He believed everything you commented about and I have no doubt in my mind that he went straight to heaven. But all in good heart. I couldn’t watch the whole movie for that very reason, demonic. She calls the appearance of owls a “trigger object.” She said it is a way of calming the abductees before they are taken. I just watched the movie “The Fourth Kind” on HBO.. it was not the best movie/ Documentary. Look at the signs of the end time. Another, more willing patient named Scott (Enzo Cilenti) wishes to communicate. Simple matter of deductive reasoning will help anyone decide what to believe about aliens. the milky way isn’t a solar system; it’s a galaxy, you dolt. In August 2000, Abbey's husband, Will (Yulian Vergov), is mysteriously murdered one night in his sleep, leaving her to raise their two children, Ashley (Mia Mckenna-Bruce) and Ronnie (Raphaël Coleman). You cannot believe fairy tales are true, then tell other folks to apply common sense to their thinking. The title is derived from the expansion of J. Allen Hynek's classification of close encounters with aliens, in which the fourth kind denotes alien abductions. She calls the appearance of owls a “trigger object.” She said it is a way of calming the abductees before they are taken. Time to wake up! Since these demons are much higher in intellect than humans, they are smart and they are technologically advanced. The video then distorts, but the deputy is heard describing people being pulled out of the house and calls for backup. Wake up people! I do believe in God and the devil. LIke the man who said he can hear two distinct voices talking in his head. came and I was sent to ER. Nobody behaved normally. A few of the deaths were caused by people suffering from exposure to the cold, or from falling into the freezing waters of the Snake River. If u listened closely, she was the only one to see her little girl before she dissapeared , and he or son walked In when she was gone. The newspaper pointed to the FBI investigation, again citing the high incidence of alcoholism and extremely rugged weather conditions. As CNN pointed out, the movie is pure science fiction. My god! I am actress Milla Jovovich, and I will be portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler. Newest comments appear first, oldest at the bottom. ME…I want you to know that,u do not sound stupid, infact everything u mentioned is just The Truth! Either by fear, religion, money, or because they r afraid of how they r being looked @. Besides, i just saw this supposed “real” abigail tyler and her real name is charlotte something. They said it was part of a “viral marketing campaign.” They even went so far as to create a fake site called AlaskaPsychiatryJournal.com, which listed a bio for Dr. Abigail Tyler and exhibited several scholarly articles she had supposedly written in medical journals on hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression and sleep problems. EVEN if it wree all one big accident — that in itself is enough of a miracle to negate the nihilist atheist stuff you naive folls try to ram down our throats. Or as in the ways a Christain is taught…through faith. I ‘ve done more self surgery than I have spent time in a so called “medical facility”. The prospect of anything like this being real was presented well enough in this film that I felt it was worth the time to make sure it wasn’t. All caps? The ‘real’ footage taken from the police car shows a UFO going over tall trees. I’ve experienced it myself. Watching it now and even though this is the 3 time, it till scares the s^*t out of me! The final scene from the movie can be watched below. lmao….okay ” dangerous man” the next time you or your loved ones are having a stroke, heart attack, brain aneurism , happen to get in a real bad car accident, just tell the ambulance driver to bypass the hospital and go straight to the local church,,,,,,see how well your God does over science…..even the Vatican just released a press statement last year stating that they are not opposed to the idea of “life on other planets”….get your head outta your **** you perfect example of a Sheeple. The Fourth Kind was shot in Bulgaria and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. I know for certain there are UFOs and aliens.while driving north in 2010 on I75 just north of Tampa Fl., I saw 14 disks at the 33% of the horizon. The Sheriff instead places her under house arrest. Then research alien encounters and notice which attributes these people have experienced. Later, Abbey calls upon Dr. Awolowa Odusami (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), a specialist in ancient languages who was a contact of her late husband, to identify the mysterious language on the tape. I will say, If the Police Officer saw that, why didn’t they interview him too. Now that I’m recovered I’ve come to believe that all the stuff about ufos and demonic possession are creations in ones own mind when it isn’t working properly. In the film, Tyler begins to believe that these episodes are actually close encounters of the fourth kind. But I wouldn’t suggest this at all! So all you people who sell your Souls to the Devil to create movies like The Fourth Kind, and anyone else who sells their souls for anything, be prepared to be Destroyed in the 2nd coming of the Christ. American critic Roger Ebert gave it one and a half stars out of four, comparing it unfavorably to Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, while praising Milla Jovovich's acting. It is one movie that scares the H outta me, thinking about all this alien abduction ****, etc. An investigation of an investigation of an investigation that has more questions than answers. And just maybe the extraterrestrials came and took