PATRICK R KEEFE: In terms of cracking the case, it's not as though she's been hauled off to jail. The ground became a war zone as the British fired indiscriminately. A shooting by the UDA. The children remember this being maybe a year or within a year around the time in advance of the mother getting taken away. You then layer on the fact that if you're Dolours Price, Gerry Adams, the guy who in many instances gave you the orders to do these things. We probably wouldn't have known much more about what happened to Jean McConville, were it not for the fact that after the peace process, Boston College decided that they wanted to mark the end of this conflict in some way. This is an indispensable record of power at its most evil. PATRICK R KEEFE: Yeah. Between 1870 and 1930, the exile of millions of Quebecers to the United States (13 million in 1980); 6. The, Three bombs exploded in Dublin and a fourth exploded in Monaghan, carried out by the. It is a masterpiece, this book. During internment without trial, it was RUC officers who carried out the interrogations with supervision from the Army. Two were teenagers on their way to a disco. The British Ministry of Defence in 2006 refused to release files relating to the massacre. We're going to do this peacefully and they get beaten up by a loyalist mob, the march does, and she comes home and actually sees her mother. CHRIS HAYES: This was not an everyday occurrence. As always, we love to hear your feedback. PATRICK R KEEFE: Yeah. The crowd however continued their non-violent protest, and offered to disperse if they could gather their dead and injured, and if the British left the square. There was no immunity created. I mean, they saw him as the IRA leader. CHRIS HAYES: Shortly prior to her disappearance, a few things happen. Young and old were shot and beaten as they were dragged from their homes. We're not criminals. This is a list of incidents that happened on the island of Ireland (encompassing what exists today as the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) and are commonly called massacres. They're not super-enormous spoilers, because the book is created with a kind of dramatic irony. Over 600 British soldiers entered the Ballymurphy area of West Belfast, raiding homes and rounding up men. The children then as adults made noise in a way that was quite brave. A roadside bomb destroying a van by the PIRA. These people hate each other and the conflict goes back literally hundreds of years and the first land was given to the Scots and English settlers in Ireland. There are still sectarian tensions and political conflict and occasional outbreaks of violence. Her husband had died earlier that year. There are still sectarian tensions and politician conflict and occasional outbreaks of violence, but Gerry Adams is now a resolutely mainstream political figure. Patreon offers a user-friendly alternative, allowing readers to pledge a monthly contribution and set their own amount — from each according to their ability! As the lights came on and the room emptied out, three women stayed to finish drinks among the seats. PATRICK R KEEFE: Just to try and kind of explain how it is that some people ended up on the front lines of this thing. What happens if you don't die? They get married before the Troubles really break out at a time when mixed marriages were unusual, but it wasn't radioactive, but they weren't common. Catholics have always needed to defend themselves, so we need to get guns." PATRICK R KEEFE: Finally, the law is here. Then you get to early 1973. PATRICK R KEEFE: Right. Patreon will charge your card monthly for the amount you pledged. ROAR Magazine is an independent journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the frontlines of the global struggle for real democracy. A car bomb attack which exclusively targeted civilians, carried out by the, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 19:14. 28 protesters were shot dead, a further 128 injured. And it calls a lot to mind for me because I remember growing up. This is a notorious war crime that happened during the Troubles. But the interesting thing, is that dating right back to pretty early on, Adams would deny that he had ever been in the IRA. So, all of that is wrapped up in this incredible tale, just the facts of which and characters of which, the plot of which is gripping and moving and shocking and which Patrick Radden Keefe tells with incredible aplomb. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of wars and anthropogenic disasters by death toll, "Simmonscourt Castle Archaeological Works", "Witness statements from Irish rebellion and massacres of 1641 go online", "BBC - History - Wars and Conflicts - Plantation of Ulster - English and Scottish Planters - 1641 Rebellion", "Annals of Westmeath, ancient and modern", "Turtle Bunbury - Award-winning travel writer, historian and author based in Ireland", "The North King Street Massacre, Dublin 1916",, Articles with dead external links from April 2019, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from April 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. We know what happened to Jean, this is the mother who is taken. A sectarian massacre of Protestant workers. CHRIS HAYES: Where they are treating these people like dirt. CHRIS HAYES: I used to carpool with his daughter Orla. As troops moved into the Bazaar, British armoured cars drove into the square at high-speed, killing several people. These are people who risk their lives, and who went on a hunger strike. He believes trust needs to be restored. [xi] There is no doubt this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to British colonial terror throughout the so-called emergency. Part of "the Troubles". It's poison. 