Copyright 2009-2020 Michael & Gabriel, Inc.© 2020 • Privacy Policy • Note: Sports Feel Good Stories earns an affiliate commission from some of the sites we link to. But they didn’t find any appropriate list. We have also collected some of the best basketball tournament names along with basketball court names that you will like. Sometimes you can draw inspiration from professional leagues. The Post has crafted the all-time best city team… Your Ad Choices Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved These teams are part of the global New York City media market. The first great NBA point guard, Cousy was a six-time champion with the Celtics, teaming with Bill Russell to start Boston’s title run. Browse through team names to find funny team names and cool team names. For example, add color to a team nickname so “The Crush” becomes “The Red Crush.” Or, “The Blue Crush.” Or, add “Lady” to a name for a girls or women’s team. See how the Colorado 14ers’ name was derived. Basketball team names with a professional influence are popular but sometimes work effectively. Colorado 14ers. Born and raised in the Bronx Professinal Basketball Team Names and Franchise Histories Including professional American basketball leagues, past and present ... Bronx Americans. All rights reserved. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, Gang's All Here: A NY Jets Podcast These amazing basketball tournament names are just some examples to the types of competitions you can create for your league. He played in local leagues there before joining the ABA’s Indiana Pacers in 1967. After a stellar career at North Carolina, “The Kangaroo Kid” went on to win a championship as a player and a coach with the 76ers, making four All-Star teams and three All-NBA first teams. Boston Celtics. You might like Fun Basketball Games For Kids. This is a list of professional and semi-professional sports teams based in the New York metropolitan area, including from New York City, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, Northern and Central New Jersey, and parts of Western Connecticut. Over the last year, we have generated thousands of team name ideas and suggestions for our users. For different Purpose set your team Name different. You may consider establishing some naming criteria to zero in on the best choice. He was named an All-American in both 1985 and ’86 before having a short NBA career with the Nets and Heat. Erasmus Hall High School. After a legendary stint at Boys and Girls, Washington went on to star at Syracuse, becoming one of the mainstays of the heyday of the Big East in the 1980s. Who gets the final call on the team name? 1925-1927, Brooklyn Arcadians. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Thanks for contacting us. you can use these team to make your team more professional. Terms of Use You might like March Madness 2020 Schedule, Dates, Locations. Basketball Court Dimensions and Hoop Height. The only player to ever win the NBA’s scoring and assist titles in the same season, Archibald was an explosive scorer who was a six-time All-Star, made three All-NBA first teams and won a title in 1981 with the Celtics. Because once your audience comes to know that you have a name that is copied from someone else, you will lose the respect they have for you. Now, have a look and be inspired from the world of sports. 21. Basketball Team Names: Hello, friends.Today we will see the Basketball Team Names, so many people have come to the question to me.Today we’re asking us to name a lot of basketball team; There is a lot of such teams in which we will keep seeing you and seeing from this also how well we will give you, and we will provide you with a lot of team names. Check if you can get the social media handles. The collective area has a population of over twenty million people, making it the largest in the United States and among the top ten in the world. Visit ESPN to view the Brooklyn Nets team roster for the current season Put your own spin on the name. Deliver a message about your goals and dreams. (Add Lady prior to other names from above that you like). you can use these  team to make your team more professional. Your favorite nouns – these can also come from the ideas here or ones of your own choosing. This is because short and simple names are easy to understand. Kareem congratulates Dodgers on winning 2020 World Series. The greatest player in New York City and collegiate history, and one of the greatest in NBA history. New York City produces some of the best basketball players in the world, with a style that’s both recognizable and hard to pin down. Check out our basketball name lists below. Yellow Jackets; Bandits; Vikings; Jay-Z’s My Agent; Geeks N Sneaks; Bantams; Screaming Eagles; Blugolds; Rams So here i will share all kind of team names list .Here I will share Team  Names for almost all categories if you have any suggestions you can send your suggestion Here. Post your best generated Cool Basketball Team Names . Check out Walking Team Names – Creative and Clever. Though some are based in New Jersey or Long Island, in proximity to Manhattan, the teams receive national and international media coverage generally defining them as dually being part of their location of origin (town or city, and state) and primarily the New York City - New York metropolitan area. Another