Hardware malfunction is not a common cause of downtime, but it is a relatable one and a relatively easy way to introduce the benefits of Chaos Engineering into an organization.

Chaos engineering was introduced by Netflix, one of the largest media subscription services with around 150 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Are the customers experiencing so much latency that they will give up and stop using the service?

The second strategy involves designing the experiment to limit the potential harm to be as small as possible while still obtaining meaningful results from the experiment. Netflix is a leader in chaos engineering. Business metrics are compared between experiment and control groups. For example, if you run a news website, the traffic may be punctuated by spikes when a news event of great general public interest occurs. Instead, the doctor must determine whether the signal is varying over time in a pattern that is consistent with a healthy patient. From financial, medical, and insurance institutions to rocket, farming equipment, and tool manufacturing, to digital giants and startups alike, Chaos Engineering is finding a foothold as a discipline that improves complex systems.

Since the number of consumers is large, rather than have each node of microservice A respond to requests over the entire consumer base, a consistent hashing function balances requests such that any one particular consumer may be served by one node. Our team at Gremlin has a combined decades of experience implementing Chaos Engineering at companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

One of the most difficult lessons for a software engineer to learn is that the users of a system never seem to interact with it in the way that you expect them to. The professional responsibility of the chaos engineer is to understand and mitigate production risks.

Each resource forms a failure domain with all of the things that have a hard dependency on it (when the resource becomes unavailable, so will all of its dependents). At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Naira Hovakimyan and her research team brought Chaos Engineering to jets.1 The test team comprised two B-52 pilots, an F-16 pilot, two flight test engineers, and two safety pilots. Resources. Organized ‘chaos’ – the best approach to building resilience? A42 is suddenly unable to hand off all of these requests to the persistent stateful layer, so it switches to serving requests from the cache instead.

The experiment has a hypothesis for its expected outcome, then observes and compares the actual outcome with the expected outcome. Just as scientists use experiments to study natural phenomena, we use experiments to reveal system behavior. Even if you have full control over the client, such as an IoT device, you are still ultimately at the mercy of the networking environment that your user is connecting from. The ‘blast radius’ — or the impact on the service — is always minimized and enforced outages are scheduled: “We’re not creating chaos; there’s already chaos – we have to tame it,” Andrus said. Most replied that it was about breaking things in production.

Parts of Simian Army have been rolled into Spinnaker while other parts have been either released as somewhat-maintained, standalone open source projects or deprecated and never released because they were written as internal, private tools. As with hardware malfunction, some real-world events are amenable to direct injection of an event: increased load per machine, communication latency, network partitions, certificate invalidation, clock skew, data bloat, etc.

In 2015, Peter Alvaro worked in collaboration with Netflix engineers to determine if LDFI could be implemented on our systems.

“There’s a lot of critical parts of society that are going to be emerging over the next 10 and 20 years, whether it’s drones or self-driving cars, whether it’s elections, whether it’s how money is transferred and exchanged – there’s a lot of important things where people’s safety could be at risk. A few critical services infrequently perform chaos experiments.

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