14 were killed. And that they might even be suggesting that the person who ordered this was Gerry Adams. By the time of my second tour, in late 1970 and early 1971, conditions for British soldiers in Northern Ireland had deteriorated. Extra-judicial killing by police is not uncommon in the United Kingdom. In 1885, Manitoba, the massacre of the franco Metis and the hanging of their leader Louis Riel. Part of "the Troubles". Following a siege by Cromwell's New Model, Parliamentary troops broke into Wexford while the commander of the garrison, During the Cromwellian wars, the MacGeoghegan (Mac Eochagáin) took refuge in, Massacre of rebel prisoners by loyalist militia. She brings him a pillow and tries to take care of him, but ends up coming back in and closing the door and in the morning, the soldier is gone and someone has painted the words "Brit Lover" across the door of the apartment. I had no idea that that was the case until I read the book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. CHRIS HAYES: Yeah. She proposed this idea, it was approved. The Officer Commanding the RAF in India stated after the massacre: “I think we can fairly claim to have been of great use in the late riots, particularly at Gujranwala, where the crowd when looking at its nastiest was absolutely dispersed by a machine using bombs and Lewis guns.” –  Brigadier General N D K MacEwen [vii]. CHRIS HAYES: Dirty, exactly. Reginald Dyer who ordered the massacre was hailed a hero in Britain. The film “Black ’47” is a dramatization of the ethnic cleansing of Ireland that resulted from the brutally oppressive conditions of British occupation and extraction. When the conflict ends, the Brits don't leave. And that there's a moment, sort of peak stoic warrior when the cops take her in prison in the London Bombing. 19 prisoners of war were tied to landmines and blown up in three separate incidents by the Irish Army. A shooting by the UVF. Bereaved family members sat in the front row. And it creates a sort of special status in which that part of Northern Ireland is not part of the Republic of Ireland, but it has some sort of self-autonomy. The kids, who I interviewed, remember then this would happen, they would all pull their mattresses in the middle of the floor and just sleep in the middle of the apartment at night. CHRIS HAYES: Yeah. CHRIS HAYES: And they had, prior to his death, been the subject of kind of anti-Catholic oppression and bigotry in Northern Ireland where that was fairly commonplace. Six years later, the province of Northern Ireland descended into violence following the continuous brutal repression of a civil rights movement demanding equal votes, access to housing, jobs, and education. CHRIS HAYES: Of a purpose and a libratory purpose of an actual oppressive colonial occupation of their people. To me, one of the big interesting questions I wanted to explore was what happens when you get older? There's one specific part of it that people worry about creating the conditions of violence and that has to do with the fairly durable, but at the same time tenuous, peace in Northern Ireland. There was a little bit of a sense of, "Oh, I thought that was all taken care of. This article was originally published in Italian at, translation by author. But there are spoilers and before we get to the spoilers, we put in a little hook to say, "Here's a spoiler." It's this sort of brilliant, amazing thing about the European Union. CHRIS HAYES: In fact, one of the things that you write about that I did not know is that the British Army is coming off a rotation of fighting a bunch of anti-colonial wars in places like Kenya. A big turning point for him was the hunger strike. Keefe describes the process by which people become so radicalized they are able to commit war crimes, as well as what it means to the victims, the perpetrators and an entire traumatized society once peace actually comes, and dark mysteries remain. I think partly because I live in the cluster that is our news cycle here in the United States of America and I just think, "Well, wow, there's something else that's even more screwed up than American politics at the moment." CHRIS HAYES: That's right, and it wasn't senseless. CHRIS HAYES: Right. Yeah, the Good Friday accords were a big deal. Part of "the Troubles". [xii]. In 1999, a sworn affidavit was made public in which Weir admitted his role in loyalist murders and identified the farm, owned by RUC Officer James Mitchell, as the base for planning the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings that killed 33 people. A mass shooting by the British Army's Parachute Regiment. It's much easier, for me for whatever reason, to get my mind into these young Northern Irish radicals, who go on a trajectory towards utter sociopathic violence. PATRICK R KEEFE: This fiction, but it was kind of useful fiction. Fire was directed towards to the few open gates through which people were trying to flee. CHRIS HAYES: And rumors start to circulate that in a Boston University there's a big archive of taped confessions of war crimes that implicate Gerry Adams. A kind of unknown identity. When the Brits failed to diffuse the bomb, they would effectively say it's almost like a false flag attack. The following thirty years were marked by political violence and the armed campaign of the Provisional IRA was the most notorious element of this period of conflict. I love to hear it across the board. And in that interview, she talks about how she brought Jean McConville down across the border, turned her over to the local unit of the IRA. Unquiet Graves follows his search for answers about his father’s murder, supported by the Pat Finucane Centre, which together with another human rights group Justice For the Forgotten, met with Weir in Paris in 2001 and brought Brecknell closer to the truth. CHRIS HAYES: And you've got this scene. PATRICK R KEEFE: They're singing, "We shall overcome." They are sociopaths. And she goes out and there's a British soldier and he's wounded and she kind of cares for him. This website uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit our website.

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