As the story progresses Harold refuses to cooperate in Chester's antics. Harold, the dog, notices that they return with a small bundle. Revenge of the Return of the Curse of the Weredude, Work Search: It appeared they got along, as Bunnicula was always seen with Dracula in flashbacks.

bright, distinct, and clear. With Chester no longer speaking to him, he begins to take a liking to Bunnicula.

Chester believes that Bunnicula is dangerous. However, Mina was unaware of Bunnicula's vampire powers and thought he was a regular bunny. 3 Do Not Litter! (As seen in.

Chapter 5 Chester, meanwhile, has again come to the crazy Page 5/9. Thyme - Allows Bunnicula to travel back in time for one day. Read the first section with students ( 'Bunnicula Summary'), then arrange students into small groups. Nightmare something that provides nourishment; food needed to live.

so many fake sites. Deborah Howe died in …

Days and nights simply blended together, and Bunnicula had nothing to do aside from sleep, dream, think, and talk to himself to keep him amused. Here is a set of four bookmarks featuring the. Bunnicula's brother tries to drain Bunnicula after he tries to stop him. location. 48 guests Chapter 10

Only a few humans know of Bunnicula's true nature: Many supernatural beings comment on Bunnicula's powers, remarking they had no idea he also had them.

A short time later, Bunnicula met his new brothers, Harold and Chester, who found out about his vampire heritage. Cactus - Turns his body parts to cactus, turning his ears into a pinwheel and also the ability to cut through dimensions. Bunnicula gets along with Harold the best out of all of the pets. Connect your Gmail, Drive, Dropbox, and Slack accounts and in less than 2 minutes, Dokkio will automatically organize all your file attachments. He notes that Bunnicula sleeps all day, appears to be able to get out of his cage on his own, and has tiny fangs, which Chester believes he uses to suck vegetables dry. Artichoke - Makes Bunnicula hiccup until he disappears. this is the first one which worked! Please Log In to Super Teacher Worksheets. Chapter 2
He notices that Bunnicula has markings that look like a cape, that he has fangs , and that he makes a weird smile when he hears Carpathian music. It doesn't do anything but confuse the poor rabbit, since it is just steak/meat. This succeeds only in causing Mrs. Monroe to give him a bath. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. Sometime in the future, Mina will find out about Bunnicula's vampire bloodline. Mina took a picture of the kiss with her phone and uploaded it to the internet, and Chester would later discover that the picture was viewed 6 million times on Facebook. Chapter 2: Howliday Inn hen the Monroe family decides to leave for a vacation, they send Harold and Chester off to a kennel called Chateau Bow-Wow (A special boarding house for special cats and dogs).

Please login to your account or become a member and join our community today to utilize this helpful feature. Bunnicula can grow a scary-looking, fanged mouth from his abdomen. The two worked together to defeat the British by using a special locket that showed the future, where they got a glimpse of Bunnicula's future of meeting Chester and Harold.Eventually… p. vii. When he was locked away in the dark time seemed to move so quickly. Mandrake Root - Makes him grow taller and become humanoid. Bunnicula chapter 2. lecture. The theater in which Bunnicula had been found is scheduled to be torn down, and the Monroes are protesting the demolition.

Finally, he tries to drown the rabbit by tossing his water dish on him.

After all the vegetables in the Monroe kitchen start turning white, Chester and Harold are certain that Bunnicula is a vegetarian vampire. When Mina is in danger, Bunnicula will go to great lengths to protect her from getting hurt or killed.

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Additionally, Bunnicula has small fangs since he is a vampire rabbit. He cares for his friends, especially Mina, and will go to great lengths to keep them safe when they are in danger. His body colors are black and white. Eternity. a talk or speech about a particular subject. See the full list of titles for which we have chapter book worksheets.

It is not long before the Monroes notice Bunnicula's condition and rush him to the vet, and then the chase is on, ending up with a dramatic confrontation in a most unusual (and dangerous!)

Black Bean Paste - Allows Bunnicula to walk around during the day. Chapter 6 Mixed Vegetable Juice - Causes him to take a random form in a fast pace and causes him to do unusual things, but afterward, he gets tired.

The rabbit has two tiny fangs and a black pattern on his back that looks like a cape. LEGAL. [5], 200 years ago, he was locked away in a chest for centuries without any food. Later, after reading about killing vampires with a stake through the heart, Chester tries to punch a (meat) steak through the sleeping rabbit's heart. Emoji Carrot - Turns Bunnicula into an Emoji. Bunnicula was once the pet of Dracula.He lived in Romania, during 1475. Mina is always oblivious to his acts while he thinks its better that way. This behavior results in Chester being locked outside.

Bunnicula is put on a diet of vegetable juice. Draw a detailed picture of one scene from the reading assignment.

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