I eat 6 for breakfast every morning. Additionally, it provides the perfect canvas for additions of sweeteners and fruit. But play your milk-cards right, and you can be enjoying a unique and delicious cereal that fills you up and satisfies. However, it’s one of a vast and diverse range of similar online queries. …, Publication date: ... yes I loved that one when it came out it was and still is by far the best Weetabix advert… So I decided to give it another try. This may sound like a bizarre heading for a blog, and indeed an odd question! Old advert jingles you can still quote today ... [he sees that the crew of said ship are eating Weetabix, general panic ensues] Shiver me timbers! We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. I always eat 3 in the morning. Keyword searches may also use the operators

Tuesday, July 9, 2019. You absolutely do have to eat it fast. The ad,created by Lowe Lintas, is the first in its [pounds]3m 'Withabix/Withoutabix' TV campaign -- a series of vignettes illustrating the benefits of eating the cereal and the pitfalls of missing out on it. I used to coat them in a layer of sugar but nowadays I would probably try it topped with fruit," said my friend Grace. Having reached the top of the stairs, she jumps onto the banister and slides down. My roommate Bria warned: "I put waaay to much milk in yesterday - much soggier than I remembered. Those new to Weetabix - take heed.

I think that people think that 2 weetabix it the right dietary intake. Topping it with fruit is the best.".

Marketing, Magazine article have 4 2moro to impress you colleague even more. Weetabix is indeed proudly British, so I was surprised to find it so readily available on my American grocery store shelf. How do you eat it?
Sweets maven Carrie professed her dedication to Weetabix as part of her affection for all things British, sharing her joy in the novelty of eating cereal that is all in one piece and love of the plain, wheat-y taste. Pour over milk until they're half submerged (making sure to splash the tops so theres no dry bits) - sprinkle sugar over the top of the weetabix (I'll do about half a tsp) - wait a couple minutes for them to absorb the milk and go soggy. Well, then.

There used to be a series of Weetabix adverts years ago that carried the line "bet you can't eat three" It implied jokingly that being able to eat three Weetabix was some kind of manly achievement!
Can you eat unopened chips that's outdated? I suspect that this is what your colleague is alluding to.

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