Feline Pine Pellet Cat Litter = Horse Bedding Pellets =Softwood Stove Pellets Many cat owners also appreciate the natural scent from wood, such as pine. Or read about the scooping method further down in this article. Instead of emptying the contents of the whole box, you might find it sufficient to tilt the pellets to one side, while giving the bottom a quick wash. Other factors to consider are how many cats you have, and how much they use the litter box. The starter mix is much lighter so it must be at least twice the volume of the clay stuff. You’ll find that wood pellets from Energy Pellets of America are a cheaper solution for your litter box needs. The sawdust ends up at the bottom of the litter box, while the fresh pellets remain on top. They are also very absorbent, if the bedding gets too wet, and they solve that problem right away. This is all you’ll need. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Should you use wood pellet cat litter for your cat? I did not, until this article, know you could spray them down beforehand. The Ponderosa in this pellet cat litter permeates a soft hint of pine, adding a scent of freshness to your kitty’s litter box space. Made from recycled Japanese Hinoki wood (a species of cypress), and green tea leaves. I did find the sawdust pellets for $6/40lb at my farm supplier though….much better than the pet store price!
Just good for burning in a pellet stove or cat liter if you're in a pinch.

And the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I should have referred to this as the “ultimate” secondary bedding (or store bought bedding). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You can start by mixing about a cup of dirty litter from the old box in with the new wood pellet litter.
Did the first day. Additionally, our animal bedding pellets are used in barns, stables and animal habitats across the country. Feces are scooped away and removed daily. Cheap cat litter is on the wish list for many cat owers. If your cat has issues with several allergies, paper based pellets may be the way to go. Less tracking: Many cat owners find that there is less tracking with wood pellets, because they are too large to get stuck in your cat’s paws.

The raw wood is finely ground, heat treated and compressed into pellet form. Many people have found that wood pellets make a great substitute for traditional clay cat litter. Wood pellet cat litter works by absorbing the liquid - along with the smell - and then crumble into sawdust. They expand and later turn into small sawdust as they absorb the urine. Transitioning your cat to wood pellet litter slowly means giving him an option.

Transitioning too quickly can confuse your cat and lead to “accidents” in unwanted places. Breeze Cat Litter Pellets By Tidy Cats. It ism pine. Find out more about the best sifting litter box for pine pellets here. Our pellets are renewable, biodegradable and all natural. ———— If your cat doesn’t react well to the change or stops using the wood pellet little in favor of going somewhere else, it’s likely time to bring back the traditional clay litter box. http://www.felinepine.com/ if you want more information about pine pellets for kitty litter. Please enter your e-mail address. While any kitty can use and potentially prefer pellet cat litter, it’s a reliable option for some cats in particular situations. * WFA vs CGU vs EWB Explained *. This means 1lb of wood pellet cat litter will last you longer than 1lb of clay litter, since the amount you will need to use is far less. Anyway – the key here (before I officially label it as the “ultimate” bedding – haha) is that I need to do some testing! Wood pellets are biodegradable, and can be composted according to Energy Pellets Of America. When I first set eyes on the pellets, I still wasn’t sure how they could possibly work as a kitty litter material (let alone a composting worm bedding). Discussion. “We believe in sustainability. The term “fill” here is relative.

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