lovely friendly... Read more >> More >> 4 weeks old ready to go at 8 weeks £200 with a 50 pound deposit when viewed. SALE! Juliana pigs are 100% registered breed in the U.S. Buyers that didn’t neuter or spay their pigs reported that the pets had behavioral problems and bad odor, which means that it is indicated to neuter or spay this kind of pet before taking it into your home. She can answer any questions you may have, give advice and cares so much about every piglet born and adopted under her care. The most common medical problems a mini pig will have are leg related, the hoof being particularly fragile, so be sure to have that in mind. Teacup is only a term that is used to describe a pig that fits into a teacup when it is born.

Do they really exist? They have a very sweet gentle deposition and love to play! You can never stop learning about these incredible animals. You might have already heard of potbellied or miniature pigs. We have some of the cutest, friendliest pigs you will find. Yes he is special but the socializing he received is so important if a breeder is selling you a pet. Here’s Another Small Size Pet You Might Like, The Finger Monkey. We have 8 week old Berkshire /Mangalista pigs for sale:: Mangalista (healthy fat marbling )crossed... $125 USD Mississippi View Phone Number. You will spend less on a pet bought from a shelter or rescue group. ", "I love everything about this breeder.

Since there is no breed standards for mini pigs be very careful when you buy a "Teacup Pig". Required fields are marked *, Our new category, let’s see the weirdest things you can buy online and at what prices,, If you’re an animal lover and an experienced pet owner and really want a potbellied pig, then remember to vaccinate and neuter or spay it first. Primary Menu.

Also, the length of a Juliana pig will be between 18- 22 inches full grown. Over time Juliana pigs were imported to the U.S and soon became popular as pets! Feeding Your Mini Pig Recommended Healthy Diet,

We are accepting deposits now! We want you to meet us and see all parent pigs! Welcome to Piggy Pet Shop, South Carolina's original online luxury micro piglet store. We have a new momma pig that is due soon. We love these mini pigs and are excited to connect families with the pig of their dreams!
If the shelter is registered as a nonprofit organization, it will usually charge you just a small adoption fee. You can also ask the breeder to potty-train the pet but this might cost you a little extra. Yes, mini pigs come in many shapes, sizes, breeds, and mix breeds. Our educational area will be constantly growing. At The Pig Pen we treat our micro mini teacup pigs with love and care. Some debate they're not a real breed to begin with, but this claim is not true!

When he was shipped, Kimberly contacted me and, since I am in an earlier time zone, she stayed up until early hours in the morning making sure he arrived safe and all was well. Also known as teacup pigs, they are considerably smaller than regular pigs and end up weighing no more than 50 to 150 pounds when they reach maturity.

Ask for references and check for negative reviews to avoid getting scammed.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',126,'0','0'])); If you never owned a pet before, then you should probably start with a dog or a cat, because they will be much easier to socialize with.

Mini pigs for sale in a variety of sizes, colors, and breeds. Visit our website for more. What to add a mini pig to your family? Contact For Pricing Kentucky View Phone Number. From the time he was born, I was informed and updated on his life. We accept deposits and payments on piglets in the nursery and future litters. Many breeders have miniature pigs for sale. Which pig is better male or female; Shipping your piglet; Feeding & Care. Please contact us for more information!! Your email address will not be published. The Juliana pig is a cross mix between several different breeds of smaller sized pigs. We make sure that all our pigs are litter box trained, socialized and accustomed to kids. Our goal is always to breed for perfect temperament. Loving, social, healthy pigs. I would recommend buying from Charming because Kimberly stayed in touch with me from my first email to the minute Sooie was in my care. She answered every question and provided me with lots of information needed to care for my baby girl.
Home; Piglets for Sale. (Gray/silver/white/black/pink). Breeders shouldn’t be picked only based on their prices.

This breed of miniature pigs trace their ancestry all the way back to Europe, where they selectively breed mini sized pigs to optimize their smaller size, temperament, and intelligence. You will spend around $250 to $500 on neutering or spaying a teacup pig. Depending on where you buy your potbellied pig from, you will spend anywhere from $500 to $1,800. Your email address will not be published. Very tiny pigs, mother and father stand about 12 inches parents in pictures. Some sellers take pictures of newborn piglets and advertise them as being older, to give the impression that the piglets are tiny and have stopped growing.

We breed for temperament. Purebred Juliana piglets have very recognizable physical traits such as small to medium ears, short snout, hair, and tail. 1 Photo. We focus on producing Therapy Pigs, Emotional Support Animals & quality pets. There are a few shelters and rescue groups that also sell these types of pigs. Beautiful mini pig babies, boys available. Mini Teacup Pigs For Sale | Mini Teacup Pig Adoption. We have been specializing in breeding the world's smallest Juliana and Potbelly pigs for over four generations of pigs. They call them micro, mini, or nano pigs and some of them even offer you a guarantee that the pet won’t grow past a certain size, but you shouldn’t trust them unless they are professional breeders with many positive reviews. If the seller doesn’t take care of vaccination, registration, and neutering or spaying, then you should do it yourself, so be sure to take the extra costs into account. We are proud to have earned the American Mini Pig Association Gold Star Breeder Award for excellence in breeding, and as recognition for our hard work educating and supporting mini pig owners in an effort to improve the lives of mini pigs and keep them in forever homes. Highly recommended !!

5 STARS!!!". Mazuri question and answer with AMPA founder and Mazuri senior nutritionist. Juliana pigs have a variety of colorfully spots and shades. She is very kind to work with. The Juliana pig is a cross mix between several different breeds of smaller sized pigs. We don't ship! We are proud to be educators and supporters of all things mini pig. To make sure your pet piglet will be healthy, you should also take it to periodical medical checkups and vaccinate it at least once per year. If you want to be sure the piglet has stopped growing, put a deposit on it and wait a week or two before buying it and taking it home. Miniature Teacup Pigs for Sale in Florida.

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