I'll let you know. Catalina 30 Canvas & Covers Electrical Engine Hatches & Ports Hull / Deck Interior Lifelines & Stanchions Rigging Sails Catalina 310 Canvas & Covers Electrical ... Companionway Cover Custom Color C-250 . Installation was easy and the DVD was very clear. Should work well. For the bottom portion my husband is making a new teak piece that is "taller" to fill that gap. Copyright 1998-2020 SB Owners, LLC. I now feel as if my boat is 'complete'. JavaScript is disabled. We love our new doors. I have both the Stern Perch seats and the Companionway doors. Not a recent production boat. Measure from the front center of the mast all the way to the aft end of the boom following the same contour the sail cover will take once it is on. Various articles covering frequently asked questions, informative bits of information, and even a spot of humor. The ability to quickly close in case of rain underway is great, and so are the ventilated doors with mosquito screens at anchor. $179.53. They took no time to install. $192.90. Manufacturer of Catalina 30 sailboat covers and 200+ other one design boat covers and accessories since 1972. Everywhere I go someone asks where I got my doors. I own a 1978 Catalina 30 and have completely renovated her with a full leather interior, updated counter tops, refinished teak, and a complete canvas package including a dodger. Rags just don't cut it. The track for the boards is still there, if we ever need them offshore. I have an 1974 Gulfstar 44. Thanks again for your help via your cell phone on Saturday. The best feature is going in and out of the cabin and not having to bother with the drop boards, plus more light inside. They work great. I don't know why I agonized about purchasing these doors. Second it will brace the door in case you take a wave or something over the stern. Picture This. Saved by Dave Krause. Made in Acrylic so the sail can breath. Comes with snaps and snap install tool. It's a serious problem when it's cold out! I got all the inserts and glad that I did. And by the way, the doors look fantastic. Current Events. Easy to install and wonderful to use. Modern acrylic windows provide increased privacy while maintaining lighting for the cabin interior. Boat Flooring. Bimini, Stainless Tubes & Hardware, Sunbrella Fabric, Custom Color, Large, Bimini, Stainless Tubes & Hardware, Sunbrella Fabric, Royal Blue Tweed, Large, Bimini, Stainless Tubing & Hardware, Sunbrella Fabric, Custom Color, Tall, Sail Bag, Large for Hank-On Sails, Custom Color, Sail Bag, Large for Hank-On Sails, Royal Blue Tweed, Sail Bag, Small for Hank-On Sails, Custom Color, Sail Bag, Small for Hank-On Sails, Royal Blue Tweed, Companionway Cover Royal Blue Tweed C-250, Genoa Sleeve for C-25 Standard Rig, C-250 Standard Rig, Lifeline Cushions, 58"-70", in Custom Color, PR, Lifeline Cushions, 71"-83" in Custom Color, PR, Lifeline Cushions, 84" to 96" in Custom Color, PR, Lifesling Standard Cover Custom Sunbrella Color, Pop Top Frame & Mounting Sockets, C-22 95->, C-250, Stern Rail Cushions, 19"- 54", in Custom Color, PR, Winch Cover, Lewmar 14ST, Royal Blue Tweed, Winch Cover, Lewmar 16ST, Captain Navy Color, Winch Cover, Lewmar 16ST, Pacific Blue Color, Winch Cover, Lewmar 16ST, Royal Blue Tweed. Look good and are the best. Companionway Cover Royal Blue Tweed C-250 . It is a little hard to read (glasses and a flashlight needed), but we can never forget the keys. Easy install, only took about 2 hours. Everyone entering our boat comments on what a great idea they are and are amazed at how simply and efficienltly they work. Call 1-800-959-7245 for thousands of parts for your favorite Catalina, The website is expanding but the inventory is expanding even faster. I can't tell you how much we love these doors!! Now that I'm thinking of it more as a "plug" maybe I'll have some other ideas. This will be the fourth year of use, and they appear and function like new. Catalina Companionway DoorsCatalina Cockpit TablesCatalina Retrofit Boat WindowsCatalina Interior TablesCatalina Grates & FloorboardsCompanionway DoorsReplacement Boat DoorsBoat Doors in the Shop PicturesBoat Door Hardware PicturesYacht Tables Show CaseYacht Tables Show RoomInterior Boat TablesInlaysPedestal Boat TablesBoarding LaddersBinnacle TablesTransom & Deck DiningTable Hardware, CruisingConcepts.comCompanionway DoorsCruisingConcepts.netTeakConcepts.comRetrofitBoatWindows.comStarboarddoors.comCockpitTables.comCatalinaOnly.comYachtTables.comBoardingladders.usYachtEntertainmentSystem.com, More Dr TeakBeneteau Love. hatch1.jpg. Sailboat Covers for over 200 One Design Classes, Motorboats, and I have installed the doors on my H260 and I am very pleased with the result. Did you ever get this figured out? Installation Notes . It is the easiest and best upgrade we've made to our Catalina 36 MK II. However, there are lots of gaps and slots for cold air to get through, particularly near the top where the companionway hatch meets the door. Can't find it here? I really like the doors, just have to get my wife to go through the doors, not over them like when the hatch boards were in. I installed my doors in about 30 minutes. My wife and I love the doors and they look great on our Catalina. For the small gaps they recommended "Backer Rod". They pop off the hinges with one hand for sailing, or we can leave them in place for motoring around the bay. The boat looks awesome and the added security I get from the companionway doors makes me feel more secure when I leave the boat after a weekend sail. The Catalina 30 is definitely among the lowest-priced of the 30′ cruiser-racers. Had to buy something else and make it work. CLEARANCE ITEM: Companionway cover for a Hunter 260 (1998 - ). I have a 2005 Hunter 36 and I bought these doors at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2008 or 2009, and they have looked and functioned perfectly ever since. Excellent customer service. They worked fine, but doors made more sense. These doors are fantastic. It is a waterproof foam sort of product. It has taken 100 plus years for sail boaters to approach the comfort level that power boaters have taken for granted. 28. The ordering, delivery, installation instructions and product far exceeded my expectations. In 2006, we purchased the Companionway Doors for our Catalina 310.

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