best thing that will give you hundreds of creative basketball team names in minutes is the name generator. Team Names Soccer Golf … A complete list of professional basketball teams in the NBA and other leagues and defunct leagues. Central. Bishop Loughlin High School, St. John’s University. Eastern Conference. We have also collected some of the best basketball tournament names along with basketball court names that you will like. Maurice Cheeks assisting young singer who forgets National Anthem (heartwarming video). So, have you been searching for that perfect team name? You might like NBA Players by the Numbers. The best basketball team names can be counted on to check all or most of those boxes. The 1986 NIKE ARC team out of California had 7 future NBA players on it and we only lost 2 games in 3 summers, even beating the NY Gauchos with Lloydd Daniels running the point. 21. Morris (Bronx, N.Y.) '87 Although he didn't play high school basketball, Williams did earn his keep at Medgar Evans College in Brooklyn. What you have to do is to create a list of name ideas and suggestions that are either popping up in your head or that you have thought and written in advance. He also was the ABA’s MVP in 1973 during a two-year stint with the Carolina Cougars. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Abdul-Jabbar was known for his devastating sky hook, which he used to score more points (38,387) than anyone in NBA history. If you’re looking for some great basketball team names to get your players excited, you’ve come to the right spot. Having acquired exclusive territorial rights in their respective leagues of the region or up to fifty to seventy-five miles of their base, teams can receive local broadcasting within this range, and have say over sharing rights with other teams. Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball, Lubetkin Field at J. Malcolm Simon Stadium, Connecticut Football Club Passion (CFC Passion), Loucks Stadium at White Plains High School, Dalling Field at Saint Joseph High School Field, Sport teams based in the New York metropolitan area, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center,, Sports teams in the New York metropolitan area, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 August 2020, at 13:53. Dolph Schayes drives to the hoop in 1954. Brown was wrongly accused of point-shaving and expelled from Dayton University. Spartanburg Silver Lakers/Hill City Lakers. The New York metropolitan area is home to some of the country's top professional teams and leagues. One of the things that you will always regret in your life is copying others. Born and raised in the South Bronx It is your identity. See the latest NBA team news, highlights, analysis, schedules, stats, scores and fantasy updates. Born in Manhattan, grew up in Queens Mullin put together one of the great collegiate careers of all time at St. John’s — a three-time All-American and three-time Big East Player of the Year — before becoming a five-time NBA All-Star and a member of the U.S. Olympic Dream Team. Toronto Raptors. Born and raised in Brooklyn here you will find Unique Basketball Team Names List. It also has the greatest concentration of professional sports teams of any region in the country with teams in all of the major sports and leagues in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. Fort Hamilton High School. The Post has crafted the all-time best city team, complete with a starting five and bench to rival any squad another city (or state) puts forth. There is nothing like a little competition to put your teams skills to the test. Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, New York is about to kill a whole lot of landlords, Video shows the moment 8-year-old was shot while trick-or-treating, Democrats are masking Biden's frailty: Devine, Salt Life co-founder charged after teen found shot at Florida hotel. there are over 500  Best, Funny, creative team names that you can use For your group. There were 1,700 unique names submitted for a name-the-team contest for Seattle's NFL franchise in 1975, including Skippers, Pioneers, Lumberjacks, and Seagulls. Boys High School. The Warriors left The Town ahead of last season, but they're showing love for Oakland with new Nike City Edition uniforms. This is a list of professional and semi-professional sports teams based in the New York metropolitan area, including from New York City, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, Northern and Central New Jersey, and parts of Western Connecticut.The collective area has a population of over twenty million people, making it the largest in the United States and among the top ten in the world. They are the following: The New York metropolitan area is also home to a variety of pro or semi-pro sports teams in the minor leagues, women's leagues, indoor leagues, and more. Media coverage varies locally. Let’s find out how to do that. It should be short, simple, and creative. We’re happy you made it here. Born and raised in Brooklyn Your favorite adjectives – these can come from this list or your own favorites. Still, they are acknowledged and principally followed by the name of their schools, and receive local and national coverage depending on their division, conference, sport, standing, and popularity.

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