Guessing it is actually like CaraPils whereas CaraFoam is not. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

For the sake of your sanity though, maybe step-mash? Carapils doesn't really do much anyway, so you can just use more base malt if you want. All malts are kiln-dried to arrest germination. Press J to jump to the feed. I remember reading from various sources that starches are bad in beer, because yeast can’t eat them but bacteria can, and so this leads to infections. Was that pH the final pH or the mash pH?

You are already putting in Munich 2.

So carapils has about the same color as Pilsner malt, but is mostly already converted with a large amount of dextrins.

Thanks for your sagely advice, Sir Wizard. The top performing malt in the dextrine-malt category. I just wanted to settle it once and for all when people say they are the same thing. What does carapils add?

It would be interesting to get your extract numbers and see a comparison to the spec.

I wanted to do a split batch test like you do, but I just don't have that kind of beer drinker network to rid myself of 10 gallons of beer. 802-362-3981. I can't calculate it myself without pre-boil volume numbers (I assume your OGs were post-boil like your pH numbers, and if so then it would need to be post-boil volume).

Or if you order it in 10 lb bags you get a sweet disposable tote bag with Weyermann's factory on the front. My only concern with step mashing is that the grain itself was a bit harder that Pilsner. (Someone more knowledgeable might be able to say) never had an issue with using just Munich 2 and wheat. I haven't used it for yonks, used to slip a bit in my adjunct brews when I was using a lot of rice or maize.

Caramel, cara or crystal malts are synonymous terms describing a large family of malts that are made by changing the kilning process.

Either way I'll be wearing my liederhosen for good luck.

That was the post boil pH.

With a decoction I have the chance to break down the grain a bit more and increase extraction. Thanks for your sagely advice, Sir Wizard. Jos3h2r, MrOH and jbakajust1 like this. However it definitely seems like carafoam is far closer to Pilsner than I originally though.

Can I just drop from the recipe or should substitute something else? Carapils® Malt is produced exclusively by Briess using a proprietary process.

Crystal 10 has about the same color as munich malt, which is a lot darker. Board index / Beer / Brewing Ingredients; Moderators: BadRock, JP. However, while Briess Carapils® kernels exhibit a glassy character from the starch that has been converted to dextrines and then dried, it is not a caramel malt.

I use CaraFoam in my BoPils, but only 5%. Carapils is the palest of crystal malts and adds dextrins and a bit of "nuttyness" to the wort and helps with lacing and head retention. Can you sort out this whole cara-issue? Nice.

Carapils is also called “dextrin malt.” I know there are also other “cara” malts, such as cara-Munich, cara-Vienne and carastan.

Or single decoct? From memory, that is a definitely darker malt, would you call it a crystal malt for the head improvement? Well that's really interesting.

Here is a spec sheet for Weyermann (non-floor malted) Bohemian Pilsner Malt: link. I believe there should be no starches in finished beer and that starch is not what contributes to improved body, mouthfeel and foam. #10 GreenKrusty101, Apr 30, 2016. Sub base malt, malted wheat, or a very light Munich...all will probably better than a # of Carapils/Carafoam, imho. If you have other crystal malts in the recipe then the carapils is probably unnecessary for head retention. I think they're swappable only in the sense that they kinda achieve the same end. Just a heads up, carafoam comes in one pound bags through BSG, so your local brewstore can probably order it for you. What are some other malt "vs." you have carried out?

4 posts Page 1 of 1. I wasn't as organized as I would have liked to be on this one, merely because I was lazy and I did this after a long day, however I will be doing a 100% carafoam beer here soon, and I will post all my brewing notes and numbers from that. Carapils® Copper Malt; The original Carapils® Malt is a unique, dextrine-style malt that consistently increases foam, improves head retention and enhances mouthfeel without adding flavor or color to your beer. Yeah, Carafoam is not a "dextrin malt", despite the pervasive use of the misnomer. It is always much appreciated.

I've never used them before, but they keep popping up in …

People often treat the uses and properties of them as interchangeable, simply because Briess named it the same thing Carafoam is named in Europe. Your conclusion was very cohesive, really brought everything together ;p. I plan to get me some CaraFoam now, thanks to this experiment.

I feel like this helps advance home brewing knowledge a little bit.

One of my homebrewing pals and I had a recent disagreement about this. I actually did email them, but they never responded :(. However... that candy malt does sounds veeeeerrry interesting. Thanks all.

Carapils vs. Carafoam. dmtaylor Aspirant (235) Dec 30, 2003 Wisconsin. What does this brand-name malt do in a mash, and how does it work?

I'm going to do the fatter yak recipe over xmas and have just got all the ingredients except carapils (carafoam) which is not stocked by my LHBS. I have a bunch of Great Western DextraPils that I've been using in place of CaraPils lately. This is cool.

Carapils vs. Carafoam. JavaScript is disabled.

While you or I might know they are different, people treat or talk about carafoam and Briess carapils as being the same all the time, either implicitly or explicitly.

Here's what NB says about it.

I hate debating on websites about data sheets and hypothetical situations when we can just do a quick experiment, prove a hypothesis, and be done. carapils just seems to give that nice thick creamy head, it doesnt seem to add that much body at all.

I intend to do a side by side comparison with the real thing so i'll let everyone know how I get on. The best alternative to Carapils is mashing correctly for the attributes your require.

To wrap it up: cara pils and cars foam are not the same thing. Welcome brewers, mazers, vintners, and cider makers! New to kegging - question about gas leaks.

Carapils is also called “dextrin malt.” I know there are also other “cara” malts, such as cara-Munich, cara-Vienne and carastan.

You must log in or register to reply here. It's quite sweet compared to carapils. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Could you please explain Carapils to me?

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It is always much appreciated. While you or I might know they are different, people treat or talk about carafoam and Briess carapils as being the same all the time, either implicitly or explicitly. It was slightly more difficult to chew up. Briess Carapils is a (possibly undermodified) "dextrin malt" in the sense that it is a crystal malt, and therefore it can be steeped because it's essentially pre-mashed and contributes soluble fermentables and dextrins (and probably foam-positive proteins and a maillard products) to extract beers. Can you ELI5?

Carafoam is like Pilsner malt, but with more protein and less enzymes.

I'm also subbing Centennial for Cascade in tonesbrew's recipe as well. He seems to believe Carapils works by leaving behind unconverted starches that the yeast cannot ferment, leading to greater body, mouthfeel and foam stability. Dextrin malts are by nature crystal malts--such as Briess Carapils or GW Dextrapils--and as far as I know a North American maltster invention. To make caramel, BREW YOUR OWN 5515 MAIN ST. MANCHESTER CENTER, VT 05255 PH. Just think of it as Pilsner malt that's already been mashed in the high 150's. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Carapils is the palest of crystal malts and adds dextrins and a bit of "nuttyness" to the wort and helps with lacing and head retention. That's incredibly high for a final pH.

An odd time to take a reading yes, but I was just curious to see the difference, not really trying to draw conclusions from that. Help us brulosopher, you're our only hope. Can confirm this stuff is totally awesome! They are def not a 1:1 replacement.

EVERYONE says that CaraFoam is Weyermann's dextrin malt and can be used as a direct replacement for CaraPils.

Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:21 am.

Just a bit of crystal doesn't go amiss either. Carafoam is of course an entirely different beast, likely being a form of undermodified pils malt that has not been crystalized. Are these malts basically the same thing?

Can you sort out this whole cara-issue? Can't wait to hear how that beer turns out!

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