them for their own reasons of which we know not!!!! Don’t be lazy to read the bible, it is not boring, it is not fake or made up. As bizarre as it sounds I’ve had several encounters of the 1st kind. If there are UFO’s, this movie went to far and crossed a very thin line to sell this movie and it appears they still are. They can use their spirit bodies to listen in on private conversations, kill someone and move things around but you can not see them at all, because they are only visible in the spiritual realm. Campos remains a psychologist and Odusami becomes a professor at a Canadian university. I;m concerned he was involved in a government cover up in the form a witch hunt against this hypnotist! Medical are is money making product sold to people totallyout of tune with their own spirits and bodies. It’s good read. Later, Sheriff August (Will Patton) arrives, telling her that Scott had three upper vertebrae completely severed from his experience, and was completely paralyzed. Learn what logical fallacies are and stop ranting you oblivious idiot. Then I tried to call out for my parents but I had no voice, my vocal cords would not move. ‘Faith’ really is the only way to grab a real understanding of a relationship with the Trinity….unless a intervention is made through God’s will. The ‘Holy Bible’…most versions;a book built through faith and a book that will answer questions the entire span of our humanly lives.No other book can do this! The film’s tagline says, “It’s Up to You to Decide.” Abduction skeptics say that no abduction episode has ever proven true. It’s sold to you as true, it’s beyond dumb. As the story above indicates this was fake footage by actors. The Fourth Kind is embarrassing. The man that killed his wife and kids claimed he had seen something, something he couldn’t bear to live with. He never returned to his village of Savoonga. the next thing they remember is when they’re back. [8], The Fourth Kind received mainly negative reviews from critics, many of whom were offended that the film attempted to use the real life tragedies of missing and deceased Nome citizens in order to make money using a fictitious story about alien abduction. Religion is one of the worst things to happen to this world all it did was slow down our advancement as a civilization . You may republish short quotes from this article with a reference back to the original UFO Insight article here as the source. But even if you don’t believe that’s ok I do and I know what I’ve experienced and what my husband has experienced with me so it doesn’t matter what others think .. Maybe some day they will experience something but until then open your minds and your eyes. It doesn’t matter what they believe unless someone could be hurt! I believe in Demons/Angels & Aliens, Do not discount your beliefs seventh day adan test Aliens usually don’t touch people during the abduction process. Everyone has their own beliefs. So, how could you track down a Dr. by a fictitious name? And it’s sad that so many people r closed off. Oh and when you do go to **** (with ur unbelief) you will get what u wished for which is ur **** getting sucked. Lack of sleep and rumminating on negative thoughts created a psychotic period. Now, that could be due to a few reasons of which I can think; To Wit: eaten by a bear, or wolf, or maybe taken by a serial killer! I agree Christ is our savior, but vampires and wolves really??? God’s love, He doesn’t force us to be anything other than what we decide…and its our decision to find life with Him….and in this case, the road is quite narrow and much joy to be found within it. As it was crawling up I was watching to see my cat but when the weight got to my chest I couldn’t see anything. She wakes up in a hospital after breaking her neck in the abduction. I just feel sorry for those people including the Actors and Actresses who protrayed d events in the movies…cos there is only one truth, Jesus is Coming Soon! We sure must be aware of strange things happening at the end of time. Michels also compared the film to The Blair Witch Project, saying, "we're just hoping the message gets out that this is supposed to be for entertainment. why so many versions… so brainwashed … In her room, I actually smelled fresh lilies with no nearby source, and I was the only one who could smell them since I asked my dad, his mom’s nurse, and my brother if they smelled fresh lilies at the time. We are not alone. These occurrences follow similar descriptions from alien abductees around the world. If there’s aliens, we’ll know it soon enough because the government will disseminate information over the next ten years showing they created UFO’s and developed their technology theirselves. Not to mention on the archive footage her mouth streches like a foot open. There can be hours not accounted for in their memories. The Sheriff tries to arrest her, but Campos comes to her defense, seemingly confirming her story. UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the content of the comments below. Copyright © 2020 UFO Insight, All Rights Reserved. Even our doctors, supposedly of a “lower human intelligence” have figured it out. Nor, “Google shiny stars, google planes, google nightmares”. The body, the soul, the spirit of an individual is a trinity within ourselves, meaning it is one, so what effects the body effects the spirit and soul, just as what effects the soul or spirit of an individual effects the body. Interested in some more facts. The owl is a common symbol in the occult. Therefore the owl they saw was merely a symbol which suggested that a demonic entity had found a gateway into their lives, which by the looks of it seems to be hypnosis.

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