Garden center. Each stone has been set and packed by hand (earth first packed by hammer, then stones packed with wood and hammer, sometimes jumping). We live in Washington, DC. Only time cement is used in the joint material is if the patio has a proper concrete foundation. Thinking of switching to concrete—-frustrated poly user….help. Do I start with stone dust and then add a top layer of topsoil? I particularly appreciate the advice on killing any weeds that get in there with hot water, vinegar or pulling them by hand vs using Round UP. Add in DG which will work its ways down. On the right hand side is modified gravel, or d.o.t road base. Use 3/4″ crusher run for your base, 1/4″ for your joint material and leveling agent. As a professional contractor, I generally just purchase road base, gravel, and compact it for my foundation. The joint however stays put….now you have a hollow void, either underneath the stone, or just beneath the joint. wow). In my experience however, that was a rare exception to the rule. I used the natural dirt to lay and level and pressed the flagstone cracks with the same.

Jim. I have mixed feelings about putting pea gravel under a tree. Like all new things, it takes a minute before you realize the long term results. Wanted advice for DIY backyard basketball court of size 42 feet wide and 28 feet long. So I use a 4 foot level. See that off-white material between the flagstones? How many inches would you do the compacted aggregate base? We had flagstones placed in our outdoor shower about 5 years ago.

Do you use cold chisels or is a hammer enough? Hey! I live in Texas with the soil is mixed clay and moves a lot. I’d prefer to avoid power tools and stick with as much a natural look as possible. I was in a hurry, so I just used the pre-bagged stuff from Lowe’s and Home Depot. This can trouble novices and pros alike. I am a novice at landscape design and may have more questions as i make progress. Hi, love the blog, just stumbled into it and you have a great skill at explaining things. But it should work well enough, yes. Very helpful, thanks. I think I need to do some project in my yard very soon like…and I feel like it might possibly require the use of a tamper. Or any Masonry supply place. Perhaps you could take a smaller piece of stone, create a mosaic up top of that…and use the resultant piece as a smaller paving stone, set on stone dust, among your dry laid flagstones. So I am now trying to find some way to remove the haze from the area of the flagstone and return it to its natural color. Good luck with your flagstone patio and fire circle then . If the project is large enough to catch my interest financially, or artistically interesting–fly me out! We want to go with a flagstone patio around the pool. I then will use the 1/8″ to 1/4″ between the joints as advised. Very glad I could help One stone at a time, no plastic needed. I filled each joint half full and then ran a light plate compactor (with rubber protector matt between the plate and the stone – this vibrated the sand down into all the voids at the bottom of each joint) then I came back through with the grout bag and filled the joint to the approximately 1/8th of an inch below the top surface of the flagstone.

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a lot more rainfall that you in California, also we have a freeze-thaw cycle. I'm excited because I can do a number of project now.... and it will still look natural.

Thanks, I added your sculpture to my Facebook timeline – nice work!

When people hear the word “gravel” they often only limit their thoughts to driveways, but the truth is that pea gravel is much more versatile and can be incorporated in a wide variety of practical and decorative applications. What is the best way to repair? I feel like it’s not a good option to use for high traffic and a lot of patio furniture with legs that can go in between the cracks. Helping You to Do It Yourself! I think you use what you have available. I have raw edged slate from a slate fall in the woods, so it’s a puzzle to fit, but super relaxing and good exercise. Once the flagstones have all been cleaned and/or replaced, then return that polymeric sand, buy some stone dust….and send me photos of the completed job when you are done! Sorry for the delayed response–I’ve been busy finishing up with the years work before the winter sets in. Sorry, this website is all about natural stone. Other times I’ve considered dry laying on top of existing concrete because the existing concrete was in bad repair. I was hoping to create the entire pathway like this (no flagstones or pavers). Don’t cover that steak in big mac sauce. Cobblestones were probably laid on a bed of sand on top of that concrete, so it might be best to lift the cobbles, re-lay on stone dust, fit ’em tighter, fill gaps with stone dust. Further, the stone dust I have seen is just the “flour” part of the DG that you describe using, without any of the 1/8” particles.

| My HomeAdvisor, Bluestone Backyard: The Big Reveal! I do not recommend poly sand.

Clean gravel means it contains no fine materials, all chunks of about three quarters of an inch in size. Good times. Then I need to study how it behaves, over years. Thank you for the responses. It’s been working for me. Or plan a ground cover of some type. Ants? I’ll Probably go with your suggestion of screenings or DG. Got plenty of traffic. Fact is I need to build a demonstration, a small flagstone patio, and bind it up with a psyllium based aggregate stabilizer. I then took a blower and carefully blew away the very small amount of dust that accumulated on the open surface of the flagstone as a result of the vibrating process. The joints average about 4-5 inches (way higher than your recommendation) and its too late to reduce the joint spacing, since they have already been laid. Woo-hoo, no need to remove a concrete foundation! Do you have pea gravel?

One site said all I would have to do is lay landscape fabric and then 2-3 inches of pea gravel to achieve the patio. A pea gravel patio is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard.

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