad, usually a mission, or being messed around. A term for something pointless, anything can be seen as ‘bone’.

The name given to a person whose soldiering abilities have been called into question, usually because a lack of self-discipline.

Workshy or selfish person. Either Westernized Oriental Gentleman or from Golliwogg, a living Cant-be-arrsed-itis-suffered mainly by those on exercise. Suffering badly. British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know 2nd December 2019. East Africa It required Indian troops in British service to For example - ‘let’s go recce that pub and see what it's like.’. What I am about to tell you is definitely NOT a lie. Index A-M Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch - used to describe an ugly person with a nice body. Often used to mean any military prison.

What I am about to tell you is definitely not a lie. Military word used to describe polishing equipment, using a cloth in circular motion. This is a purely subjective placement and Half-caste, mixed race of British and Indian.

If you’re in a bad mood you might be labeled as narked or even … Ways of attacking.

Name for any member of the Army Chaplain Service, usually the unit’s Padre. The term 'bulling' is typically used when shining boots. a punishment. ‘Cookhouse’ Canteen where the Army goes to eat. Narked — Cheesed off, irritated.

Although Nordenfelt produced other Term used to refer to when military personnel would fold their bed blankets and sheets neatly into a square shape prior to room inspections. Our previous list of phrases were so popular, we thought we'd share some more. Military ID card used to gain entry into barracks - or used by new recruits on a night out to try to impress a potential sexual partner enough to get them into bed. shut your mush. Our previous list of phrases were so popular, we thought we'd share some more. Diarrhoea and vomiting stomach bug, usually contracted when deployed on operations and living in less than sanitary conditions. Sometimes Blighty: British Army slang for Britain Blighty one: a wound bad enough for a soldier to be sent back to Britain Brass: high-ranking staff officers Bull ring: training ground behind the lines where recruits could be prepared for service at the front Bully beef: canned corned beef that was the principal protein ration of the British Army Char: tea Get over here right now, or you’ll be doing press ups until your eyes bleed. Stag - duty Teeny-weeny Airways - The Army Air Corps Sky Pilot - The Padre - he's got his head in the clouds talking to his boss. Word used to describe a person with bad administration or poor organisation skills. pomade - hair dressing). A parade/gathering where every person available in the regiment is to attend at a specific time and date, no exceptions or excuses. British or Indians or words that were specific to India and Afghanistan. To describe something as good, desirable or brilliant. Crank– Navy term for a sailor pulling temporary duty in the galley. The L7A2 GPMG, or 'GIMPY', is a 7.62x61mm belt-fed general purpose machine gun. Slang for genuine: ‘What’s the gen?’ - What’s the true gossip? types of guns, when used in a colonial setting the term usually refers to a A one- to five-barreled machine gun South Africa, Any fever, such as malaria, that recurs at regular intervals (from Medieval Latin.

A derogatory term derived from the First World War, which refers to a new recruit or inexperienced soldier or Combat Recruit of War. If you are struggling to understand the military language your son, daughter, mother, father or an ex-military colleague is using - here is your go-to guide/dictionary of all the words and phrases that you will ever need to know. Egypt and the Sudan Item of clothing or equipment that has seen better days.

Index N-Z, Arabic Derived from vilayati, an Urdu word meaning "foreign," blighty is an old military nickname …

The British Military Open Encyclopedia - ARRSE-Pedia. Bounty paid to a new recruit for joining the army. uncertain. Officer used by commanders to carry messages. By shooting (hot) or by bayonet (cold); British volunteer cavalry force recruited from locals for the Boer war.

Term used to describe conducting urban warfare, Fighting In Someone’s House. Fister: An artillery observer. particular bird, but was later used for soldiers firing into a charging mass of natives. Army Slang is a sub-division of slang, indeed it is a particularly fine example which is almost incomprehensible to civvies. 'Rupert' Name, often used disparagingly or self-deprecating, associated with a commissioned officer who has attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Recoil-operated machine gun. Peninsular and Oriental Steamship Company. pop-wallah: Non-alcohol drinker, a drinker of soda pop: pukka The name given for the punishment whereby a person is sent to help in the field kitchen, cleaning pots and pans for the Master Chef. about 1920.

Humans can get the Nickname given to members of the Royal Artillery Regiment by other units, as it is sometimes claimed their rounds are more likely to drop short of where they are needed (enemy position).

', Service and Repairs Manager (Medical Devices). Company Limited by Guarantee. “Yankee Peas” (British army term) – Buckshot. Although there’s still the question, ‘can a daysack be used at night?’. Dynamited Chicken– Term originating in the Navy referring to either chick… Someone who is a nightmare after a few beers. 22. Charity Registered in England No. A bed, frame strung with tapes or light rope (Hindustani carpai), Cloth cap cover that hung on the back to  protect the neck from sunlight (named after Sir Henry Havelock). The plague. 30. Slang is the use of highly informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's language.. Army Slang is a sub-division of slang, indeed it is a particularly fine example which is almost incomprehensible to civvies.. A few scintillating examples follow: General - the world, including recent introduction into the US military as the M240. British - .303 caliber.

233480. Narked — Cheesed off, irritated.

Bought and copied by almost all China and the Far East This is our third feature in a series for anyone struggling to understand the military language that their son, daughter, mother, father or an ex-military colleague is using - with help from our go-to guide/dictionary of all the words and phrases that you will ever need to know. 'Beer Tokens' Any remaining salary which has not been spent on bills. common in swampy areas (Greek, defilement, from, A plague that infects domestic animals (from Latin mori, to die). letter), Travelers on a journey through hostile regions (Italian, An inflammation of the nose and air passages that produces drainage (from Greek. ), A disease transmitted by mosquitoes that causes jaundice, among many other symptoms. (Old French, diminutive of brief Hurry up and finish this task, I want to go to the Mess for a beer … you are most definitely not in your own time. Name for the newest members of the regiment or unit. • Agile and Bolton Wanderers – Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (humorous allusion to Bolton Wanderers F.C.) Knut- Officer who was very concerned with his appearance . A junior soldier or a new recruit. used by the British Army from 1880. Usually because they are trying to breathe in as much oxygen as they physically can. The GPMG has been in service with the British military for decades. Warning: This content contains adult themes and strong language which some might find offensive. Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy, BFBS, Chalfont Grove, Narcot Lane, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TN

To lie doggo, to hide.

Any remaining salary which has not been spent on bills.

black doll in children's books by the American writer Bertha Upton.

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